Week of 12/8: Clearwater Anons steal Scientology's Christmas Spirit

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by anonymous612, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    Heads up: this will be the postgame thread for all the Clearwater protests from now until next Saturday. Stay tuned!

    Saturday, December 8th

    Scientology has this thing in Clearwater. They call it the Winter Wonderland. Every year, on cult property, they hold their own little "festival" with pony rides and petting zoos and volunteer ministers. And a hot chocolate house.

    See, we know there's a hot chocolate house this year because we saw it.


    Oh yes. Because we're totally badass ninjas, we stealthed our way inside Scientology's vaunted Wonderland, gathering all sorts of free shit and taking advantage of wonderful photo ops. It wasn't until we were most of the way through the festival property that we had the misfortune of running into a Flag Security Officer.

    So Darth Xander and I can now proudly claim to have been thrown off Scientology property by a pair of security guards. It was *AWESOME*.


    ^I like how they had to reuse the same sign from six years ago. Lern2whiteout, people.


    Of course, we planned for this possibility, and returned five minutes later with signs and Guy Fawkes masks in hand, to raid the shit out of that place. But because he's a total fucking asshole, Xander bailed five minutes into the protest. YOU HEAR ME, XANDER? YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE. YOU DITCHED RAIDING IN FAVOR OF PUTTING FOOD IN YOUR FACE. YOU ARE A BAD ANON. NEVER FORGET THAT.

    Anyway. I was having none of that shit. So instead of pussying out and getting a coffee like SOMEONE wanted me to, I soloraided the remaining two hours until the event closed. And it was *awesome*. YOU HEAR ME, XANDER? IT WAS AWESOME.

    Some highlights:
    + I had four, count 'em, FOUR families that started to enter the gates, saw me, saw that I said it was a Scientology event, and turned around and left.
    + Two ADDITIONAL families went "Oh shit, this is a Scientology thing?" went inside to see the L Ron Hubbard sign I pointed out as proof, and then immediately turned around and left.
    + Of the remaining guests that were not openly and blatantly Scientologists, I'd say a solid 70% of them came out of the event afterwards and either gave me a thumbs up or outright told me they agreed with me.
    + Of that 70%, probably 40% of them said something along the lines of "Oh I saw you outside on my way in and assumed you were just some crazy person, but as soon as I got inside they started trying to sell me Scientology books and I went 'OMG THAT GIRL WAS RIGHT'."
    + A few favorite guests include the guy that insisted I highfive him and the family that said they should join me in protesting because it was so totally creepy and cult-like inside.

    Also, I got heckled by a pair of ten year olds. No, seriously. I had them pegged as scilons the second I saw them (what normal kid attends a christmas fair in a suit?), because they spent twenty minutes standing across the driveway from me whispering frantically to each other. Then they walk over to me and go "You're protesting Scientology, right? What's with the mask?" to which I give the standard Fair Game minispeech. They go back to their corner and whisper frantically some more. Then they come back over, all attempted thuggish, pull doublecross necklaces out of their shirt collars with a "sup bitch, we scientologists" or some shit like that...and then keep walking until they're waaaay far away from me. Like a block away. Because true gangstas are afraid of short chicks. They then cross the road, and from the other side of the street shout "yo, we scientologists, peace!" or some shit like that until they get bored and go home and do whatever it is obnoxious little ten year old shitheads do.

    Lol, come back when you're old enough to pay for your own courses, punks.

    I got one "OMG YOU'RE A BIGOT," one "WON'T YOU THINK OF THE CHILDREN," and one "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE PROTESTING A FAMILY EVENT," all from people who were openly scientologists. I was actually expecting more WONT YOU THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Clearwater, I am pleasantly surprised.

    Police showed up for like twenty minutes, came over, asked me if I knew what I was and was not legally allowed to do, and when I said of course, they promptly left. Sarah Heller, High Queen of Secretaries and Menial Laborers put in an appearance, as did Peter Mansell, OSAfag and Sheeplover Extraordinaire. Neither had the balls to attempt any confront and shatter, and both ran away pretty immediately after the police left. FlagSec Blondie's fangirls (all one of them) will be pleased to know he was manning the gates after the protest started.

