What can we do from outside of Iran ?

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. How about the oil companies, does anyone know what companies do buisiness with Iranian oil?

  2. Totally agree. Peoples energies should be going into things that will help the Iranian's in their hour of need.
  3. I was thinking there is something we could do....

    We could all send letters... We could write

    Death to the dictator (in Farsi script)
    Tehran, IRAN

    on the envelope. Most post services will not understand what the Farsi script means so they will forward it to Tehran, hoping the post office there will figure out the rest of the address. We could send hunderds of tousands of letters like this....
  4. Ray Murphy Member

    I assume people don't mean death to the dictator literally.
  5. Sunshine-IRAN Member

    I do a lot of writing, for the most part slam poetry, but I also write short stories and such. I want to write a couple powerful slam poems that I can perform (to remind Americans what our brothers and sisters in Iran are enduring...maybe to perform at rallies? still playing with where I want to do this......and what effect I want) and also that I can upload online to show all of our Persian friends that the global community is standing behind them, even if we can't do so much direct support.

    I'm also working on writing a more direct story piece...this is still in total concept phase.

    I need help, though, because I want to stay true to the facts. I don't write to make money. Writing is my art, and I have a lot of passion for human rights. I am looking for more direct experiences, I want to hear on the ground stories. But I am worried about how to confirm online whether a story is true...

    Anyway, the other thing I wanted to say is that people need to think about their talents...who they are and how they can use that to support a free Iran.
  6. anonymous135 Member

    Not saying anything, but does the Iranian government "the bad guys" have a website??

    reapeat project chanalogy all over again?

    joking, I feel useless to sometimes :/ "in this current situation"
  7. Languages

    I speak Swedish and some Spanish. I can translate articles from Swedish media sources if you want me to start! Where should I post the articles once I have translated them? (By the way, I can also usually understand written Danish and Norwegian, as they are very very similar to written Swedish).
  8. Jakomeyu Member

    "they" have a bunch of websites
    try this one for hacking:
    CyberWar Against Ahmadinjead
  9. Jakomeyu Member

    those arent his cartoons though
    they're by another political cartoonist
  10. joined the fight

    report from sect
    WE WILL DO WHAT WE CAN. Select portions of the confederacy have agreed to join your cause, i hope we can prove of assistance in any way possible. marcab out.
  11. JKShalmani Member

    Seven Ways to Support Iranian Democracy

    by Mary Armstrong
    posted Sep 23, 2009

    On September 23, Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the United Nation's General Assembly. Iranian pro-democracy groups and human rights organizations converged on this event, asking world leaders and media not to recognize Ahmadinejad as Iran's leader until his election is proven without a doubt and all political prisoners are released. Since Iran's June 12th election, many concerned Westerners have watched the ensuing protests and unrest, been inspired by the bravery they saw, and then asked themselves what, if anything, they could do to help.

    read more
    7 Ways to Support Iranian Democracy by Mary Armstrong — YES! Magazine
  12. Jakomeyu Member

  13. Community action

    Stop buying petrol from Total gas station
  14. watch these videos



  15. proxy filters

    guys who live aboard could send important news that they get from opposotion websites and send them to their friend inside Iran by e-mail. Because it's almost impossible for people in iran to break proxy filters.
  16. Spreading the word

    Found this:

    "... Persian people are the MOST FRIENDLY we've met in the world. Suggesting that iranians are terrorists is just FALSE propaganda (see western media). Their international isolation and sanctions are just UNFAIR. Their culture, history and tolerance towards minorities should be admired by Europe and the States. ..."
  17. After seeing this all I can say is, Iran is such a beautiful country. I now know why protesters fight so hard for it. Great find on this video.
  18. what about flying the shir o khorshid in public? ive done it a couple of times it at my college. and ive told people why and about the protests and all, and most of them understand.
  19. LaChappelle Member

    Powe to the People of Iran!

    Go for it Iran! Egypt stood up to the torment and so can you! Be brave, strong and free!!
  20. Stickman Member

    I'm here in Los Angeles (Teherangeles), the largest Persian city outside of Iran, and even here it's challenging to find anything meaningful to do to help. I'd like to do more, so far I've just followed any urgent alerts the Green Wave asks for.

    May this Nowruz bring the blossoming of change in Iran, blessings and hopes for safety for everyone seeking to be free of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.
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  21. Mr.4n0nym0uS Member

    You, Iranians are Legion you are awesome keep persevering it will not be in vain when you are doubting your self and your abilities remember YOU ARE LEGION they will EXPECT you.....


    i am legion for i am many
  22. Hackstorm Member

    hmmm.... an international day of protest????
  23. Kruge Moderator

    These have been organised before and might be again - keep your eyes on the forums for possible plans.
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. I be googlin' kind sirr.. but I be findin' tons o' news articles about the matter, then shit from 2009? :O
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    WOW!!! You've been here almost 2 years, and that was your first post??? AMAZING!
  28. Anonymous Member

    WOW! You've been here almost 2 years and that was your mighty 5th post! AWESOME!
  29. Anonymous Member

    WOW! You've been here almost 2 years and that was your mighty 5th post! AWESOME!
  30. Anonymous Member

    WOW! You've been here almost 2 years and that was your mighty 2nd post! AWESOME!
  31. Anonymous Member

    WOW! You've been here almost 2 years and that was your mighty 1st post! AWESOME!
  32. Anonymous Member

    why you are not inside?
  33. Anonymous Member

    I'm inside looking at all these funny posts, coming together in harmony.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I have an idea comrades!
    there will be a mass demonstration on June 12th in Tehran, at 6-8 pm (local time) if we can somehow block the streets before that time, regime's forces cannot occupy the city as they do before any demonstration. My knowledge about hacking & stuff like that is about zero, but I just wonder if you can hack the website of Tehran's traffic control organization or not. if it is doable at that day, it will have not only a virtual & symbolic effect but also likely helps people to gather & shout ther own voice

  35. Enara Member

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