What happened to Chanology?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, May 27, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    What happened to Chanology?

    Saw this posted elsewhere, and thought it provided an interesting analysis.

    What happened to Chanology?

    (1) needed to create an anonymous environment that would also have allowed business to get done, this had to be done at the earliest possible stage. Probably a straightforward anonymous thinktank/strategy section, with a skill/performance based anonymous "social network" for operational activity. Refusing to do so meant that the heart of Chanology was operating in a manner entirely at odds with the original concept. It ripped the heart out of the movement, and pushed a HUGE number of quality people away - between the March and April protests - disgusted by the resultant ego-whoring and other associated problems.

    (2) Back in the day, someone posted a link to "The Wisdom of Crowds" on enturb, the hope was that it would help people "keep faith" in the project, but also acknowledge some of the elements that were lacking. One of these was a practical way to effectively aggregate views to form a consensus. Most of the time, personal judgement is enough, but that's not the case when it comes to informing and making key strategic decisions. In addition, most people are risk-averse, where most leaders are not. This latter issue was never seriously addressed, and the combination of an unrepresentative "consensus" and risk-averse nay-saying is exactly what led to the retarded "decision" to make the global protests indefinite.

    It would have been far more effective for them to have been a show of force ending March 15th, after which people split into more formal "local cells" to carry out a sustained campaign of worldwide flash raids, with media-oriented pranks/investigative research becoming the meat and potatoes publicity wise. This could have carried on for 6 months or so, before a 3rd much larger global protest was organized.

    90% of the people who joined did so because they wanted to be involved in something that was fun, innovative and had the potential to be historic. The strategic failures that stopped this being the case, are what caused MASSIVE numbers to leave (post April protest). So fucking sad.

    (3) A much smaller but nonetheless important problem, was poor absorption of OG and newbies. This was an easy practical issue to resolve, but instead of a few key philosophies being outlined for people - who all came in with their own assumptions about what Chanology/Anon was - it was left to stumbling and misapprehension on their part. This resulted in frustration/lack of focus for all parties (old and new), the nickel and dimeing of too many tactics, and loss of the cold, hard critical thinking Anon originally brought to the table..

    Instead of now being a spotty faced movement finding it's feet, starting to look outside it's natural demographic for growth, (probably to the creative/PR/arts community initially), it's instead at a point where it's turning in on itself, sustaining and even amplifying the geekier/weirder aspects.

    Essentially the movement that I came to be a part of is long since over. The fatal problems were visible and known about from the beginning, but were consistently ignored. Chanology will stumble on for a good while yet, but will shrink to practically nothing.'s totally in denial about the
    reasons and the reality, which only serves to compound the problem.

    It's sad. it had the potential to have been important in it's own right, whilst demonstrating structures and mechanisms that would have shone a light for future movements. Too many mistakes have now been made, and unfortunately it's way past the point of no return.

    To Co$, if you're reading this...and thinking you've got nothing to worry about, you couldn't be more're lucky that you're not under siege from the movement that came within inches of could have, and would have been purpose built to systematically dismantle your organization whilst you flailed your arms in fruitless anger...however you're still going to have an ongoing core of around 400 activists working against you (at the moment there are more than this, but this is what it will shrink to). As an aside, if you start serious fairgaming against them, you may well find you'll suddenly cause more people to come back temporarily. Change really is you're only option.'re gonna need it :)
  2. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    David Miscavige, good luck. With a capital "F!"
  3. D... Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    I don't think the OG is as much as a problem as newbies. Being "Anonymous" makes us easily identifiable, but it also makes us looked closed off. Enturb is also a very not newb friendly place, especially for those not net savvy. A lot of people need at least basic knowledge of net language, sci language, and occasionally memes. A lot of us, including me, jump on newbies a bit to harshly.

    It might be worth it to funnel people to the local forums of even ESK forums until they are comfortable enough to start posting here. It's a much more laid back, informative, and generally inviting place.
  4. anonymusicz Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?


    To the OP: lulwut? Numbers of participants in most every locale is increasing. Public awareness is growing, and more people are aware of what Anonymous is doing.

    So, it isn't truly an "anonymous" culture here. Never was, never was meant to be. It was realized that organizing a sustained movement with total lack of identity would have had us flailing at nothing. A form of identity was needed.

    The think tank is anonymous. Just as anonymous as 7chan, 711chan, or even 420chan. The main thing we took away was the need for brainstorms to be fired off anonymous and refined to the point of making an action. This is needed for sustainability.

    So, in essence, the best was culled, and a new forum was built.

    To D...: Yes, I agree. This forum can be quite un-newb friendly, and maybe a local forum push may be in order. But, with most hitting the yftc site, or, I think much of this is mitigated anyways.