    Also, I know horses, and their ponyride ponies were not being properly cared for. You can't have a horse wear a saddle without proper padding underneath the tack, fucktards, and you can't keep three horses in a trailer meant for one. And as Xander pointed out (repeatedly) the petting zoo was so filthy you could smell the stench of urine all the way out on the street. Next time (and there will be a next time), Animal Services gets involved.

    So, Xander finally shows up again five minutes before it closes and has the stones to bitch about how few people there are inside (seriously, fuck you Xander). And we go roaming downtown afterwards and I shout mean things at stupid scilons while Xander whines "oh, SIIIX."

    Couple of highlights include when Flagsec Ryan Gosling nearly runs into us exiting a door that they really should put windows in already or something, chatting with yet another kid at the Fort Harrison who apparently did not realize we were evil evil SPs, THE TIGHTEST FUCKING PANTS I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE OH MY GOD YOU COULD SEE THAT MAN'S JUNK, and seeing my darling Tux in his shiny new Flag Security uniform. I always knew you had a closet sociopath in you somewhere, Tux!

    The final topper on this metaphorical Christmas tree of clamhunting was counting all the discarded scientology handouts scattered blocks and blocks away from the event's location.

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  2. anonymous612 Member


    Also, Jacobsen, this is your cue to bitch about soloraiding.
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  3. Anonymous Member
  4. wolfbane Member

    ITT we have an historic moment. I laughed so hard I choked on my midnight snack. My gawd Six, I think I lurve you. You too Xander.

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  5. amaX Member

    Ladies and gentlemen, ITT you find out just how fucking fearless is Our Brave Six.
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  6. anonymous612 Member

    Don't love Xander. Xander is an asshole who bailed on a protest. LIKE AN ASSHOLE.
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  7. amaX Member

    Here I am posting the video for Xander because he had to go to bed. I wish I hadn't promised to post it now because it's called "Darth at Dark" and that's wrong on so many levels.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Love is in the air...
  9. anonymous612 Member

    Xander's taken. His heart belongs to Clearwater Scientology's legalfag, Sarah Heller.

    So, tallying up my loot. It should be mentioned that I keep a running collection of free Scientology shit that now takes up a good third or half of my desk.

    1. Looks like...five or so "Present this ticket to receive a free touch assist" coupons (I usually use those as bookmarks).
    2. Two copies of The Way To Happiness (that brings the total in my collection up to five, I think)
    3. A coupon for a free viewing of the Dianetics film at the Mission of Clearwater. Isn't that always free?
    4. A map of downtown Clearwater (lolwut)
    5. An advertisement for the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar.
    6. A personality test. Gee, it'd only be the sixth one I'd take, counting the other one in my collection and the four I've taken in person.
    7. Yet another catalog of all books, dvds, and tapes they sell. Probably going to dump that, already have another copy in my collection.
    8. ANOTHER map of downtown Clearwater. ????
    9. ANOTHER personality test. Goddamnit, I wound up with Xander's loot too, didn't I?
    10. ANOTHER film coupon. I'm keeping that shit, he doesn't get to have one.
    11. A DVD copy of the book Scientology: The Fundamentals of, cancel that, it's a goddamn Blu-Ray disc. Oh aren't we FANCY today, Scientology?
    12. A DVD copy of The Scientology Handbook: Tools for Life. Joke's on you, Scientology, I'm pretty sure I own the hardcopy.
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  10. grebe Member

    It's like, "Deck the balls with balls of balls!"

    Dang, that is some confront there.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Nicely done.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    You have to respect 612 what more can anyone say
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  13. anon walker Moderator

    I can say she writes a hell of an entertaining raid report!
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  14. Anonymous Member

    It is a very good play by play I agree with color commentary maybe 612 is a writer I found her post very informative.
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  15. anonamus Member

    Totally friggin' AWESOME!! Thx. a LOT for this great follow up!

    "Lisa McPherson would have celebrated christmas this month, except you killed her!" <-- Excellent!
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  16. BLiP Member

    Thanks for this, Six. Nice work.
  17. on the video starting 5: 27 to 5:30 the lady and the bald old man are french scilons members usually hanging around the paris celebrity center ...
  18. Anonymous Member

    French scientologists at 5:24, Female 58yrs 5'-4" Short black hair, black w/trim coat Red blouse, Male 60yrs 5'7" top of head bald remaining brown hair, brown jacket, blue shirt, gold rimmed glasses.

