We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by pwnon, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. pwnon Member

    We're back. March 14th, Greensboro, NC.

    Okay guys, it looks like we've managed to get a group together in enough time to be able to plan for March 14th! While skipping this month and building our numbers/hyping would SEEM like a better idea, this is actually the one year anniversary of the last, fully documented, well organized protest in Charlotte. It just seems too much like fate to pass up.

    A point of concern though is that a majority of us will be newfags to this. So, anyone willing to offer help (or come down and join us!) is exactly what we need. Also, anyone in the NC or SC area that wants to join us, we'd love to have you. You can find us at I'm gonna get together some flyers and hopefully head down next weekend and hype us up, also contacting the police. Any advice? And also, do I contact the media? Thanks guys.
  2. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Input needed from anyone who has organized a protest before!

    In Charlotte, the Church of Scientology Mission Center Charlotte (Fuck that's hard to remember) is on Independence, about a 10 minute drive outside of Charlotte. It's a four lane highway with median and all.
    Long Link is Loooong

    It'll have traffic, but I have a question.

    Which is more important, protesting directly in front of the Church (location wise, not literally), or protesting in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic and slow vehicles?

    Because Trade Street and Tryon meet DIRECTLY in the middle of Charlotte, where 90% of businesses are, foot traffic is heavy, and it would definitely garner more media attention.

    Input, please!
  3. terryeo2 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    I don't have much experience with organizing anything (inb4 leaderfag), but I'll take a shot here:

    1. Scientology is NOT a Church! Their PR line is being re-inforced every time a critic calls them that! They are an organization, cult, business, scam, pyramid scheme, bait-and-switch, or 'group.' Remember Sci only changed the name of its "Dianetics Centers" to "Churches" after LRH ordered them to in a policy letter.

    2. I think protesting in front of the Org is the best bet for major protest day. Bring HUEG AS XBOX signs with very short, easy-to-read messages. Use short URLs is possible (ATLAnons, for example, bought the URL, and set it to redirect to the ATLAnons Ning, instead of putting the whole Ning address on the signs). If this street is as heavy with traffic as you say, then making sure that people can read the signs at high speeds is important.

    I still think flyer raids are also important, but could be done on non-global dates. Maybe set up a couple of mini-raids to hand out flyers, and get more comfortable with your fellow activists.

    3. Call the cops BEFORE global protest day! We all know how the cult likes to call the cops with lies about us! Warn them ahead of time about the cult, and give them your site URL, or some way to contact the cell. That way, if the cult tries to spread any BS, the cops will not be hearing only one side.

    4. Every Anon has a specialty in something. Some will be better as sign making, while others are better public speakers, etc. "Put the aces in their places," ie get the sign makers to help others make awesome signs, have the smooth talkers handing out flyers, have the lulz guys fly their dongcopters, etc. If people are doing what they want to do, then they will want to KEEP doing it.

    5. Have some fun with the group! Get to know the others. Go out for food. Go play laser tag. Build a community. People want to join groups that are having fun!
  4. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Sounds good to me, thank you so much. I guess we'll be protesting in front of the actual Org. By the way, I just called it the Church because that's it's official name. Didn't want it to get confused with a Dianetics Center or anything like that.

    Also, purchasing right now. Just setting up some anonymity.
  5. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    /r/ing some help, in a big way.

    I figured I'd set up the information of permits and things and I ran across a document that said:

    And then I kept reading on and there are additional provisions that, in layman's terms, prohibit the covering of identity in any way shape or form at any place in Charlotte.

    I figured I'd check this out, so I called up the Night WatchCommander at Char-Meck (our primary contact for the march) and asked her to explain those provisions. She said they don't allow masks, hoodies, etc (basically, exactly what the text says). I asked her if that includes Scarves, bandannas, balaclavas, or surgical masks. She said all of those items are not allowed. I asked about facepaint and she said "It's against the provisions to conceal your identity in any way at a protest. I've been here 19 years and I've never seen it done, nor known it to be allowed done."

