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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Jaycee Wiseboy, Nov 15, 2021.

  1. Pete is one main people in Ireland just things quite in lots part of world there is no Raids . In country Meath in Ireland plenty of Protests .
  2. So why are very few in Canada and States not active in Anti cults Protest Nova Scotia seems to be only ones .
  3. Jaycee not involved in anything never been Protest in his life probably never travel outside Canada , America probably does Owen Passport .
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  4. Does not know Europe is Jaycee Rockship .
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  5. Jaycee you are from America just well all American are not like you . Ignorance .
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  6. I have never been to Toronto Ontario . I
    But I know from twitter lots people very Actvests networks are big . Say no more . Alot are involved Julian Assange campaign . I as well many other people took part in Carvel in London UK on 11 February . Many people around are involved Free Julian Assange campaign . So groups like Australia very active offline . Campaign groups in Canada quite few .
  7. TorontosRoot Member

    I see. There's zero protests in Toronto regarding Scientology (because it's pretty much dead).

    As for the other demonstrations, got any video you filmed?
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  8. My only complaint with you is that you keep fucking up threads that have nothing to do with your supposed "raids" or plans.

    This thread is about spammers. Can't you read?
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  9. Well maybe we all can bring it back . In Germany they very Active still . Some Canada Nova Scotia Halifax where as well . Some USA . Reason to bring Chanology is get everyone back involved again and all newbies . In Ireland last big was in 2018 . Have been few small ones . It's trying get everyone together in each group in each city or people forum new ones . These where certain dates April May 2023 .Just dates mentioned for big Raid worldwide International . Other wise small local ones . If you can talk other people in Canada then mention other people in Canada . Then idea spreads . This year 10 years Million Masks March , Also officially since Anonymous existing on course we all where around before then campaigns Protest , Rally . Even Hackers where then .Legion got name Legion of Doom and other Hacker groups that where not on 4 Chan's .
  10. There are other Dangerous Cults still out there idea finished off Scientology perently so they can't regrow and these other Cults .
  11. We have European HQ Dublin Ireland . They also have Large conference centre in other part Dublin Ireland . They have been very quiet in Ireland over last Two years . Except one incident Stephen silverman was man with bio polar disorder he refused to take his Medication . He travelled all over Ireland on his Motorbike 2020 . Now he was seen Talking to Some Scientology in Dublin seen coming out of there Centre . People in Mayo where Been treating Police where notified . One Officer can in contact with him there was
    Struggle and police officer was shit dead . There court cast at moment. A lot of people with Mental health Issues have been convinced by Scientology not to take Medication . Scientology leadership use these people for dangerous purpose , they become danger to themselves and everyone else .
  12. If this tread is about spammers then somebody something up Chinese everywhere . Jaycee go after this person . I try find what's got to do with .
  13. You can go to YouTube 10 years Chanology Anonymous Berlin Germany . I am in Purple Hoodie people came from every where in Germany , Austria Ireland , Holland . For that . Germany still very in Vigils and Demonstrations Rallies against Scientology . Just rest have to restart just once year does it . Helps information to General public . What cult of Scientology is , people learn then Also way groups getting together .
  14. TorontosRoot Member

    Good to know. :)
  15. TorontosRoot Member

  16. Arshi1

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      1. Arshi1 replied to the thread Anonymous in Italia.

        non ho mai pubblicato nulla in modo anonimo prima d'ora. aero
        Today at 11:11 AM
    Translated, the post is like this:

    I've never posted anything anonymously before. aero

    Except, at the tail end of the sentence is an invisible link. You have to go to the actual thread and see the post to find the link right after the sentence period punctuation mark.
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  17. TorontosRoot Member

    Crafty to hide a link in a period.
  18. juliet777 Member

    first time i am going to post something, & i have never posted anything anonymously before. whatsapp aero
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  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    The link in above post is to the immediate right of the sentence.

    Click on the link if you like and click "Navigation" and then click "Contact" and send them some spam. Make up a phony name and email. Do it often as you like and give them a taste of their own medicine.
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  20. juliet777 was last seen:

    Viewing thread Welcome KiaTed, 1 minute ago
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