    We can do a screen capture if we can get a French anon to ID?
  19. lostatsea Member

    Omg, love love love this photo. :)

    Hey, that's me! (Blow the Sea Org, Blondie Bear! ) Wish I could have joined you guys this time.

    Seriously the best post-game ever written, six. Nice job raiding, too.
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  20. fathertony Member

    oh siiiiixxx Looking forward to seeing you!!
  21. pooks Member

    Notice how the black chick ( at the end of the video) keeps her face from the camera. OSA Invest staff are trained/drilled on keeping their face off all cameras. The OSA Invest staff that are involved in covert ops are especially careful to not be photo'd/video'd. I know this because I used to work for OSA Invest.

    Anyone recognize the black chick? There's not that many of them in Scn.

    Oh and btw, Awesome raid. Thanks for the report and the laughs.
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  22. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I go to bed laughtering now, thanks for the awesome report 6!
  23. rickybobby Member

    Six, awesome post game writeup.

    Maybe next time you could protest on behalf of PETA and animal welfare. "Scientology abuses animals." That would throw them for a loop. Any PETAfags out there? We had PETA protests here when the circus came to town, seems like these guys are worthy.
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  24. Random guy Member

    Nice reporting, and thanks for keeping the clams on their toes!
  25. whitesand Member

    I liked how since they harrassed you at the Winter Wonderland, you went up the street to the front of the Ft. Harrison hotel and caused 10 times the brouhaha there would have been if they just let you be at WW, LOL :D.
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  26. wolfbane Member

    Here's hoping "next time" is this year... the winter wonderland gig lasts more than one weekend right? Report that shit - don't wait!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I actually know someone who spent several weeks in jail in Pinellas County for neglecting their horses.
  28. grebe Member

    Answer: Three Anons with three cameras spaced apart.
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  29. anonymous612 Member

    We do that a lot. I don't know about Xander but I'm a sucker for revenge-protests. "Oh, you want to force me to end my protest early? Okay, I'll clear my schedule for the next week."

    Thanks for the tip! Hope the Frenchanons find some use from the sighting.

    Yeah, when I said he had only one fangirl, I totally meant it.
    Same woman from our ID thread:
    (still looking for IDs on people, by the way! )
    You mean PETA, the organization responsible for killing more animals than it saves? As in, over 80% of all their animals?

    Thank you, no. If I choose to work for animal welfare -- and I have in the past and will again in the future -- I'll do it with an organization not guilty of the same animal cruelty charges they accuse others of.

    And that's all I'm going to say on that subject to avoid further derails.

    You, sir, are a flatterer; I haven't listed writer as my primary career path in years. <3
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Agreed about PETA. Also, lol:
  31. snippy Member

    Interesting they played that song so much. It's one thing for Christians to sing it, but from the mouths of Scientologists these words are, well, ...

    Lyrics from:

    Which other songs did the slimy weasels select.
  32. anonymous612 Member

    I'm not a Christfag, so I don't actually know a lot of the names, but there was that one about &quot;last christmas I gave you my heart and you gave it away&quot; etc etc, and that one that's all something something something pah-rump-pumm-pumm-pumm. And just some crazy fucked up version of jingle bells where they forgot how to end it and just kept repeating the same two verses over and over again until I guess a time paradox ate them or something. It was pretty much like they only had five songs on a disc and that was it.

    Sunday, December 9th

    So in Phase 2 of our walking in a Winter Wonderland (c wut i did thar?), we went back to WW.






    A couple of highlights:

    French anons: the french couple you identified from yesterday was back, this time attending Winter Wonderland. Just so you know.

    Sarah Heller was there again. And yes, she was trying to use her feminine wiles on the police again. Have you ever seen a cat try to get someone to scratch its ass, by rubbing itself all over their legs like some kind of weird feline catwhore? Okay, picture that, now with blonde hair. Seriously, Sarah, I don't care how much you 'd go to the beach instead of protesting because you're a girl and there are cute guys at the beach (and yes I am quoting her). Stop putting the women's rights movement back ten years each time you show up. I have seen you intentionally change into a deepcut shirt before talking to police officers. Get some fucking dignity and self-respect, you're embarrassing yourself and shaming your gender and OH MY GOD THAT CERTAIN ANON PROTESTER ISN'T GOING TO SLEEP WITH YOU WILL YOU TWO JUST GET OVER EACH OTHER ALREADY KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE THAT.