    I told her that our intention was to protest Scientology, and they use tactics such as Fair Game to intimidate and threaten protesters. I then read her this excerpt (glad Wikipdedia was open)

    "The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to: suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty ... this Policy Letter extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends"

    She kept repeatedly asking me who 'they' were whenever I'd say something like "They use this to scare away any protestors"...."they have been known to harass, as is their goal"...etc. Overall, she was a pretty big bitch about everything, even though I was polite. At the end she asked "Well, why are you calling at 4 am anyways?" I responded "Because I just got off work and I had some questions concerning this." (I wanted to say that if I wasn't supposed to call at 4 am, then maybe they don't need a Night Watch Commander, but I'm not gonna burn bridges.)

    Long story short, she told me to call back tomorrow around noon when her boss (I guess Day Watch Commander) comes in and talk to him about it, maybe he'll give me lienency.

    So I am /r/ing some information, links, points of interest, ANYTHING that can help me get us approved to use some kind of face covering. Otherwise, we'll lose the best place to picket, possibly another month's protest, and worst of all, the Scientologists will have gotten away with their tactics once again. Please, I'll give one internets to anyone who helps, and two extra internets to whoever has the best info. <3

    TL;DR version:
    Fuck Fair Game, give me info to prove a mask or a scarf isn't going to be a problem.
  6. terryeo2 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Well, you could show them all of the vids, websites, etc of the other cells. Show that we are peaceful and that we're only wearing the masks as a way to protect ourselves. Compare our masks to those that a hockey goalie wears. Why does a goalie wear a mask? Because he/she can take some serious pain if hit by that puck! Same deal here, our families could be in danger if the Scilons get to ID us.

    You're not going to lose your place to picket. Worst case is that you have to find creative ways to cover up without causing a legal issue. Again look at ATL and NYC vids for ideas. A good wig and shades can go a long way....

    No one can stop you from picketing at any public location altogether (1st Amendment), but they can place reasonable restrictions on the activity (proper restrictions include time and # of persons, size of signs, requirement to keep moving, keep sidewalk clear, etc.). Too many restrictions can be deemed as a 1st Amendment violation, and could be a Civil Case. I don't think the mask laws count as 'un-reasonable' however, due to a legitimate public safety concern (not from us, but from people like the KKK that can't play nice with others, probably the reason those laws are on the books)

    I'm glad that you're getting this squared away early (the 14th should go smoothly at this rate)!

    [sorry if this is IS 5am!]
  7. anon0004 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Hey, nice to see you guise are back.

    If you need help on anything, shoop da whoop, ning etc. I´ll help ya, just PM ne
  8. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    If you have a breathing disorder then i dont think they can stop you from wearing a surgical mask. especially on high pollen days.

    Also this would not allow mascots to advertise in the streets. this law is very draconian.

    if a cop confronts you about it then take the mask off while facing away from any scilons and tell him your not hiding from him and how much you respect his authoritah

    Good luck
  9. anoncaek Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    I'm pretty sure sunglasses and a hat will be permitted, I think thats the most law abiding, yet still keeping our identities hidden. (I means srsly people normally wear those things while walking down the street.)

    NCfags shall return! Ok, SCfags, I suppose you can join with us too...
  10. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Okay, in a true testament of TL;DR, I sent the Watch Commander an email. I tried to keep it on point, with information, without revealing any identities, etc. I gave them enough information about the plan and the protest to see what their thought was, in conjunction with local laws and permits. So we wait now and continue to gather info.

    And anon, since your name so aptly implies it, you are now in charge of bringing Caek. <__<
  11. anoncaek Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Heck yes! I liek caek! Oh, I can maek a elron hubbard b-day edition caek!
  12. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    I like how you think, kid.
  13. Cyan Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Hey, I've been hoping for a NC protest and was happy to see this one pop up.

    When I learned my gf and her family were big into Scientology I was shocked. I had learned about it when Anon first started their movement but never participated. Now I have been researching and investigating constantly and wish to do what I can to spread the word, but to also remain anonymous in the "public" eye.

