What can we do from outside of Iran ?

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. What can we do to help and actually make a difference in Iran? I am an immigrant to USA and wish I could do more.
  2. Sol Mann Member

    Spread the word about this site. As it grows more people in Iran will be aware of it as a resource. They need a free internet right now, and we can give it to them.
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  3. I'm an American through and through, and I want nothing more than to help the people of your country succeed in your struggle against the powers of tyranny and opression.

    If there is anything else we can do, please let us know.
  4. Out of curiosity, do you speak another language? People who speak multiple languages can be useful for getting the message out to a wider audience.
  5. rickwills Member


    Who needs money and where can we send it? I hope this (site) is less of a push for US interest and is more a push for democracy.
  6. OP here, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Estonian (not as proficient in this, but enough to hold conversation)

    But I don't really have a broad list of contacts.
  7. Video Gamer Member

    it's not about the U.S. Rest assured. It's not for us, it's for them.
  8. HelpingIran Member

    You should officially register (it only takes a second) and volunteer to translate articles. Even if we can only get a general idea of what foreign media is saying, that would be tremendously helpful.

    Edit: Made a thread for people who speak multiple languages, you should check in there.
  9. kenlon MaterialHandlingEquip.

    Donate to the International Federation Of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies?
  10. Punkbob Member

    Hey from a technical perspective, is there anything we can do to contribute? I have setup web proxies, but that seems to be filtered now, is there a generally agreed upon solution for encrypted communication?

    I keep hearing that tor has been compromised.
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  11. Support Iran With Your Protest
    Send photos and videos of your support protest to the Iranian protesters.

    Print out support images and use them as protest signs in your protest.

    Try using


    The black-and-white logo will need to be redrawn, but will go through any copier cheaply.

    Or get icons from
    Creative Bits

    Send these ideas around the world.

    Images of support from South Africa, Washington DC, France, China and so on will be helpful if sent to Iran.
  12. Share Our Photos and videos that we send , Guys we have Very Very Slow connection That highly Filtered ... i have uploaded 2 video files ( total 20 mb ) in 2 hours ...
    Like thepiratebay that lot of iranian Found this Website from there , Link to this website or put logo on your website to all people around world see what happening to iran ...
    Voice Of America And BBC is down and is highly noisy from satelite ... and we can't watch them ... We lost our connection with outside ... internet , Mobiles , SMS , Yahoo messenger , BBC and VOA CHANNELS , Outside Calls all of them is filtered ...
    But :
    Thanks a lot guys ... I'm Really happy to see this Website and You peoples really really happy ... thanks
  13. lonestar Member

    I guess it cant be wrong when we are also supporting them with techniqual equipment, like for example as you mentioned, proxy servers.

    any techniqual method for bypassing censorship software could be useful.

    such as
  14. here to help however I can. Info should be free. Let the people speak
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  15. Call the Guardian Council to register your support for the democratic process in Iran: 00982166401171

    Do not call if you are inside Iran
  16. Our hearts are bleeding for you brothers & sisters ...

    To all the brave citizenry in Iran,

    I am an American citizen and I want each and everyone of you to know how we are praying for all of you. May the spirit of FREEDOM wash over your land. May all your voices be heard. May the violence stop. May EXTREMISM be crushed in all it's forms (and that goes for the US also).

    Those of you REFUSING to be silenced and risking your very lives to let the world know what is TRULY going on there ... GOD Bless you and may you be empowered with the strength, fortitude, and will to bring about a much needed CHANGE in your country.

    You are all heroes.
  17. Iran has history of democracy

    I'm a little concerned with the posts by the Americans. As an American, I understand the dynamic in America: to think America is the only country with a history of democracy and that all Muslim countries are full extremists.

    I'm not bashing you Americans. As I said, I am also an American. Don't forget, however, that Iran has a long history of democracy, one which was silenced because of its socialist-leaning with the help of the CIA. Iran overthrew a shah after brutal repression. The fighting was in the streets, full of hope. People became missing daily.

    All I mean to do is for Americans to show some respect and education; not that all of them haven't, just a few things some people said have been a little alarming. Iran is a battleground for a renewed, strong democracy, and those of us who believe in true liberty will stand with you all.

    Forever in solidarity,
  18. I am an American. I support your fight for a better tomorrow.
  19. Godspeed! Member

    In response to the poster who asked for those with language skills, I'm fairly fluent in French and am willing to translate whatever necessary.
  20. SpaceGhost Member

    Am fluent in Spanish if we need stuff translated or were thinking of doing subforums, etc.

