We have translators, how about transcribers?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Consensus, Apr 7, 2008.

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    We have translators, how about transcribers?

    Would it be worthwhile to have transcription projects?
    Every video on the Scientology website, every decade-old video of David Miscavage ranting about psych or taxes... they can be quite lengthy, and difficult to sit through. Nonetheless, there's good stuff in there. I can imagine pop-up video, using clips in some of our propaganda projects, and so on.

    The first step to this would be to transcribe each of those videos. People making their own productions could then search for keyword, find particular clips, or even script pop-up video comments.

    My initial proposal is this: Alongside the translation projects, transcription projects can be presented in the English comp forum. Transcribers would type up the text of the video. If they like, they can add in time marks (every minute, five minutes, or whatever). They can asterisk anything that needs fact checking, or anything quote-worthy. Other transcribers can view the video and proofread, or add in time tags, asterisks, etc.

    Is this at all worthwhile? Well, in my view, anonymous is a big brain - the information we're unearthing has largely been there for years, we're just processing it into digestible chunks for the media and public. This is one more step of digestion. Is it necessary? Well, I know we'll defeat the cult either way. Will it accelerate that defeat? That's why I'm proposing the idea.

    Can you think of videos you wish were transcribed? Could you see transcription serving a purpose in our campaign? Would you volunteer to transcribe a video?
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