Wealthy volunteer cop mistakes gun for taser

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Disambiguation, Apr 14, 2015.

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    "he shot me in the head", you can't fucking say that while a lead ball going at 50k miles or more an hour just fucking went through your skull. HOW? i mean he could've shot him in the jaw or cheek area but wouldn't that cause immense pain and speech problem making the victim gargle? I don't understand how a corpse can say he shot me in the head and then die.. the fuck.
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    also near the end of the article the victims brother, states he was always caring and nonviolent something like that... why would he be a target for a sting operation and run from the police halfway down a road before being caught?
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    People playing the innocent card always.. just this should not have happend, but if he was targeted for a illegal weapons posesion he probably wasn't a very good person to be suspected of that crime.
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    i saw the video and he wasn't shot in the head sorry for this post.
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    You can delete posts you changed you mind about
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    Did the 73-year-old shooter shout "Get off my lawn" first?
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  9. He said "I'm sorry" is it normal to taser someone in the head?
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    I think he was hit around the artery around your upper arm, judging from the blood on his clothing.
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    Report: Tulsa sheriff's employees were told to forge Bates' training records | CNN

    Some supervisors at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office were told to forge Robert Bates' training records, and three who refused were reassigned to less desirable duties, the Tulsa World reported. Bates' training has come under scrutiny since the 73-year-old volunteer deputy killed Eric Harris on April 2. Bates claims he meant to use his Taser, but accidentally fired his handgun instead.

    Dylan Goforth, one of the two Tulsa World reporters on the story, said the paper starting hearing "almost immediately" from different sources that Bates' training records had been falsified. The newspaper said the Sheriff's Office provided a list of the courses Bates received credit for, but did not give details such as the names of the supervisors who signed off on the training.

    Ziva Branstetter, the other Tulsa World reporter, said she has been asking for the names of the supervisors involved. "You would think the sheriff's office, if in fact there has been no pressure applied, no falsification of records, that they would be forthcoming with these documents," she told CNN's New Day. "We've asked for them. They've said they don't believe they're public records."

    The Tulsa World story does not say who allegedly asked the supervisors to falsify the training records, or why. But the orders apparently started years ago, before Harris' death, "back when (Bates) was trying to get on as a deputy," Branstetter said.

    The sheriff's office strongly denied the allegations in the Tulsa World's report. It also declined a CNN interview to respond to the claims.

    Continued with a video clip here:
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    Cancer scare means he was worried about cancer but didn't have it.
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    For some, hunting is not enough.
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  21. That's Bad News Bates.
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    Corrupt Tulsa Sheriff, Stanley Glanz indicted; resigns immediately to avoid termination

    Moments ago, on Wednesday afternoon, Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz resigned after a grand jury indicted him on multiple charges.

    BREAKING: @TCSO Sheriff Stanley Glanz indicted for willful violation of the law & violating law for not releasing internal report. @NewsOn6
    — Allison Harris (@allisonlharris) September 30, 2015

    BREAKING: Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz says he will resign. @NewsOn6
    — Allison Harris (@allisonlharris) September 30, 2015

    It was Sheriff Stanley Glanz who appointed his booster and friend, senior citizen Bob Bates, as a Deputy Sheriff. Bob Bates then shot and killed an unarmed father, Eric Harris, during a rather routine arrest.

    On its face, the police murder of Eric Harris, a 44-year-old father in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was wrong. Surrounded by police, Harris had surrendered and was on the ground when Bob Bates, a deputy, claims to have accidentally shot him with a handgun instead of his Taser. For what was being called a mistake, Bates was charged with second degree manslaughter.

    All by itself, with no more details, that story was bad, but when the video was released showing Harris nervously gasping for air, screaming that he couldn't breathe, and asking why he was shot—only to have another officer, Joe Byars, tell him, "fuck your breath"—it became increasingly clear that what we had was not only a mistake, but something deeply inhumane and troubling on a scale that the country wasn't quite prepared for.

    But, it turns out, the true story is more scandalous than any of us could've ever imagined.