    The aforementioned cat:


    The requisite Volunteer Ministers tent was being manned by two scilons we know very well. One was Judy Fagerman, head of the VMs for the Tampa Bay area, and the other was the idiot old guy who accidentally audited me when we attended the Clearwater 4th of July fireworks (not as a raid, just attending), saw the VM tent, and couldn't help ourselves. That guy hates me with a passion after I ended the audit session with &quot;Well...that's going to be a problem...what with my organizing Anonymous protests against the cult, after all.&quot;

    Judy Fagerman:


    So the good thing about being able to protest multiple days in a row is you can learn from the first raid and adjust as you go. For instance, we had new signs today. Since yesterday, so many people saw my sign (a good old &quot;Religion is Free, Scientology is Neither&quot; sign that I swear is older than amaX) and went &quot;whaaat does that have to do with this event...?&quot; today we switched to...





    And that's not even all. At the protest...well, ONE of us had a genius moment (okay I confess, it was totally me). So, we always see scilon shit scattered all over the city after these events, right? Check our flashraid threads, we always mention it. And who likes free scientology shit? THIS ANON.

    So our final sign was paired with a bag (next time it will be a garbage bin with a trashbag in it), and read...


    And oh my god was it used, most of the time to hysterical laughter from the guests disposing of their pamphlets. Right now in my lap I have multiple languages of WW ads, a forest full of Way To Happiness(es? Happinesses? Happinii?) a fucking instruction manual for performing touch assists (no, really) and...what the fuck is this?



    (if you can't read it, let me make it extra clear: it says &quot;Judy cell: 727-410-6921, And do note that is NOT her &quot;professional&quot; email through the VMs. Which I know. Because I got THAT pamphlet too. She even CIRCLED her contact info on that one. It's )
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  33. Anonymous Member

    dang, don't need to be a christfag to know this song
  34. anonymous612 Member

    Forgive the doublepost but that was running a little long.
    Some of my favorite quotes from the day...

    (from someone exiting the event) &quot;OH MY GOD YOU WERE RIGHT. They totally WERE [scientology]!! They didn't say THAT on the internet ad. But that'll be a great Christmas story one day. The time we accidentally attended a Scientology Christmas event...&quot;

    &quot;YOU ARE THE DEMONS!!!!!!!&quot; &lt;--- Yeah I'll let AMA explain that one, I *KNOW* she wants to.

    At one point towards the end when everyone's exiting and I have my awesome give-me-your-scilon-shit sign, Blondie the FlagSec tries to block their view of my sign. So I call Xander over so he has to choose which of us to block, and his brain freezes up and he just walks away. So the cop comes over to me and goes &quot;you know, now he's going to have to go inside and find like the fattest security guard they have to try that with...&quot; Nice try, officer, the fattest security guard they have is Mary and he's totally not fat enough to block both of us. Close, but not quite.

    AND OH MY GOD I FORGOT THE FOG. HOLY SHIT HOW DID I FORGET. So.. there was a fog warning in the area today. But this was no fog. This was SCIENTOLOGYGAS. A black cloud of death and decay over the city. I swear to Baby Jesus, when I was driving into downtown today, it was a beautiful clear sky...and then I turned towards Clearwater and there was just this BLACK CLOUD hanging over the city. I actually called AMA from the road and asked her if there was a fire in downtown. And her response was approximately &quot;I just had ____ check the news to see if there was a fire because I totally thought the same thing.&quot;

    And it got thicker and thicker the closer you got to Scientology property. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

    THIS PHOTO. This photo was taken IN THE DAYTIME. You see that red light? That's the top of Scientology's Oak Cove. You should be able to see that. BUT YOU CAN'T. Because of all the body thetans in the way.


    Yeah. It was pretty freaky.

    In conclusion, I leave you with Darth Xander rocking the Sock Monkey hat amaX gifted to us.
    This pretty much summarizes the raid.



    Alright, form a line in an orderly fashion. Which of you fags wants a touch assist? Because I'm totally qualified now. Promise.

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  35. Anonymous Member

    OK, hearing you LOUD and CLEAR Six, but you sure are unloading a lot of whoopass at The Xander. Not sure why he's not speaking up but I'll back him up and say give the dude a break - he's like the Where in the World is Waldo of Chanology protesting.

