WBM As a regular caller on Howard Stern

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by CantPickaName, May 1, 2008.

  1. CantPickaName Member

    WBM As a regular caller on Howard Stern

    he could call in with the latest Sci news...Howard has never been affraid of anything

    or others can call in too. He always lets interesting people back on
  2. Re: WBM As a regular caller on Howard Stern


    On a more serious note, do you think Howard would care enough?
  3. Merkaba Member

    Re: WBM As a regular caller on Howard Stern

    Howard had on the godhatesfags people (Fred Phelps' family) for lulz; if WBM can make it funny or someone can entice a real live scientologist to come on the show, I bet he'd do it. He has like 5 hours of show per day to fill. He also has a pretty hardcore audience that seems to worship him, and an even bigger group of people that listen to him 'cause they hate him & wanna complain. He ALSO has an entire channel on Sirius with random staff members being given their own shows. If you can't reach him directly, try one of his regulars; even getting it discussed on air would be a big win.

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Howard Stern Radio Show ? Howard 100 - Howard's Sirius channel

    There's a comment form right on the bottom of the page. You can leave your phone number and (presumably) get called by them if you're good. You don't have to be WBM to spread the word and be funny about it.

    Also, they like celebrity news, so skewing it towards Cruise's craziness and whatnot might be more likely to get you on air. I dunno.
  4. CantPickaName Member

    Re: WBM As a regular caller on Howard Stern

    I for one would make a lousy caller..I once made a thread saying how all the info in my head get jammed when i talk about the evils of sci and i dont know enough when confronted with a fact or presumed fact

    maybe an ex-sci would be the best..that way if a sci calls in and says this or that our caller can say "LIAR!!!" from 1st hand experience

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