    Continued here:
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    Ex-Oklahoma deputy Robert Bates guilty of killing unarmed suspect | CNN

    A jury found a sheriff's deputy guilty of second-degree manslaughter Wednesday in the fatal shooting of an unarmed suspect.


    The jury deliberated less than three hours and recommended Bates serve four years in prison, the maximum possible sentence. Preliminary sentencing is set for May 31.
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    This was a "police shooting", they let this insurance executive carry a gun and act like a cop. It was proven he didn't have sufficient training but was a large donor to the Department. During the investigation the sheriff hid the memo about his lack of training.
    "The case ended the career of Sheriff Stanley Glanz, who resigned last September following a grand jury probe.

    "A fishing buddy of Glanz and his former campaign chairman, Bates was accused of being a “pay to play” cop over his donations to the sheriff’s department.
    The Daily Beast previously revealed how Bates acted as Glanz’s sugar daddy, treating the lawman to exotic cruises while also providing thousands of dollars in vehicles and equipment to the force. “Bob and I both love to fish,” Glanz told the Tulsa World last year. “Is it wrong to have a friend?”
    Sheriff’s Office higher-ups later testified to a grand jury that Bates’s training records were falsified and that a 2009 internal investigation into Bates’s special treatment went straight to the sheriff’s “dead file.”"
    This is what was going on in the sheriffs department
    The last thing the victim said was " Help me I can't breathe " a deputy said "fuck your breath"
    Other problems with the department include-
    I can't find an investigation of the sheriffs office.
    The jury was all white. There was a complaint about that but the jury came through.
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    Corey Jones ‏@JonesingToWrite 23 minutes ago
    #RobertBates wife to media: To put (Bates) in prison for four yrs (he) will die. I want all of you to know that you're part of the responsibility.

    Maureen Wurtz ‏@MaureenWurtzTV 12 minutes ago
    State says it's unlikely Bates will serve full four years - it's up to the DOC to decide that.

    Maureen Wurtz ‏@MaureenWurtzTV 12 minutes ago
    Harris family happy with sentencing, saying they've forgiven Bates.

    Maureen Wurtz ‏@MaureenWurtzTV 12 minutes ago
    Bates' attorney plans to appeal sentencing.

    Maureen Wurtz ‏@MaureenWurtzTV 12 minutes ago
    Bates' attorney told us he still concerned with his health care in prison.
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    Oklahoma Reserve Deputy Sentenced to Four Years in "Fuck Your Breath" Slaying

    By Carlos Miller, PINAC News


    When it came down to it, the pay-for-play cop wannabe was treated nothing like a cop when it came to sentencing.

    Instead of the usual probation or slap-on-the-wrist sentencing, Oklahoma reserve deputy Robert Bates was sentenced to four years in prison for shooting a man in the back while trying to taser him – the maximum allowed by law for the charge of second-degree manslaughter, according to News 9.

    His mistake: admitting he had made a mistake in the seconds after he shot Eric Harris in the back on April 2, 2015.

    “I shot him, I’m sorry,” Bates was recorded saying as he dropped his gun, a man whose training documents were falsified by Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz, which led to the sheriff’s resignation.

    Meanwhile, Tulsa County sheriff’s deputy Joseph Byars offered no apologies in the seconds after Bates fired his gun, killing the unarmed man who had been caught up in a sting operation for illegal gun sales.

    “He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath,” Harris said.

    “Fuck your breath,” Byars said. “Shut the fuck up!”

    Byars, obviously, was the properly trained cop in this case. A man who would not only would never had apologized for shooting a man in the back, a man who would have blamed the victim for causing him to fear for his life.

    We know that because we see it almost daily from cops whose training documents were not falsified. They know how to kill and get away with it.

    But Bates was nothing more than an insurance salesman. A rich insurance salesman who lavished the sheriff with donations and gifts and vacations.

    A Sheriff Sugar Daddy who was unable to buy himself a ticket to freedom even as his attorneys argued that it was “an excusable homicide.”

    That, we all know, requires a real badge.

    Here's the complete article:
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