    And we should prolly get a farsi translator tbh.
  21. garpu Member

    Know German, but it's rusty.
  22. unforgiven Member

  23. Not a good idea. If Obama starts that sort of thing--which is exactly what Bush did when there were demonstrations the last time in Iran--it will only give the regime an excuse to crack down and start slaughtering people, as they will be able to label them as stooges of foreign powers. That would be the absolute worse thing that Obama could do. We need to give our support, but not make it seem like we're egging them on or we're behind it...because we're not. This is the Iranian peoples' fight. We need to give them their support and do what we can as individuals to help them, but our government getting involved would only hurt them.
  24. rwg279 Member

    New to the Fight

    I just saw a video on youtube. I'd like to help anyway i can. A little about me. I'm 29 years old. I believe in Peace and Freedoms for everyone. I want to help. I'm a computer tech. I deal more with hardware not programs. I have never been one to really get really heavy into issues except for fight for pro life (freedom for the unborn). I want to help. Im spreading the word. In high school and after i have been very active in learning about cultures and do understand what you are fighting for so this is why i want to help. How can I.
  25. I am American, what can i do to help? Is there any way we can open the Internet even more so your voices can be heard?

  26. Please learn more about this site and those that run / support it. They have ONE agenda... and that agenda is FREEdom
  27. Sol Mann Member

    If you're looking for a specific mission beyond 'promote this site' ... I might have one for you.

    We still need help getting this site to the people who need it, those INSIDE Iran. The hope of our promotion is that over time it will reach them by way of the degrees of separation.

    But if you want to take it a step further, put on your googlefu belts and start looking for Iranian bloggers, facebookers, myspacers, ebaumers, the works. They don't need to live in Iran... because if they are Iranian they likely have contacts at home.

    Let the people of Iran know that this site is here. They need it more than we know.
  28. satellite phones

    Let's bombard Amnesty International and request they get satellite phones to Iranians. We can offer to donate to pay for them if they set up an account.

    NYT reports other areas of protest outside of Tehran where there are no cameras, the police brutality is much worse. An ambulance plowed right into a group of protesters and mowed someone down and just kept going.

    They also attacked protesters on the edge far away from where the action was.

    There is also a google petition asking google to update their satellite images regularly so we can get shots of protests.

    Demonstrators from Iran have stated their cell phones can be taken away, one million killed and they will stand for change. They are very brave.

    What You Can Do for Iran
  29. Okay, major brainstorm here.

    Obviously I want to help, but I'm more a doer than an idea person. I'm not a big internet person, I'm more a community person. I've done food drives with my family and at work, passed out fliers for events, and I'm not good at either.

    I was thinking of hosting a letter-writing party at my home and inviting family and co-workers. Petitioning for help from my family leaders, not all of whom have computers. I was going to mail letters to newspapers and local officials to ask them to do whatever they can. We must get the voices of those who are not internet-saavy but who have the experience and passion that not all of us have.

    My mother tells me her union had a big event where they wrote to the state legislators, they had everything ready in the office, and then faxed them. All at once, jamming their fax machines! Mass callings can have the same effect. Disruption makes people pay attention.

    I respect the internet, but is there anything everyone can do?
  30. I think the letter writing- both to our elected officials and to amnesty international (possibly red crescent too?) about helping and sending satallite phones respectively are awesome ideas. It can be done online and or on paper, through faxes and phonelines and such, giving everyone opportunities to get this shit done.
  31. brosen Member

    Former Iran Hostage Wants to Support Moussavi

    My name is Barry Rosen. I was the last US press Attsache is Iran when the embassy was taken on November 4, 1979. I spent 444 days in captivity.

    I'm opposed to the notion of the Islamic Republic, not only for what it had done to me personally, but also because the Iranian people deserve better than a quasi-theocracy that denies human rights and an open society. I have always had great admiration for the Iranian peolple and appreciate their strength of character.

    I am happy to talk to anyone involved in the pro-Moussavi movement or anyone who cares about keeping the protests alive.

  32. Contact the people involved directly!

    This URL has all the contact information you will need.
  33. be cautios! being arrested with a sattelite phone in Iran means treason and execution!!
  34. spread this

    i am german/persian and i support humanity, the will of the majority and reason all over the world, and now especially in iran!
    if you do too, please PLEASE SPREAD THIS

    we NEED to keep the information stream alive! not just in iran, but in the world!
  35. Ignorance!
    What you see now, is an alternative to war!
    Read here if you are not up to date:
  36. There's an old saying here: There's one in every crowd. And the internet's no different, plenty of kooks, trolls and such for everyone's amusement lol...

    That said, I think a lot of us are in the "getting to know you" phase of a new relationship. And THAT is the best part of the Internet. Direct communication that transcends boundaries which governments and others have traditionally imposed to maintain control, keeping people hoodwinked while whispering siren songs in their ears.

    To me, the Internet represents a new crucible in which human civilization will be further refined and articulated. Regardless of if or how this is realized, I wish to see this tool remain open and available to as many as possible. This is why I am aligned with Anonymous.

    Best Wishes to All from Green Bay, Wisconsin!
  37. from-iran Member

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