Week of 12/8: Clearwater Anons steal Scientology's Christmas Spirit

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by anonymous612, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. skeptic2girl Member

    I don't care if it's a derail.
    I simply need to say:
    I strongly disapprove of this club...
    I did attend one meeting, albeit under false pretenses (rickybobby was the one attendee)... it's kind of embarrassing, but here's what happened;
    rickybobby was standing on the corner, passing out leaflets. "Do you want to find out the Way to Happiness?" she asked me. "Sure!" I responded. "Who doesn't?"
    However, I soon became uneasy as she led me to the back room of a restaurant that featured bland and tasteless food -- where the uniforms of the all-male waitstaff consisted of old jeans and ratty flannel shirts over t-shirts that were, well, about 20 washings past their prime. They all wore these goofy glasses!
    Rickybobby motioned for me to sit down at a table.
    After sitting down, I looked around me: to my horror the walls were plastered with photos of someone she reverently referred to as, alternately, TDX, or AH.
    Needless to say, I had to get out of there, and FAST. It was just so creepy. :(
    I simultaneouly yanked the chair away from the table and attempted to run away... which made me fall flat on the floor.
    "Wait! Don't go!" rickybobby begged me. "Please buy a copy of 'The Fountainhead'! How about a, 'Mitt Romney is da Bomb' button?!"
    I crawled my way to the door, desperate now to leave the horrible place.
    I managed to pull myself up, but even as I slammed the door behind me, I could hear the walls echo with the obnoxious tones of a disembodied voice, bellowing, "I am the Xander..."
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  2. anonymous612 Member

    I love you so hard right now. You get it. Let's go make a cult recovery website where we spend all day every day harping on horrible things TDX made us do twenty years ago.
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  3. amaX Member

    "Hats off" for being creepy fucks trying to scare the shit out of you? No. Just no.
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  4. amaX Member

    I would like to be a founding member please. This must happen.
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  5. Dra Member

    I would like to be a founding member as well. Cult recovery and TDX support group.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, What is TDX?
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

  9. skeptic2girl Member

    Anyway, is WW a weeklong thing, or was it just this past weekend?

    EDIT: Obviously it was this past weekend only, or I am sure you 3, Charlie, tigeratbay, Tom Smith and (insert names of protestors I have forgotten!) would have set up a tent city outside of it. ;)
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  10. anonymous612 Member

    Nov 30 through Dec 23, Thursday through Saturday each week, 6pm to 9pm.

    We did notice that that is VERY scaled back in terms of both hours open and days open from what it was last year. They used to open at 4pm and were open daily. Even their handout (which I'm reading these times/dates off of at the moment) says "Please note, we are not open Monday-Wednesday this year."

    Our theory is they didn't have enough people to staff it. They're having constant problems around here finding enough people to staff things lately.

    Sidenote: said handouts were printed by Scientology-owned Postcardmania and are listed as being copyrighted to the Flag Service Org. What was that you were saying about not being a Scientology event, WW?
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  11. rickybobby Member

    I just had TDX tattooed on my butt.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    pix or...
  13. Anonymous Member

    I lol'ed
  14. Anonymous Member

    Why don't you get "get a life" tattooed on your other butt cheek.
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  15. rickybobby Member

    Um, because I don't have a life outside WWP, obviously.
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  16. rickybobby Member

    And maybe I don't have another butt cheek. And thanks for making fun of me.
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  17. skeptic2girl Member

    Oh man. I NEED to come to CW WW next year. Why on earth didn't I go to the LA one?
    EDIT: Because you all make CW - you and my celebrity SO crush Ryan Gosling - look so darn sexy, it puts LA out of my mind completely.

    (Btw, Six, just say the word and I'll back off Ryan. First dibs and all that.)
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  18. skeptic2girl Member

    I can say this for Xander -- he would never write that ^. He says jackass things, but he's never intentionally mean.
    He really is a decent guy.

    I didn't mean to start a thing!
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  19. anonymous612 Member

    Oh you can have him. I just appreciate having something nice to look at at protests. Because it's him or Rexie, and...yeah, that's not going to happen...

    You should see his hair now. He styles it these days. Very Gosling.

    Also, re: bolded quote, DO IT.
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  20. Dra Member

    Hey! Can I have the cute, flirty bus driver? :rolleyes:
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  21. amaX Member

    Yes. But do NOT get on a Flag bus. We'd never see you again!
  22. Dra Member

    Oh no, I'd never get on the bus... Never know what circle of Dante's hell you would end up in.

    Plus, the people on public transport scare me a hell of a lot less than the ronbots that you see getting off those buses. I've seen weird... They take it to the next level.
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  23. fathertony Member

    Its been a long time comming I will be gald to be With AMA and 6 again. We are gonna ROCK the house! TDX it will be nice to meet you! Cant wait!
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  24. anonymous612 Member

    So we're in IHOP and Xander just announced he would totally go into the girl's bathroom. Creep.
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  25. anonymous612 Member

    Xander made us take him to buy panties because the Narconon was so scary. But they didn't have his favorite type of underwear (midrise briefs).

    Which reminds me, we went to the place from the Narconon Spring Hill thread. Holy shit. Just...holy shit. Real life Deliverance movie.