    And as for Sarah - oh momma, I'd hit it too in a second. Do I detect some jellysy, hmmm?

    So anyway, come on Xander, why so absent from any posts ITT?

  36. amaX Member

    amaX 12/09/12 Raid Report:

    &quot;For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord.&quot; ~Luke 2:11 = I said this in a forceful tone throughout the evening because scientology is a cult that doesn't believe in God or Jesus and yet they milk Christianity for all it's worth. Have some King James Bible, Flag.

    Non-sci Lady with another Lady and Two Kids as they are leaving says with complete surprise: &quot;We actually had fun.&quot; &lt;pause&gt; &quot;Don 't let them hurt you.&quot; We'll try, Lady.


    What child is this who laid to rest,
    On Mary's lap is sleeping?
    Whom angels greet with anthems sweet,
    While shepherds watch care o'er him?
    Whom shepherds watch and angels sing!
    Haste, haste to bring him laud, The Babe, The Son of Mary...

    ^I brought Baby Jesus up a lot tonight. It was Sunday evening so we had some Away in the Manger, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, etc. all night long.

    Screaming Blonde Banshee woman while punching Six's sign with her index finger because I'm trying to tell The Story of the Cult in Clearwater to a new citizen of CW who originally hails from Arkansas SAYS:
    &quot;YOU'RE THE CULT! YOU'RE THE CULT! THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE! THEY'RE GOOD PEOPLE! YOU ALL WEARING THESE MASKS AND SCARING THESE CHILDREN!&quot; The woman starts to walk off and then turns around to scream at me: &quot;YOU'RE A DEMON!&quot; Then to all of us: &quot;YOU'RE ALL DEMONS!&quot;
    The people from Arkansas hightail it outta there because they had kids. At least I had a chance to give the two kids a candy cane and wish them a Merry Christmas. I guess the kids and their mom's didn't mind taking candy from a demon.
    The cult-hired CPD officer came up to Six later and said he would have arrested the blonde woman if she'd punched one of us.

    &quot;HO!HO!HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!&quot;
    I heartily called out in my best Santa Claus impression many times through the evening. Demons are allowed to do that during the Holiday Season.

    Six to me: &quot;ARE YOU A WITCH?&quot; &lt;I'll let Six explain that one because I know she just forgot to mention it. So much lulz this evening.

    Xander---WHAT THE FUCK? He shows up LATE, LATE, LATE. We finally start raiding and his first hour is spent on the godamned phone. He was forced to wear the monkey hat all evening as punishment. Monkey hat was freaking hot: felt lining lol. I hope he posts the video where he asks me to say something nice about him because he's upsetting femanons everywhere he goes and I said something like, &quot;You're not completely useless.&quot; It was the best I could do.

    Sweet Baby Jesus! What we have to deal with when it comes to Xander! So, he says he's going home after the raid. Six taunts him that she and I are going somewhere. He wants to know where and she won't tell. He finally can't take it anymore and says he'll go just so he can find out where we're going.

    So, we pile into his car. FUCKING MISTAKE. We tell him we're going to iHOP for pancake breakfast.

    Six and I are not tourists. We know where the non-tourist iHOP is located. Xander doesn't. He takes off across the new Memorial Causeway toward Clearwater Beach. Six and I both start SCREECHING much like the freeway scene from the old movie Clueless. He's taking us to the damned beach iHOP.

    He drives like a damned maniac and I end up lying across the backseat with my head bashed against the door on the other side of where I was sitting. Six ends up half out of her seat belt in the passenger seat up front.

    We go inside and ask the waitress to seat Xander at his own table and give us another table. She does not.
    Xander goes to the bathroom. We move his menu to another table and Six pockets his keys.

    He sits down next to Six. She body checks him almost out into the floor. She finally ends up making him get up so she can sit with me across the table from him.

    We order our food. He has not noticed the missing keys.

    Six writes a &quot;Help us we're being held prisoner by this guy&quot; note on a napkin in green crayon. We all laugh about it. (btw Xander walked out before us and Six put that note back on the table...)

    Our food arrives JUST as Xander realizes he does not have his keys. Heh.

    We &quot;help&quot; him look under the table, etc.

    I suggest he go look in the bathroom. He goes to check in the bathroom. Not there. (No shit...)