    In the long term I hope to convert her but also in the short I wish to help spread the truth as well as become a part of the movement in the intrest of a common goal and to help learn more through others like me.

    Let's make this thing big!
  14. themadhair Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    I'm hoping that was a poor choice of word...
  15. TheBitch Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Suggest you put new thread as geographically broader callout for experienced Enturbulators. Who knows, the Marcabian Defense Force might show up or something.
  16. Cyan Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    It was, I was meaning to say to sway her away from what she's doing now. She's big in defending it which on its own is fine but she's also not willing to even listen to anything even remotely negative on their church. She also will ignore or just get mad at me whenever we try to discuss it.

    The biggest problem I have with her being in a group like theirs is that she's starting to show signs of being too manipulated by it. That and members of her family have actually gone into the more fanatical portions of their church which I'm worried she might fall into as well.

    I'm mostly worried that she'll slowly drift away and our relationship will strain because of it.

    Again, I didn't want to leave the wrong impression, I just didn't think about my exact wording and how it might be viewed.
  17. terryeo2 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    That's what Scientology does. Once you get sucked in, they try to keep people from being exposed to anything negative about the group, so that they keep buying courses. I wouldn't be surprised if you end up with a 'disconnection' letter soon :(

    Try to talk to her about what is in the books that she has already read. Talk about page 125 in Dianetics, page 100 in Science of Survival, talk about how absurd those TRs were. She's gotta see that even at this stage the Sci materials are damaging, and she is being suckered. Don't try to talk about 'Xenu' or OT stuff, she is instructed to tune that convo out. Talk about the basics stuff and maybe show her things like "Ex Scientology Kids"

    Good luck, THIS IS (just one reason) WHY
  18. Cyan Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Thanks, I really want to let her know that I don't have a problem with her being into Scientology itself, I just don't like the idea of her going to Scientology "doctors" and associating with their "church".

    At a minimum I'd like her to disconnect with that part of them but I know it'd be far more logical to just seperate completely.

    The problem is I think her family is so deeply rooted she may have more trouble getting out because of that. Her mom for example does "something" over in Clearwater. She wasn't specific and right now I don't want to bring it up. I'd hate to see her lose connection with her mom just because she decided to leave the church. Not sure how rooted her dad is, though he doesn't seem as bad.

    We'll see how it goes... She's away right now so I wanna wait for her to get back before I bring it up with her again.
  19. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    NCanon seizes first mega-win!

    Okay, maybe we had nothing to do with it, but we are taking credit because that's how we roll. I did a little Flash Raid planning with a fellow Anon today and we stopped by the Scientology Center in Charlotte. It is now a Tile company. They heard we was formin' up and them pussies packed up and left town. Go ahead, we're awesome, you can say it.

    In lieu of this, we've decided to change our meet up to Greensboro. Contact has been made with the City Manager (although, there is apparently a law that says Greensboro doesn't have to conform with protesting rights of the state. Odd.) and waiting for reply. Until then, planning is in full motion.
  20. terryeo2 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Really?!? Just double-check to made sure that those crazy culties haven't just moved :p
  21. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Oh God, I had to sacrifice everything I believe in to figure this out.

    I...I....I went on their site. The horror, the horror! They've relocated alright. To WT Harris Blvd.


    If you've ever been to the section of WT Harris they are at, you might notice something. It's all churches. Baptist churches, church of God's, et al. I called the number, it's not hooked up yet, so they are in the process of moving.

    /r/ing someone find a link or info on why they moved or what they are doing there now, please. I can't find one.
  22. terryeo2 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    LOL, told ya they are sneaky :p
  23. anoncaek Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    LOL, I still think we should raid the tile company :/

    on another note, from what I understand, masks aren't banned in Greensboro!
  24. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.


