Week of 12/8: Clearwater Anons steal Scientology's Christmas Spirit

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by anonymous612, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    I can't. He's a bad person. :(
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  2. Anonymous Member

    But maybe if you did he would become good!
  3. Darth Xander Member

    After Six and I were rudely escorted out of the Tampa Org in what surely must be record time, we headed over to, where else, Flag. Came upon this scene outside my Dunkin Donuts on Cleveland a block over from Fort Harrison Avenue (you know, the one Six got us kicked out of back in the day).

    I felt conflicted filming this. On the one hand this dude is facilitating the madness of Miscavige, on the other...I dunno. Kind of felt rude so I kept my distance and kept it short.

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  4. amaX Member

    you have NO idea how wrong you are.
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  5. amaX Member

    you felt rude filming a scam auditing session by a cult member, but you have no problem making fun of me and the older black disabled gentleman on the scooter? brb brushing more cat hairs off of my cats to decorate your Christmas cookies.
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  6. Chipshotz Member

    Looks like Alan Harper has turned to scientology.
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  7. rickybobby Member

    Holy shit. What, these guys can't expect people to NOT stare at them, but I would be uncomfortable filming them, regardless. I bet a couple of TRs would cure me of that.
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  8. rickybobby Member

    My hero! It takes a REAL man to wear a monkey hat with that kind of swagger.
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  9. skeptic2girl Member

    It occurs to me that:

    1) They might have actually been wanting the attention -- they're pretty conspicuous after all, with the e-meters and such. Maybe they thought those little FDA-defying gizmos could be the ultimate ice breaker/conversation piece!

    2) Although I tend to be squeamish about these sort of things, I think it was fine to filming this. Bottom line, it's in public. If they had asked you to stop (I'm kind of surprised they didn't), that would have been one thing, but they didn't.

    Also, I saw the Cadet Org video:

    I think this is a really a good video to have out there (i.e. proof the Cadet Org exists/could provide leads for missing children cases), but I noticed some people in the video comments were doing that, "Oh my gosh, he's filming CHILDREN!!" [me: eye roll]

    This caused me to wonder if there was any protocol on kids* on video -- I don't want to derail, but since the subject of what-to-film and what-not-to-film has come up -- are their legal guidelines? (Obviously, there are people who would have a problem with any kid being in any video ever, and clearly it's not "anything goes," but I was wondering if there are any guidelines, legally -- especially since the Scientologists often pull the, "My Hubbard! Think of the CHILDREN!!" line.)

    *I would say "minors" -- those Cadet Org-ers look like they would no longer get to pay children's admission to a museum/movie/zoo. Not that they'd get to go. :(
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  10. whitesand Member

    It seems like it would be intimidating for the man to have 2 people questioning him with the e-meter.
  11. lostatsea Member

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  12. anonymous612 Member

    Don't do it unless you need to, or it's not worth the potential BAWWWWW.
  13. Anonymous Member

    But don't scientologists say that kids are just adults in little bodies.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Why yes they do.
  15. Anonymous Member

    What about frightening an old lady? Didn't the cult investigate a certain grandma and send her flowers anonymously.
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. amaX Member

    I know Xander was just kidding. It's really alright.
  18. Darth Xander Member

    Sigh. Lostatsea didn't have her contacts in, saw that black dude zooming by and said, "Is that AMA?" I had a good laugh at that one (like anyone would). So now I when I see him zooming around downtown I think of her asking if that's AMA. Ok? Geeze. Can't have any fun!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    My vote goes with 612 doing all of the write ups on raids in threads it's just good interesting stories. Quite intriguing that WW is short staffed and they are sharing SO to man the yborg. Yes scientology you are in what airmen call a death-spiral as your so-called religion's demise becomes more self evident daily.

    612 you have heart and a warriors spirit it's quite refreshing to see you in action as of late.
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  20. Darth Xander Member

    Wtf? You deal with the crazy $#@!&!!!!!!!
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  21. anonymous612 Member

    I hate you. We always argue over who has to do the postgame. Why would you throw me under the bus like that...? :(

    We did learn Xander sucks at postgaming, though. The one time he did it, it was like "So today we protested. That went nice." End of post.
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  22. fathertony Member

    Ill do the next one!! :)
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  23. amaX Member

    DO YOU READ BEFORE YOU TYPE? i knew you were kidding and was responding to the other person bitching about you saying that. GOD.

    I'd vote for Six to do all the postgames, too. However I don't want to die.

    And who does the shit that drives her crazy? It ain't me.
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  24. Darth Xander Member

    We doing recon tomorrow AMA?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Duck Xander, incoming!
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  26. amaX Member

    I told you not to say recon to me one more time this trip.

    All XANDER cookies going in the trash NOW.

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  27. Darth Xander Member

    Noooooooooooo! Six, help!
  28. amaX Member

    Six isn't going to help you and I'm only throwing your cookies away.
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  29. anonymous612 Member

    Okay, I will.

    AMA, don't throw out his cookies, give them to Fathertony instead.

    There, I helped.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    all that cat hair, wasted
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  31. fathertony Member

    Yes Tubby man like cookies cause you know....
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  32. amaX Member

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  33. Darth Xander Member

    5:45 p.m. tomorrow Six. Try not to be late this time. And hey, look at that! Free parking right in front of the library, which is much closer to Winter Wonderland than City Hall.
  34. anonymous612 Member

    I'm going to enjoy seeing you meet Grumpy the Library Rent-A-Cop Dwarf.
  35. Darth Xander Member

  36. anonymous612 Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    OSA, this is a red herring. Look it up. (they aren't really meeting there- they will meet in front of fiona peacheys place. BTW, her family misses her, google to find out why. And yes, googling is okay.)
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  38. amaX Member

    Xander never listens.
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  39. anonymous612 Member

    I met Fiona once. True story. She was kind of a bitch. I blame the Sea Org.
  40. Anonymous Member

    KK. I is sad ( but of course she was.) Story?

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