What does anons eat?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hornet, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. LocalSP Member


    Swanky Frankies

    All beef hot dog stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon and then deep fried. Actually the bun should be toasted and slathered in butter. Heart attack on a bun.
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  2. Jatugal Member

  3. Jatugal Member

    I think I just had a heart attack by looking at it.
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  4. Miranda Member

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  7. Hornet Member

  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Miranda Member

    crunch crunch crunch
  10. Hornet Member

    Awww... is she 15 yet?
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  12. Miranda Member

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  15. Mark Cabian Member

    Locusts ... fried?
  16. Miranda Member

  17. Miranda Member

  18. Miranda Member

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  21. Miranda Member

  22. Miranda Member

  23. No. It's paella. Confound my Columbian ancestry. It alienates me from everyone else when it comes to food.

    However, just to alienate everyone even more, here are some other Columbian foods I like.
    First person to correctly identify all three foods wins 77,777 free internets.
  24. Mark Cabian Member

    Langoustines ... I grill mine.
  25. Miranda Member

    empanadas, hominey with some kind of meat (pork?) and that thick jam stuff I forget what it's called.

    I meant my pic was sea urchin and langoustine, not yours. Paella is excellent.
  26. Hornet Member

  27. Jatugal Member

    Hummus, lots and lots of hummus with veggies and crisps.
  28. Mark Cabian Member

  29. Oh, okay, it's just you wrote that as a reply to my paella post.
    Thank you though, for actually knowing what that is. THANK YOU.
    You got the first one right, the second picture is chicharrones, which are made from pork; the third is guava paste.

    Knowing what paella is: 25,000 internets.
    Knowing about empanadas: 25,925.666666666666666 internets
    Knowing paella is delicious: 50,000 internets

    Being the first person other than my parents I've ever met who has this level of taste in food: priceless
  30. Miranda Member

  31. Miranda Member

    Guava paste, that's what I meant. I've had it. Guava is the food of the gods. Along with lobster, and wasabi.
  32. I'm sad now. I've never had wasabi. What's it like?
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  33. Miranda Member

  34. OH FUCK YES.
  35. Miranda Member

  36. Miranda Member

  37. Mark Cabian Member

    Eat the paella in Spain. There lies #4.

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