What about a phone survey?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Consensus, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Consensus Member

    What about a phone survey?

    I want to know to what degree the public is inoculated against the cult. Additionally, carefully worded phone surveys can actually influence public opinion.

    If people are interested, I would love to work with some of you to design a phone survey and a sampling method, and then to do a statistical analysis of the data.

    Questions could include things like 'Which of the following describes your attitude towards the celebrity religion Scientology' (I'd use the word 'cult' in one of the responses, not in the question, for scientific validity), and 'Are you aware of the internet group 'Anonymous' and their campaign to end Scientology's tax exempt status?', and 'which of the following would most affect your opinion of scientology: abuses against members, efforts to infiltrate the government, efforts to recruit children, exorbitant course fees, slave labor, successes by individuals who have taken scientology courses, volunteer work conducted by scientologists in disaster zones' (and so forth)

    I would want the data divided by city, with a standard sampling method out of local phone books. We'd need to look into the legality of these cold calls to avoid violating any no-call lists and so on. I'd have to work out how many calls to make within each population to get statistically significant results.

    One additional benefit is that, if we do this strictly by the book (scientifically speaking), the results might even be publishable in a journal - and, once published, would likely get some press.

    Of all the methods major corporations use for market research, this is one that's generally expensive, but could be done quite efficiently and cheaply by anonymous.

    What do you guys think?

    edit - this would be 90% vanity; some of us faggots have taken courses on this shit and done lame-ass survey research in college, and actually get our jollies off imagining doing this sort of thing on a national level. There is some potential for win here - reaching people fliers wouldn't have gotten to, maybe earning a couple small articles in a few newspapers, but for the most part participating in this would just be for some of us to get experience designing a survey reseach project from the ground up, and in seeing just how unpopular the cult is in America.
  2. FUCK Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    Well, I'm kinda on both sides with this one. I agree with the fact that we need to survey a wide range of people to understand their opinions so we can protest better. But the part of me that hates taking phone/online surveys says that only a 'special' group of people will end up taking it.
  3. Consensus Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    There are statistical effects from both availability (if we use a phone book, our population becomes 'people in metropolitan area X who are listed in the phone book') and from people opting out. They are well-studied, and can be accounted for. I'd be happy to do the legwork on that if we do this. It will be important to keep data on how many people opt out or hang up, in addition to responses from people who do choose to participate. I expect a significant number of people will hang up - especially if they suspect we're scientologists trying to recruit.
  4. Shinythings Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    Maybe it can be complemented with some street surveys? Some survey rAIDS?

    Anyway, the idea is awesome, I think some statistics will help us get more concrete information on how are we doing
  5. Nataku Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    There may be a conflict of interest if you genuinely intend to do this scientifically.
  6. Consensus Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    Just because I have my own opinion about Scientology doesn't mean I can't conduct scientific research into the opinions of others on Scientology.

    If you mean the questions may be leading, I would make the effort to keep the answers pointed but exhaustive, and randomize the order the choices are given in to minimize biases.
  7. Re: What about a phone survey?

    There may be some merit to this idea Consensus

    (BTW I lobbied long and hard for the Canadian Do Not Call Registry, operational @ Oct 08, so I'm kinda on the horns of a dilemma on it)

    Now looking from the side that's interested in some info, I'm torn

    sci presence in Canada is so thin, but the exercise might still generate some helpful info

    probably most productive to be done in the States...what about doing a few of the most sci-active ones: Cali, Florida, New York, other? (maybe Wyoming too, lol)

    huge project to coordinate

    what kind of numbers would be needed to be statistically significant? (no I'm not going to break out my old stats textbook...yuck)

    anyway I'll watch this thread, see who picks up what you're putting down :)
  8. Re: What about a phone survey?

    Rather than us, is there a chance of trolling an already existent non profit survey group to do it? It would make it look more "legit" to have a 3rd party complete this. Yes our cause isn't as big as "republican vs democrat", but still, there should be some advocate groups that are willing to pick this up regionally.
  9. xenubarb Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    Ah, yes...this reminds me of another one of my favorite Scientology based tales from the past:

    Opinion: Scientology's image
  10. none given Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    300 shoppers?
    A flashraid sized group could knock that out in an afternoon.

    I think the phone survey is a good idea (yes i hate them too) if one of us knows enough to keep it accurate.
  11. HellRazor Member

  12. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    Yeah, that was a year ago when we were still finding our feet. There's been ALOT more shit that's gone down since then - would be good to see how much more of an effect we've had since then.

    I'm interested but I think survey raids would be better rather than just phoning people since that REALLY pisses me off.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    So ur with ur Davey and yur making out wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the vioce is "wut r u doing wit my COB?" U tell Davey n it say "my LRH is on target2". THEN WHO WAS PHONE?

    Also, I think this is a bad idea.
  14. **zero** Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    I like the idea, as long as it is using the correct methods.
  15. AnonLover Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    slightly offtopic but i owe Consensus a major thread derailment and i promise not to wax philosophically way out in left field like you did in my thread recently ;)

    i think this is great idea to pursue if its feasible. During the heat of presidential campaigns, my state was one of the hot-topic could-go-either-way states everyone was paying attention too for awhile. I was getting inundated with phone surveys from every major unniversity in the state re: presidential politics. and i made it into a game of how many times i could get CofS written down as my answer to "other - please list" multi choice questions just to be a dick.

    surprisingly, this sparked alot of interest in the college kids working the phones.... i lost track of the number of times i completely sidetracked the survey taker into chitchat discussions about various points i made in my answers. 2 callers even wrote down websites to look up when they got off work. so i've been stewing the thought of phone surveys myself, but i have no relevant background or experience with that kind of stuff and couldnt come up with any feasible way of actually doing one.
  16. Consensus Member

    Re: What about a phone survey?

    Sample Size Calculator - Confidence Level, Confidence Interval, Sample Size, Population Size, Relevant Population - Creative Research Systems

    Feel free to fool around with it. It looks like for any sizable population (a million plus), we'd need around 350 responses to get a good 95% confidence with a margin of error or +/- 5% (I'm more than willing to get out my old stats books and figure this out if we proceed). If we assume only one in ten people agree to take the survey, we're talking 3,500 phone calls to each major metro area. This project could take a month or more to complete, depending on how many volunteers we get.

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