What Does Anonymous Want?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anon1OfLegion, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Anon1OfLegion Member

    What Does Anonymous Want?

    Another forum user mentioned that he liked my list of what it would take for us to go away & suggested that we might want to use it or something close to it on the front of the Enturbulation page to clearly express our major issues:

    Here is my current suggestion:
    vvvv Start tl;dr vvvv
    We have had a poor time expressing to the press what our major issues are. I know someone has already posted a multi-page thesis on what reforms the Co$ should enact, but that can't be communicated to the press, public or Scientologist Management effectively. What I want is something short (less that 20 points... the fewer the better). Items should be short lines. Meme free so people can understand it (sorry guys). Stay somewhat irreverent in terms of the tone & style of anonymous so it doesn't sound like PR-media bullshit & people will actually want to read it.

    What do you think?
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  2. saerat Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    I support this.
  3. Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    Yes, but at least the same amount of people are going to be turned off if it has swears in it. Some of these points can be merged, too, such as point 10, 13 and 14. That said, preparing demands to be made public is an excellent idea, but it is still too early. The CoS is still underestimating Anonymous and acting as if we are but a minor nuisance. Making demands prematurely will reduce their effectiveness. Keep them in reserve for around 15/03, when we have another high point, then massively publicize them, while adding a clause *)Fail to answer these demands and our actions will continue until you comply.

    TL;DR: Good idea, statements need some shaving. Keep in reserve for 15/03.
  4. orly Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    Oh, I like this.

    May I suggest a few more?

    Reveal your front groups and how they are connected to you.
    No more "ethics" training or sec checks.
    Publicize your training methods and allow specialists to comment on them, and potentially revise them if they are considered "dangerous" (ie, revise the "it's okay to have sex with your kid" and the "let's obedience-train people" policies into something less, er... unhealthy)
    Cooperate with investigators if they are investigating into crimes people claim you are committing, and do not protect your criminals from the law.
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  5. tksparks Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    ~Repay the American public the millions of tax dollars you have avoided
    ~Reimburse all ex Scientology members full costs of materials
    ~Eat delicious cake
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  6. Canadanon Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    Those points will most likely force them into bankruptcy. I like.
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  7. tksparks Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    Class action suit.
    Ex Sci vs Co$
    1. Find quid pro quo lawyer
    2. Sue for costs
    3. tie up Co$ in highly public legal battle
    4. Regardless of result..
    5. WIN
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  8. golddigger Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    and scientologists have access to their auditing records as per freedom of information.
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  9. chao Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    I don't support this. Sometimes the basis of an organisation is so corrupt that removing the things we disagree with will be only a temporary fix as they are symptoms of the problem. In these situations the only solution is to completely bring them down, the Freezone shows that the organisation itself is not necessary for those that wish to follow the beliefs (even though I personally do not support Freezone). Anything less than the disbanding of the CoS will not do.
  10. roadracer Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    same here. the complete and utter destruction of the church is all that is acceptable to me. then i can turn my attention to the "freezone"

    the tech is part of a systematic brain washing program. the tech itself is evil.
  11. Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    Stephen Colbert recommended the following attorney.

  12. Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    I'll be back later to offer up some suggestions for this, but I just wanted to say first that this idea is pretty cool. It's like an "Anonymous Manifesto" or something. Well, technically an anti-scientology manifesto, but whatevs ^_^
  13. anon_david Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    While I don't think you're wrong about the tech, I seriously doubt you will have the backing of Anonymous on this one.

    Once the Co$ goes down, I suspect there'll be a wave of scientific studies debunking the effectiveness of the tech that'll probably affect the Freezone negatively anyway, so you may not even need to do anything.

    The above is of course my opinion and not official Anonymous policy for any lurkers who are new to Anon and think we're coming after your religion next. :roll:
  14. Mr Green Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    I believe that this is one of several key things that has to be demanded. CO$ controls the public's knowledge and opinion by their PR people and manages bad press by copyright and patent infrigments litigations. By hiding in this shadow of copyright-religious discrimination card, CO$ can manage their PR with no fear of the general public and single individuals.

    As for scientific studies, no real scientist will waste their time disproving CO$'s crap. Scientist have real work to do. What does CO$ do with all the $$$$ they accumulate

  15. ThatNateGuy Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    I don't think Anonymous should ever go away.

    Perhaps I'm wrong, but as I've understood it so far, Anonymous was around before it started its activism against the Co$ but that just happens to be our (if I may be permitted to use a first person possessive) major focus at this point.

    I'm not saying Anonymous can or should try to right all the wrongs of the world, but surely we can find other things to do with ourselves after the CoS falls or at least is reformed in some way that's appropriate.

    EDIT: Also, to roadracer regarding going after freezone, I think I have to agree with anon_david in that going you may not receive Anonymous' backing. Unless freezone is using the same underhanded practices as the CoS (and they may be, I'll admit some ignorance on them), there's really no reason to go after them at all. After all Anonymous has said about going after CoS itself and not Scientology as a religious practice, I think it may make people question those claims if we suddenly directed our attention to freezone.
  16. teegeeak Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    I tried to do something similar to this a while back. It got some support, but the idea kinda died and I didn't want to force the meme. Here's what I had, just in case you want to use it:

  17. roadracer Member

    Re: What Does Anonymous Want?

    I need to clarify, I have no desire to go after the freezone. that being said, they are former scienos and as such are guilty of supporting this criminal machine at some point. Unless they are actively fighting against the cult (magoo, lerma, etc) they are no different than the rest to me. just like quitting does not wash away your crimes, neither does getting declared.

    fwiw, this is personal to me. My sister was in the cult for 11 years (disconnected) and now is in the freezone (still disconnected). Because of this personal connection, I probably dont have the ability to be very impartial.
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  18. Very good, Goverment took down Anonymous logs today April 19th this means fucking war.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Thank-you for reviving a great thread with your nonsensical post.
    Stay on target Anonymous™ and Finish The Fight™
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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    Bitches don't know about my logs.

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