Welcome KiaTed

Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Jaycee Wiseboy, Nov 15, 2021.

  1. welcome from San Diego
  2. welcome sale3.phanphoisi
    soon you will be gone as well.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Yeah. Because a name with “sale “ in it is so subtle
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  4. welcome

    Check you in box while you still can. You too will be gone.
  5. Welcome to

    check your inbox while you can
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  6. Welcome to a long time member who has not posted yet but just may one day.

    Check your inbox you have 45 pms.
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  7. Welcome the our newest member AlbertaHam.
  8. Welcome

    Do you know

    Wonder how long it will be when you assholes start spamming in this thread.
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  9. Gnome Chomsky Member


    One more spammer to add to the list
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  10. Welcome

    I notice you have been busy posting your shit.
  11. [IMG]
    I notice you do not even bother to get the gender to match the names anymore, What a douche,
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  12. And here you are again posting, Douchebag.
  13. Gnome Chomsky Member

    Joined July 11th 2020 and never posted.
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  14. Gnome Chomsky Member

    Lists as male . Member since yesterday.
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  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Somehow I missed BooTed until now
  16. Gnome Chomsky Member


    Another would be spammer joined Today at 4:09 PM
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  17. And now they are gone the way of all bad rubbish. Good riddance.
  18. Welcome

    You too will be gone. I just dare you to post on this thread.
  19. Welcome


    both new members who have made 1 post each. No spam but they chose rather old threads to post in and the posts were of the "thanks for posting" type of comments. Somewhat strange and pointless. Are they testing the waters?

    I don't trust 'em and I certainly don't like them. I sent them each a PM. I doubt they will even look at the message because bots don't read PMs.

    Also welcome to

    Are you any relation to
    HenriettaF ?
    Maybe you are the Vietnamese relation to Lee Harvey Oswald? Either way, check your inbox.
  20. Gnome Chomsky Member


    another likely candidate for the spammer list?
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  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Nietzsche got by me
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  22. Gnome Chomsky Member


    One more for the list.
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  23. And is now gone forever. Good riddance.
  24. Welcome to




    Soon you will be gone.
  25. Gnome Chomsky Member

    And another lucky entrant to the raffle is

    alongside his friend

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  26. Welcome
    jesus abner Gonzalez mora
  27. Welcome
  28. [IMG]
    Glad to see you made it back but you never even looked at my PM. Gee, is it possible that you are just another spammer?

    You made such a great first post that I wish you would at least make another post on this thread. Then again that first post was really pointless even if it did sort of look like it was on topic. You know, pointless just like spam.
  29. Welcome

    Do you know male Blanche?
  30. Gnome Chomsky Member

    They just keep crawling out of the woodwork
  31. Yes, they certainly do.

    The non-spamming posts that are so "on topic" are so annoying. It is their way of being sarcastic or mocking plus we all know that they will soon start to spam for real again under different identities.
  32. I missed this one.
    Looks like he came back and edited his non-spam post with an addition.
    And just who is this guy who calls himself, "The Ghost".
    I suppose they will all edit their posts with the addition of spam.
    Show them your love and PM them.
  33. Welcome brother/sister

    I notice that you come up with these names using your left hand on the keyboard.

    Do you know what you could use your left hand for as well?

    You could use it to slit your wrists.
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  34. Welcome

    Say "Hello" to The Ghost for me. I keep sending him PMs but he doesn't answer. It is almost as if he is a bot or something.
  35. Welcome

    Do you know Blanche?
  36. Welcome

    Member since Jan. 14, 2022

    When are you going to post?
  37. Welcome
  38. Gnome Chomsky Member

    MayKornwei? Another applicant for our happy band of spammers!
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  39. Gnome Chomsky Member

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