What do We know about Jeff Stone?

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Gee, no one seems to remember that millionaire Mr. Minor donated over about $68,000.00 to Jeff's campaign, illegally. No one can give that much money to a candidate. Minor and Jeff were front page news. Neither did jail time for their abuse of laws.

    If you check Jeff's statements of property ownership on his forms, it does NOT SHOW the nine or ten houses of residence he so proudly shares they have sold during their marriage of twenty plus years. It shows one or two with Beverly, and one with Charlene next to Dan Stephenson's home in Bear Creek and another. Wonder why not?

    Remember Jeff's long escrow of 120 or 130 days were he bought some Murrieta condos for about $95,000.00 and sold them for $250,000.00 (all 12 to 15 of them) during his long escrow. Wonder how he found "such a deal".

    Check Jeff's statements of property ownership while a City Councilman, and what he did not show...IF you request to see his Supervisor statements of ownership, which must be filed with the FPPC. (They do nothing to him.)

    Gee, Jeff paid his really lovely and nice millionaire sister, Lori, over $355,000.00 for her to be his assistant while Supervisor, and gave her a county car to use.

    Jeff came after the rural communities and horse properties with a vengeance of fines. He also has made himself popular fining the "socks" off of the Anza area citizens properties for being "blighted". Jeff also does not believe in charging Developers as mandated for full Developer FEES. As a City of Temecula Councilman he charged "Wolf Creek" Developer, D. R. Horton ZERO monies for transportation impacts. And, oh yes, later the City of Temecula levied all of the property owners of Wolf Creek...and NOT THE pay for road improvements...MILLIONS upon their already levied mellos roos properties who pay DOUBLE property taxation.

    Jeff as Supervisor also promoted to eliminate any Environment Hearings for new businesses coming into the areas. So what? Enjoy the new electrical lines, power plants and lack of your rights to HAVE a supervisor PROTECT you personal areas' rights.

    Oh, yes, Jeff also hand picked his Ad HOC committies in his District 3. He let them assign a $100,000,000.00 taxation to residents below Canyon Lake developments upon their lands. WHY? Jeff did not make the Developers pay for the flood protection below their new developments. He had the existing residents pay for it.

    Jeff, did you share .... about your real pasts...and Developers who you give BONUS POINTS to for over developing our areas?

    What about the drought Jeff. When will you STOP building in an area that has no local water supply for its present population?

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