We can has Starbucks statement?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Girlontheinternet, May 13, 2008.

  1. We can has Starbucks statement?

    We've had some news that the CoS used their standard bullying tactics in order to get Starbucks to refuse service to Anons. Starbucks was awesome enough to refuse, but are they awesome enough to say something about all this? It would be majorly helpful for such a huge business to come out about being harassed like this.

    This situation is pretty much the opposite of manning harpoons at Coca-Cola and Dell to alert them of their false association with CoS - flooding them with e-mails about a situation they're already aware of would be entirely pointless. Do any Anons here have Starbucks contacts, or suggestions?
  2. digitalangel Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    Um.... not to reveal too much about myself irl but... I work for SBux and talk about the Co$ as a cult with my co-workers and occassionally customers all the time and I have heard nothing about this...

    SBux is non-partisan as a company. They won't refuse service to anyone. Especially not to a group of nameless individuals. If I were to hazard a guess... I would say that this is a rumor started by Co$ to scare Anons with the implication that they have big name companies supporting them.

    Edit: I reread my post and it doesn't say what I want it to: SBux is unlikely to say anything about it above and beyond declaring that they are non-partisan and will not refuse service to anyone.

    Edit #2: All press releases from SBux are posted on their website: Press Release Archive
  3. mr.0613 Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    from what i heard it is only the downtown location being boycotted.
  4. digitalangel Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    Downtown location where? In what state/city?

    When I wrote in to them this is the response I got:

    Hello Angel,

    Thanks so much for contacting us.

    Your feedback is very important to us, however it is our practice to not comment on speculation or rumors such as this. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, and we will be sure to provide your comments to the appropriate people in our company for their attention.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call our Customer Relations department at (800) 23-LATTE. Or, email us from Customer Service.

    Thank you again for contacting Starbucks, we really appreciate it.

    Best Regards,

    Julie S.

    Customer Relations

    Starbucks Coffee Company

    Also, I talked to my district manager about it today and she confirmed what I thought. Starbucks' policy is to stay out of things like this completely. They would not refuse service to anyone but they will also not support anyone with free coffee or whanot.
  5. Legione Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    Starbucks is a franchise, is it not?

    One franchise doing anything has nothing to do with franchises working elsewhere. Nearly all starbucks are owned by different people with different business practices.

    That being said, starbucks was super nice to us in chicago, to - allowing more people to have cake in their building than there were chairs, and giving us minimal hassle about blocking their doors.
  6. AnotherRIAnon Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    It's the Starbucks at Clearwater Florida.
  7. evolvinganon Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

  8. digitalangel Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    Starbucks is not franchise. It is corporate. Everything Starbucks does comes from the top and every Starbucks does the same thing.

    There are subsidiary SBux that are seperate from the Sbux corporation. Those ones generally work as grocery store kiosks or have signs that say "We Proudly Brew Starbucks" but they still have to work under the same policies as the corporate Sbux.

    As to the Clearwater Florida one. Report it. Go to the website to complain. Go to the store and keep asking for management people or phone numbers. They are absolutely not allowed to refuse service based on the fact that you are anti-scilon. And it's bad for SBux so when higher ups find out about it, that store will be dealt with.
  9. XenuIsGod Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    Someone get some sort of proof and we'll start DIGGing
  10. Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    I don't understand. Why do you want to complain to Starbucks? They did the right thing.
  11. digitalangel Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    I will clarify:

    If a Starbucks location - any Starbucks location - refuses to sell drinks to Anonymous protestors because they are protesting Scientology, then you should complain.

    Starbucks is non-partisan. As a corporate mosnter, they will not refuse service on the grounds of religious, political, racial, sexual or other viewpoints. They will not want their name tangled up with this.

    If a single store is refusing to serve protestors, they are going against Starbucks' way.
  12. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    I called Sbx customer service line a couple days ago and the nice lady said that Starbucks supports diversity and would not decline service to anyone and that she will relay to Clearwater our happiness and graitude, and that she will let the company know that Clearwater is maintaining the company's "commitment to diversity."

    I suggest we all do this. In fact in a few mins I am going down to my local and getting a drinky.
  13. UNP Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    Why don't the clearwater anons organize some kind of letter or thanks or something and deliver it to the Sbux there? I'm sure they would appreciate that, and it would go a long way to promoting the friendly, non-violent attitude that anonymous displays.

    I mean yeah it's only a small gesture but they would more than likely appreciate it.
  14. Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    I think there's some misunderstanding going on. The Starbucks in Clearwater did allow anons. The CoS allegedly tried to coerce the Starbucks into refusing them but Starbucks was like "fuck that shit!" I think OP just wants confirmation from that Starbucks that the CoS actually tried to pull some shenanigans.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: We can has Starbucks statement?

    We should start using cash and making purchases in moar local stores, to show Anonymous support to the local businesses in the face of possible sanctions from the Co$. If the Scilons get another Starbucks style rebut, sweet. If they do get them to stop serving to Anonymous, we contact local law enforcement about racketeering, extortion, and coercion.

    Either way, a PR footbullet for them.

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