    To sum up, we don't need over 90,000 people hammering on the scilons. Just over 9000 is fine. Main goal is to kill the cash flow to the cult.
  5. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    What's with all of this nay-saying all of a sudden? I'm not leaving until this is done, and I believe many others like myself are around as well. Further, Chanology won't die. Remember, never forgive, never forget. It's not over until we win, so STFU with the nay-saying BS.
  6. XtremeNL Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    Hay, I agree with OP.
    But I'd like to add that many work is still being done in the local cells without involving enturb. And I strongly believe people should decentralize as much as possible.
  7. somnombulist Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    Anonymous is what it is. Numbers have shrunk as they do with all new movements. People may still consider themselves aligned to the cause, but might not be able or willing to show every month. As long as people feel they are welcome whenever they choose to attend, Anonymous will be able to maintain the protests and the pressure on the cult.

    OPs predictions are far too gloomy. Yes numbers have dropped somewhat, as I say, this is expected. What's more important is that people at raids are more on message, placards and other protest paraphernalia is improving, and people are better at handling the scilon bullbaiters. As long as Anonymous can maintain the mixture of party atmosphere and serious business, it will endure to fulfill its stated purpose, ending current abuses by the destruction of Scientology in its present form.
  8. TreatInfamy Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    I just joined here a couple of days ago. So far I have mostly lurked, but when I posted I found some good feedback and decent Anons.

    I've been a newfag once, and I don't mind being a newfag again. People who can't take a little shit need to GTFO. We don't need cowards on our side anyway.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    tl;dr - In hindsight, Enturbulation did everything wrong and now the movement is dying. Yes people said the same thing at the same time last month, but this time IT'S SERIOUS.

    I am unable to do anything to fix any "problems" I see, because it's much easier to say "we should have done it differently" and then give up.
  10. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    You know this would be an interesting discussion since the conclusion seems faulty.

    Let's see what the think tank delivers.
  11. AnotherRIAnon Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    First off I welcome all criticism of the whole chanology project. However I don't really agree with your whole "it's broken, lets give up trying to fix it and improve it philosophy." Sorry but the whole defeatist attitude thing doesn't really fly with me. Now you did bring up some valid points. However I believe we have taken steps to address that. Specifically the decentralizing. To my knowledge anonymous has split up into more localized cells. There definately has been an increase in the flash raids. Could we do this more? Sure why not?

    Do we need to recruit from the outside more? Of course we could always use more numbers. One way to do that is increase the flier posting. And being nicer to newbies I suppose. Don't just tell them "lurk moar newfag"

    Look theres always going to be problems and issues that need to be addressed. If thats the case then come up with ways to fix them. Don't just give up.
  12. anon0004 Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    OP has some points.
    for me cybercollective online riadthings are lacking, the uniqueness and total subculture thing is gone....

    It´s like that, I accept it, I deal with it.
    I just think we need to think and act out of the box again.

    I am confident that change is possible, but motivation and not beeing butthurt is needed

    but I stay till shit is done!
    I do not start things to leave them unfinished in the middle!
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    ITT: sadfags

    Don't get caught up in the microcosm of Enturbulation. If you're saying Anonymous is bigger than 4chan then obviously Anonymous is bigger than Enturbulation. I got onboard for the March protests and only came here a few weeks ago.

    Stop the 'serious business' rubbish and bring it back to the lulz. Trolling the cult is fucking fun and I won't be stopping because of a saddy-sad on the Interbutts.
  14. el_ron Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    OP makes a lot of good points, that i agree with. although giving up isn't necessarily the choice of action i'd choose.

    What made chanology so successful to start with was that nothing like it had ever been done before. Sure there had been people protesting the CO$ before, but this was the first time it happened on this scale and this quickly. Out of no where anonymous appeared with massive DDOS attacks, propaganda, black faxes and more. Chanology brought out regular videos about the church's abuses, done in a very distinctive and memorable fasion. This was all the more amazing to the world when they took into account that anonymous' membership was largely made up of a big group of strangers who didn't know the identites of the other members.
    Operation party hard was immense, a full scale birthday party in the street with cake, chikin and music. Nothing like it had been done before and it worked, in london at least attendance was enormous.
    Since then, chanology has slowly been getting stale.
    It has moved away from it's founding ideas of "doing it for the lulz". Which was a very attractive idea for many anons. who wanted a day out where they could go out protest a bit, meet other anons, spout internet memes wind up a big organisation and then go home without anyone knowing who they were. Many of you may say that we don't need people like that, people who aren't committed to the cause, but i disagree. They boost our numbers and make us more appealing to the news media and the general public.

    What chanology needs now is some headlines, something to put us back in the public eye. Something big, I don't mean like WBM's visit to london, awesome as it is, not many people out side of chanology have heard of him. I mean something like climbing onto the roof of the houses of parliament, like the airport protesters or climbing buckingham palace dressed as spiderman like the fathers rights campaigners.

    my 2 cents
  15. huey_d Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    I'll bet a big bag of anything June Protests will be the biggest yet.

