We need a new and indepenent face!

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Anonymous, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Dragononymous Member

    Was quite simple...
  2. WMAnon Member

    I'm gonna repeat this, because maybe one of you idiots will figure it out and spread it to the rest of the paranoid moonbats and STOP SHITTING UP EVERYTHING:

    The Guy Fawkes Mask is a mutually beneficial arrangement we have with Time Warner. It is not codified anywhere in writing, but look at the facts:
    • We make them money (something on the order of 300k?)
    • We use their copyrighted imagery all the fuck over everything we do
    • No one gets sued or DMCA'd
    See that? That's an excellent model of how things should work in the digital era. As a group, we each pay a small fee (if we are able to) and that enables the group on a whole to have access to excellent branding material without legal repercussions. Everyone wins.
    Stop your fucking bitching.
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. 2OWBu.gif
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  5. Shazzarro Member

    Hi, it's best if we had our own and not use someone else's since it would be better, but i have a mask drawing that i created my self but it's a bit rubbish but here we are:
  6. Django Fawkes Member

    I think the guy fawkes mask works on many levels, both representing guy fawkes and representing v, I think if we went for a different look, it might lose it's iconography.
  7. Django Fawkes Member

    What about a similar adaption of the guy fawkes mask, just not the warner bros one. A bit like the antisec logo?
  8. Dragononymous Member

    If you're annoyed by it being linked to Warner, make it yourself or find someone who can.
  9. Django Fawkes Member

    Honestly, I'm not grieved about it too badly, but I think you're right, I've been thinking of drawing one. If a mask that was very similar, but not the same thing emerged, that wouldn't still come under copyright would it?
    I know I once thought of the name James Bondage for myself, but that still was trademarked for being too similar to James Bond.
  10. Anonymous Member

    not very hard, is it?

    But I think what they wanted was a professional looking mask,
    that a team of highly trained and respectable artists put real effort into designing
    and then had replicated in plastic and then donated to Anonymous for free.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    do you have any idea wtf the mask was about in the first place?
    they didn't invent it for the movie.
  12. Django Fawkes Member

    Then i am mistaken, maybe you could explain.
  13. Django Fawkes Member

    Not quite, but at least a photo of a finished model.
    It would save it from looking like shitty scribble wouldn't it.
  14. Anonymous Member

    So the "new mask" has to be not a shitty scribble, not from Warner, a finished model, and (I assume) you're not making it yourself.

    Anything else?
  15. Dragononymous Member

    I prefer it to be in Neon Green, or it should atleast have to colour.
  16. Django Fawkes Member

    All I contributed to this thread was my idea on a new mask.
    I did so seeing that the thread was on the topic of a different mask.
    Makes sense doesn't it?
  17. Anonymous Member

    For your edification, message #42:
  18. Django Fawkes Member

    I don't disagree, then why did YOU post a new thread entitled "we need a new and independent face"?
    Is this one of these highly irritating tests set for newcomers?
  19. Anonymous Member

    The OP was quite shut down by message #42.

    You necroed the thread from March 07th/2012.

  20. Dragononymous Member

    Just a little note:

    The user 'anonymous' ain't a single person.
    It's shows an anonymously posted comment.

    So one post doesn't have to be from the same person as the second post.
  21. Django Fawkes Member

    Gotcha, my mistake.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Wise Dragon is correct. Posting anonymously at WWP is an option for any member.

    Check it out the next time you post something.
  23. Anonymous Member

    french fag, french idea :


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  24. PeeTeaEssence Member

    Murray would be a great poster child!
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  25. AnOn Chris Member

    ill make one by hand ^^ it will take time ^^ id like a natural mask made out of wood huh? what about that?
  26. Anonymous Member

    I want an L. Ron Hubbard mask made out of human skin rubber.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. another123 Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Where would the irony be in that?
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    O RLY?

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  32. TorontosRoot Member

    I have two masks, I sure as hell am NOT going to be wearing a welder's helmet.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Never herd of Anonymous before they started their campaign against $uckerology. And never feared them. Before Chanology they was feared and respected final boss - but for small group. Now many, many people know and respect Anonymous and many fear them, not because of gore on 4chan, but because of Chanology.
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  34. star eht Member

    oh for fuck sake...

    make your own paper one if need be, also why we supposed to be against warner brothers? I forgot

    look here...
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  35. AnonSpectre Member

    I love the GF mask and I know the problem with Time Warner is substantial. However I don't think it is a good idea to change our face. For one, even if we did change, that means Anons the world over will have to follow suit, which of course would not be easy to do. Then you have the problem with publicity. Of course the media and the press know Anonymous for our activism, but they also know us for our masks. Changing our face would probably be for the worst. For real guise.
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  36. November5th Member

    How about everyone who buys a mask also just damage TW for that much of the profit they would have made to offset it?
    Break somethign off in the lock of the nearest time warner office. Call and tie up their support line, etc.

    Dont give up your trademark because it profits pigs. Just take the profit back.
    My 2cents
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Member Since: Yesterday Messages: 2
    Yeah, we'll get right on that.
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  38. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    How about:

    WWP does NOT endorse, condone, or promote illegal activities. Don't care how big of pigs they are: Breaking whatever or tying up phone lines is not just retarded, it could be considered illegal in many jurisdictions. In addition: the GF mask is a symbol that WB and Alan Moore both have allowed with no problems and so far has worked quite well for the Anonymous movement.

    [Insert your deity you worship here, or just leave blank] damned it. Now I want some bacon.

    You got it in reverse: The GF mask was a trademark for Alan Moore (circa 1985) LONG BEFORE the movie (2002) and years before the internet Anonymous was around. Anonymous nor Chanology created or "trademarked" the GF mask. It was "borrowed" from the movie and it took off from there.

    Also: $6 - $10 per mask isn't a lot of profit for WB. Neither WB nor Moore care that people use the mask. Hell, Moore even said:

    Dox here.

    So really, there is no need to change the mask. If you can't afford one, there is a printable one somewhere on this site.
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  39. Schwartz Member

    The face could have been put on a damned cereal box but instead the people have taken this idea and made it stand for something very real and true, which is now widely recognized around the world as a force for good that should be reckoned with.

    Can't get much more punk rock than that.
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