    Six suggest he go look outside. *It's important to write this little side note here: It's at this point that Xander realizes why you don't go to ANY restaurant on the beach for a late night breakfast---everything closes early so all the tourists can be in their hotel rooms getting stinking drunk. The restaurant closes at 10PM and it's already after 10PM when Xander goes outside to check for his keys and we're LOCKED IN THE DAMNED iHOP.

    But it is funny that he goes outside to look.

    I tell Six, &quot;Hurry and put them in the bathroom while he's outside!&quot;

    She runs to the men's bathroom and puts them right on the counter.

    Xander comes in. He's upset.

    We both start suggesting he go check the bathroom again.

    He checks and finds them on the counter.

    He tells us he didn't look on the counter when he went in there to look the first time. (Does this mean he didn't bother to look on the counter because he didn't use the sink after he used the terlit? I'll let y'all decide that...)

    He STILL doesn't know we did this.

    In the meantime...

    I give Xander my bacon off my plate because he's tried to steal Six's bacon and failed.

    Six snatches the bacon from his plate.

    Xander tries really hard to steal back the bacon and even gets it in his hands, but Six manages to wrest it from his hands. He repeatedly fails to get the bacon until much later when we finally take pity on him and walk him through the story of &quot;How We Took Your Keys and You Never Suspected A Thing&quot;.

    Six is laughing so hard that Xander steals the bacon and shoves it into his mouth before she can take it back.

    I can't take them anywhere. &lt;sigh&gt;

    I kid you not----the fog was rolling off from the WW in huge billowing cloudy balls making the fog thicker and denser as the evening wore on. There is enough of a pall over any cult event without there being an ever thickening shroud of darkness and despair sent from the pits of Hell by Satan.

    Sarah dressed for a funeral so maybe that's what brought on the gloomy death fog.

    Fashion protip for Antonio: only use about a third as much hair grease as you used tonight.

    Blondie did not do his job tonight. He was forever losing all of us. Then he failed to block Anons. It was not his night.

    But it WAS our night. And Baby Jesus' night.

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  37. anonymous612 Member

    Quick question. Have you protested with Xander before?

    Let me summarize.

    "Can we go home yet, I'm tiiiiired. OMG SARAH LOOKS SO HOT TODAY. OH MAN. *GROOOOOAN* Do you think she'd let me buy her hot chocolate? Do you think she'd give me a tour of the hotel? Do you think she'd go on a coffee date with me? OH MAN LOOK AT HER IN THOSE GLASSES. Is it time to go yeeeet? I'm TIIIIIRED. Can we leave now? Are we ready to go? OH MAN SARAH LOOKS SO GOOD. Has she lost weight? Oh man I love her hair like that. COME ON SIX LET'S GO HOME ALREADYYYYYY."

    Okay, now picture that except like an hour and a half after he said he'd arrive.

    AMA can vouch for the fact that if anything I'm understating his commentary, not overstating.
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  38. amaX Member

    This is true. It's nonstop. He'll also whine about wanting to go home and then we'll start to leave and he'll say, "Let's go to Sea Org Alley." or something to that effect.

    Everybody watch this: Xander? You must fess up to this or I will tell the story of Tallahassee...
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  39. anonymous612 Member

    Oh lol. So. We had two pieces of blank posterboard. And four signs to make. So that worked out nicely. Except then we wanted to do that "dispose of unwanted scientology crap" etc sign. And that screwed things up because 2 signs x 2 sides =/= 4 ideas + 1 new idea, which simplifies down to 4 =/= 5 so clearly math just hated us today. So AMA sacrifices one of the sides of the sign by...I have no idea. All I saw was WHOOSH and the entire top layer of the already-sharpied sign was just gone and we had a fresh side to work with. And my response was roughly "howdidyoudothat. Was that magic? that was like magic...WITCH! YOU'RE A WIIIIITCH!"

    I stand by the fact that this explains a lot about amaX.

    My answer was "Sometimes you're not here." sucks2bXander.


    Wait we were joking? Since when?

    Ahhh, shit AMA, he TOUCHED MY FOOD. HE TOUCHED MY BACON. eeeeeeewwwwwwww.

    oh god excuse me I have to go be sick.

    Every time Xander kept wandering off I went over and asked Blondie if he knew where Xander was, but Blondie was busy looking for him too. :/
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