What does anons eat?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hornet, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    What are five favorite Chinese dishes?
  2. Clever Name Member





    Kikkoman_-_soy_sauce_-_150ml.jpg Does soy sauce count as a food?
  3. an0nim0uz Member

  4. Miranda Member

    bao! mmmmm! with hot mustard!
  5. Miranda Member

    gyoza are good too but i don't know if those are chinese or japanese. with vinegar/soy sauce/sesame oil sauce.
  6. Anonymous Member


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  7. Miranda Member

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  8. Clever Name Member

    are japanese pot stickers, mmm
  9. i know the 1st one is empanadas and the last one is guava paste
    the 2nd one maybe hornado(the stuff underneath it is mote)? pork? idk =[
  10. Clever Name Member

  11. Miranda Member

  12. Chicharrones, actually. When overcooked, they taste like pork rinds. When cooked properly, they are like pork marshmallows on a crunchy rind.
  13. 800px-Red_velvet_cake_slice.jpg

    Best. Cake. Ever.
  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. DeathHamster Member

    Needs ginger.
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  16. Durutti Member

    Without doubt the most superior ice cream flavour. I can't get it anywhere though.
  17. Anonymous Member

    rockin the Costco brand, I see
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Miranda Member

  20. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member


    Penis Loin, It's so tender
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  23. pepetacos Member

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  24. pepetacos Member

    the cake is a lie
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  25. pepetacos Member

    i eat taco flavored pizza
  26. that is a sea urchin.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    The Old Spaghetti Factory serves Spumoni- free after every meal. It tastes good. Be sure to order the mizithra spaghetti, it's delicious.
  28. Big323 Member

    I didn't hit her, I did not! oh hai mark, what a funny story mark
  29. Kittens. Anonymous eats kittens and drinks the tears of children.
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  34. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I <3 this yummy thread~ "Here Kitteh Kitteh Kitteh *fries bacon* *slices mushrooms & onionz*"

  35. CanadiAnon Member

    Genuine Canadian poutine all day every day!
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Guys, I'm afraid that the consumables you ingest pale in comparison to what I ingest. For I ingest something so powerful, so pure, it shatters the space time continuum. Ladies and gentlemen, I shall now reveal this terrifying and delightful secret unto you all, so that you might better yourself.

    I eat... food.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I can hear your arteries hardening from way over here.
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  38. Kilia Member

    Dog food
  39. Anonymous Member

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