    ANY movement grows and as it does it reaches a first plateau where some of the founding figures (who by nature are more likely to be divergent in their thinking) leave, as a group focusses its approach it sheds some, but gains others.

    The decentralized approach is great, but makes it hard to recruit gain members organically - instead of baaawwwing about it, how about we get a join-anon type site, which is for people who've read a bit and want to get involved - point them to local de-centralized forums and sources to understand meme's n stuff?

    I'd do it, if someone can point me in the direction of safely registering a name/hosting so as to not get namefagged!

    I lurked for ages before I got involved, because it isnt easy to jump into enturb, even now I find it hard to co-ordinate with any local anons.
  16. huey_d Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    also mini-raids are more effective, but less likely to get us the big PR hit... which the media is DEF lurking and waiting for to break this story on a larger scale, look how many journos popped up for the ENG thing, because it had an angle they could use
  17. el_ron Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    So we need to give the media an angle they can use. The media have little interest in the everyday abuses of the CO$ really. That doesn't sell newspapers. What sells newspapers is spectacle, and that can only be done by us.

    We need something that will grab the public attention, whether it be crashing a tom cruise movie premier, Chaining yourself to the nearest major org. Climbing onto the roof of the nearest government building and holding a sit in.

    We need to be thinking big people. Protests are good for raising awareness. but spectacle sells.
  18. waitwhat Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    I can only speak for myself, but i went to the first protest alone, brought a person to the march one, a different person to the april one, both to the may one, and now 4 people want to come with me to the june one.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    This is war. It's only ending one way - the collapse or surrender of Co$.

    If OSA can find the balls to surrender (which they probably can't), then they can start posting. If not, we keep wrecking their profits and recruits until their corporation starves to death.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    Fuck the OP, sour-faced pussy.

    Anonymous' only kryptonite is boredom. The CoS will never give us that.
  21. anonymusicz Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    Already done: Why We Protest, and for "how to join" :D Hiveminds think alike :)
  22. themadhair Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    So what happened to chanology?

    It grew up, it matured and evolved into a fucking beast that is as cruel as it is kind. Kind to the victims and welcoming to the supporters of the cause (well - mostly) and brutally viciously cruel to OP's who post garbage. Chanology changed from its origins not because of mistakes, not because of infighting and not because of incompetence or ego - It changed because it had to in order to successfully implement this war.

    To the OP - GTFO. Lulz are there to be had and your fucking vision of chanology is based upon this non-existent vision you have of Anonymous and its participation. You probably signed up because you thought this would be fun. Maybe you can't handle the merging of your macho online persona with your real life one. Maybe I am overthinking this and should STFU. Whatever - bottom line is what may have started as a prank has fucking grown beyond anybodies expectations and the strength of chanology lies in the diversity among its ranks. That includes those who are not of the Anonymous mindset.

    The hivemind weeds out bad ideas - nothing less and nothing more. It is up to each and every fucker in the place to take the collective responsibility to ensure there are enough good ideas in the melting to survive the process to carry this all forward.

    Again OP - GTFO. Also to myself - GTFO for spewing such irreverent shoite.

    Can I has infraction nao?
  23. p0m Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    Sauce or GTFO.
  24. AnotherRIAnon Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    I think it wouldn't hurt to have another Newbie oriented site. The goanonymous one hasn't been updated since April 12. Also I'm kind of interested on where this was originally posted too.
  25. anonymusicz Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    True, or even a forum on this board very prominently marked as being "for newbs" where GTFO newfag isn't allowed to be used lol

    But if you wanna get your own site up, most DNS services offer anonymized records (it prevents spam).

    PM LE or MisteGirl. They are both ones I know are doing the same thing as to how to prevent name fagging through Domain Registration.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    Chanology is gargantuan and spreads far further than the monthly protests. To say otherwise is to troll or be ignorant.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    Entur=/= Anonymous =/= Chanology =/= /b/ =/= Chans
    got it?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?


    - [strike]D[/strike]Gaywatch
  29. huey_d Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    Yeah, I've seen those, wwp is good, love the multi lingual, but i'm thinking more about if I give someone a card when I'm mini-raiding how can they then (safely) get in touch with me? I've spoken to loads and pointed them here, or youfoundthecard and wwp actually... none, seem to of found my thread on Poole, Uk raids (for example)

    If I started a site like and set up pages for local anons with simple links to threads it'd make life easy... eg i could give out cards with a url like or and on that page it links to threads relevant to local area... general homepage would have general links sure (masks here, dox here, flyers here)... idea or already done and I'm missin it?

    TL;DR - idiot proof recruitment site - masks here, local action link here, info here etc

    EDIT: i know good sites exist, i think is amazing also, but it still seems to hard to give people a simple url and then bingo local anons are in comunication
  30. huey_d Member

    Re: What happened to Chanology?

    disregard would prob do for me, its a wiki so i can add a local section i guess

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