    From what I read, they don't even have an officialized protesting policy. Good news is they don't conform with the rest of the state. Bad news is, we don't know what their rules are, per say.
  25. chateauneuf Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    To be fair, the mask prohibition stems from anti-klan legislation. Unfortunately, there is collateral damage.
  26. terryeo2 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Best to call G'Boro PD to make sure
  27. AquaMan Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    and soon. Cops really don't like last-minute stuff, it makes an already stressful job even more so, and there's only ~3 weeks left.
  28. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Called the police today. After a slight misunderstanding, I got directed away from the city's utilities department and to the correct group. The woman I talked to didn't know anything, but we had some interesting convo. I asked about their mask laws, she asked what kind of masks. I said bananas, balaclavas, Guy Fawkes masks. She asked what the last one was and I mentioned V for Vendetta as a reference point. She then got me sucked into this long joke about asking if we planned on blowing up buildings. I almost had a heart attack, then she revealed that she was just fucking with me.

    TL;DR version- I got punk'd by a cop. -.-
  29. AquaMan Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    But did she say masks were okay? :)
  30. anoncaek Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    lol, I love g-boro police, we're probably not going to have any probs at all with them, g-boro org isn't rich enough to bribe them liek in clearwater
  31. anonymous612 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Bawww, Caek, you make me sad. D= They don't bribe our cops, they're too busy lying badly to them and making them facepalm.

    In some cases, literally.

    Contact infos:
    Recommend you contact them, perhaps roughly the same way you did the PD.
    Press Releases - Why We Protest These might help, even if you have to piece together something yourself from them.

    Regarding when we were talking about Lron quotes, this paper is about racial issues:
    Carolina Peacemaker - HOME looks like the major local newspaper.

    Greensboro Fox News (lol I know): | FOX8 News - WGHP

    Greensboro CBS News: | Triad, NC | News Main Section

    I may be able to find more, I'm still looking.
  32. zebrafaced Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    d00d, this means you have the perfect opportunity to do a "THAT'S A CHURCH, THAT ONE'S NOT" chant. Lucky.
  33. anoncaek Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Actually the greensboro Fox station is pretty good.

    also, thanks for the info 612! signs are being made in your honor.
  34. anonymous612 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Doin it wrong, Zebra. "THIS IS A CHURCH THAT IS A CULT."
  35. anoncaek Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    actually, in greensboro, we haev the option to do "cult, ballpark, cult, ballpark" it is right next to the greensboro baseball stadium
  36. zebrafaced Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Fags were doing it wrong then, because that was a chant in a video on YouTube. No clue what country it was in.
  37. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Oh, I have plans for that place. I intend to, after leaving the Greensboro Cult, head down to Charlotte after dropping everyone off with a leftover flyer and a red rose, in which I'll place on their doorstep before stalking back into the night. Then watch as the news reports of a "church" being vandalized.

    And we're definitely doing the 'Cult, Church', possibly in both locations (I think there is a church right near the cult in gboro).

    And I just got off the phone with the police. State law says no masks, bandanas, anything to cover the face. I tried the ol' "But I've got asthma" but she said no medical masks either. Pre-emptive. She's a nice woman though and joked around, so I think this raid will be good. We get a special police task force to monitor us and the Sci Org, just to make sure things stay under control.

    We can wear sunglasses and hats though, so I'm gonna be donning some of the most flamboyantly gay aviators I've ever seen (which is totally not gonna help me pick up chicks) and a faux fur Ushanka. The top half and all sides of my face will be covered. Eat it, Scifags.
  38. tj87 Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    SCFag here, and I'm dying to know if the CLT thing is still on. Greensboro is a little too far away for me, but Charlotte's an hour up the road and I'd love to see one of these things up close.
  39. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Charlotte has been postponed due to their change in location. Since they're moving, we're gonna hit Gboro now and then hit up Charlotte at the next one, more than likely. And you are more than welcome to join us. NCanon will also accompany any SCfags who would like to protest.
  40. pwnon Member

    Re: We're back. March 14th, Charlotte, NC.

    Permit approved. Spoke to the police liason today. Detective AwesomeCopGuy is a pretty cool guy. He watches out for us NCFags and eh doesn't afraid of anything.

    (btw, Detective AwesomeCopGuy, if you're reading this, welcome to WWP)

    We're good. Early prediction shows chance of rain. We're guaranteeing chance of win.
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