    They had an attack turtle. ATTACK. TURTLE.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Are you sure the girls panties didn't have something to do with him wanting to go to the little girls room? Did he want someone to go with him?
  27. anonymous612 Member

    Since this whole terrible trip was Xander's idea, he has to sit in the back of the car in his monkey hat and think about what he's done.

    Also Xander says to ask if that shade of blue is his color. Say no, it'll mess with his mind.

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  28. Random guy Member

    You mean like "Ia! Ia! Xander fhtagn! Xander R'lyeh fhtagn!"?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    He's sexy and he knows it.
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  30. anonymous612 Member

    Length of tv sitcom: 30 minutes.
    Flight time from Chicago to Tampa: 2 hours 15 minutes.
    Length of Clearwater Chanology protest: 3 hours.

    Time it takes Tampa Ideal Org security to kick Six and Xander off their tour: < 1 minute.
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  31. amaX Member


    I take great umbrage to Six saying Spring Hill Narconon was a real life Deliverance movie even after I told her that a real life Deliverance movie was being out on the Ohio River in a boat between Illinois and Kentucky. We pull over to the Kentucky side of the River which is all trees and scrub down by the water and just acres and acres of farmland as far as you can see. Or so we thought. We pull the boat up. We get out. About ten men walk out of the scrub brush with no shirts on and just stare at us. Thankfully, they just let us slowly back up and get back into the boat. THAT'S a Deliverance Experience.

    Would someone please take Xander off of our hands? I know there have to be cells out there that can take over for a while. Just for a month? PLEASE?

    Spring Hill Narconon is a pit located in a not-so-nice place. There's no security to speak of. A fence that even I could scale, a log chain over one entrance which could only be a hindrance if you tripped over it and busted your head open, and a fancy decorative gate hanging wide open at the other entrance.

    Xander must be naive about drug addicts because he kept asking, "Who out here would complain about them expanding?"
    I finally said, "Anyone would complain if someone jacked up on bath salts crawled up into bed with them and started trying to eat their face. There's no security so they can get out and get what they want and go where they want."

    Xander doesn't like Christmas music! Six is a Jew and even she likes Christmas music. Xander kept whining for us to turn the radio down after we got bored sitting in silence while he texted and napped in the backseat. He also whined about being cold---It's 80 fucking degrees today and mostly sunny: I'm keeping the AC on you big baby! He complained that WE weren't eating fast enough even though it was HIS idea to eat before we went Narc Spring Hill, but then WE had to sit in a JCPenney's parking lot after I had to go across three lanes of traffic to get to the turn lane to enter the mall so HE could get panties! I can just imagine how much bitching he'd do if I asked him to pull over to a Wahlgreen's so I could get some corn pads and a Fleet's enema!

    On a more positive note, I do finally have him trained to "stay" when we're in a store. He started beating Six on the head with a roll of Christmas wrapping paper while she was trying to pick something out for the protest on Friday. I made him "stay" while we checked out. We can't take him anywhere.

    tl;dr: I'm going to knock Xander into next Christmas if he says, "Recon?" to me one more time this trip. Also, Six and I deserve Anonymous Badges of Honor for all of the Xander shit we endure.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    panties? wut?!
  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. anon walker Moderator

    According to Tory, the WW isn't even up on Hollywood Blvd. this year. Hm.
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  35. Quentinanon Member

    Hey amaX! You got perty lips!

  36. amaX Member

    More like:

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  37. amaX Member

    Where did you get a picture of my cousin/uncle/brother-in-law Joe Bob Ray?
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  38. anonymous612 Member

    For those who missed the thread before, this is where we went today.

    And then Xander and I got kicked out of the Yborg. And then we totally caught an outdoors auditing session. And then I got to see the scilon wood mill for the first time. And then Xander &quot;jumped the shark.&quot; YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID. :|

    Yborg episode was totally worth it. As we were kicked out I stopped at the outdoors &quot;take one or more&quot; free shit table and took like half the table directly in front of the FlagSec officer. Two of them were new dvds for my collection.

    Also, we saw Ryan. Yeah.

    OH ALSO. We saw Flagsec &quot;Sunglasses&quot; without his sunglasses. DUDE HAS ACTUAL EYES HOLY CRAP.

    Also Lostatsea's favorite officer Blondie had a fail. I pointed out we could see in the windows of one of the Scientology buildings and read off the titles of some of the filing cabinet drawers inside. So he went inside and closed the blinds. Except I could still see in, so I read off some more titles. He went back inside, tried to close the blinds again, and came back out. So I read off MORE titles through the gap between the edge of the blinds and the windowframe. So he went inside and screwed around with the blinds so badly trying to tape them against the window or whatever that he broke some of the horizontal blades. Destroying Church property is a flunk, Blondie.

    Re: Xander getting violent with wrapping paper in the dollar store, I resorted to proper warrior technique. I challenged him to a wrapping-paper-tube swordfight, waited for AMA to make him put his roll away, and stabbed him in the gut. VICTORY GOES TO THE JEW.
    oh my god ama it's perfect
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  39. Darth Xander Member

    I can't believe how fast we got kicked out of the Tampa Ideal. That makes our stay at Winter Wonderland seem like an eternity. I toured Tampa like a year ago no problem (nice building!). When did things get so serious?
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  40. bAnon Member

    HOLY HELL!!! will u please F*ck xander so we don't have to keep this charade going?


    please, just f*ck xander

    also, love ur irl raids....jus sayin
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