WBC Responds to Anonymous

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anoninoob, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. yeah, and it warms my heart to see here and there a few pro anon tweets but this is exactly what they want
    ignore them on tweeter, facebook, on the internet altogether
  2. Anonymous Member

    Make sure it is an apple that a talking snake gives to you.
  3. Anonymous+Press+Release+20+Feb%252C2011.jpg
    any thoughts on this?
  4. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    You know... If the WBC really hates fags, why don't they just protest country music?


    My complete contempt & hatred for country music aside... The WBC to me is trying to lure Anons into a trap & Anon is too smart to fall for it. Granted, now the nimrods are on Twit-ter and trying to goad Anonymous on. However, this isn't HBGary and will not have the same result.They are trying to call down the thunder, but you can't do that on a sunny day.

    TL;DR: WBC is fail. As somebody said earlier: They will Darwin themselves out and nothing of value will be lost. If the Supreme Court rules against them, then they will be sued into the ether and that will be all she wrote.
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  5. yeah i think we have a contender against Aaron Barr for president of fail
    and his name is Phred Phelps and Co.
  6. CarltonBANKS Member

  7. either way, nothing of value
  8. Anonymous Member

    Dripping with lame.
  9. its sad cuz websites like the guardian and the hacker news are buying this shit hook line and sinker
    we will not abandon our brethren
    we do not regret anything
  10. Anonymous Member

    This is the point. Now we're just trolling the media.
  11. none given Member

    Sounds like a job for Smurf.
  12. I have to admire the troll. Well written. Except for "The standard behind Anonymous did not agree with the HBGary hit." Do they mean the flag behind anon? IDNK we had a standard. Maybe this is Penny. Maybe she thinks we haz a flag.
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  13. now.. i wonder if thats a good idea
  14. DeathHamster Member

  15. i think whoever wrote this was implying that by hacking hbgary nothing was gained in the front of free speech
    also don't they realize anon deals in the lulz and slaughtering hbgary was as lulzy as its ever going to get
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  16. not on fark as far as i can see while having the big brother of corporate america breathing down my shoulder
  17. DeathHamster Member

  18. DeathHamster Member

  19. COREarg Member

    I seriously love fags. I had always loved gay people in a way, because they tend to be nice and fun to spend an afternoon with.
    I always got mad when I saw the word "fag" to despise them, since usually they are nice fun caring crazy people. That was until today.

    Today I decided to accept that there are some people who deserve to be called a FAG, and in the derogatory bigot i-hate-everything way. I believe now that there are someone who is gay for being the most stupid being in this earth apart of a Scilon.
    Today, I believe that Anonymous had become the meaning of "WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS". I will never love the concept of us being the Internet Hate Machine, because we had become Pussy-wa-Tootsy...we're not brave, we're stupid.
    And sometimes we do it right, which means that we are smart but still stupid... SMUPID.

    But not today.
    Today, Anonymous, I think that this is more stupid than the time I step into a slug while I was a kid, or got my head crushed into a wall in school for being such a coward. But not as coward as you.
    I hate this fail letter, even though is so obvious troll, because it's exactly like the most distorted joke of what Anon has become lately: THE INTERNET LOVING MACHINE.
    I remember when I used to get scared at the thought of Anonymous. I was a furfag, and so I knew that they will come one day, hit me hard with a crowbar, and leave me to die and yiff in hell. But not anymore...

    I know one thing, and is that Anon never surrenders, never forgives or forget, and is supposed to be the menace of the dark Harlem-like bowels of the Internets.
    So, this fail press release is an insult. An insult to everyone who fears Anon or loves them, an insult to Anonymous in general and even their moms. An insult to the integrity of the LULZ.

    So,thereby, I call the maker of the later press toilet-paper a giant amazing FAGGOT, because we never say sorry or "zomg u so powerful". This is not how we work.
    We eat babies for breakfast, ride Longcats, use afros, /b/lock pools...even sometimes we protest against the most stupid shit ever in this world, like $cientology. Or we even have the guts to try to fight for the Freedom of Information.
    Anonymous never says "zomg this is lost". We just let it die, and keep on strutting while we troll,and gather lulz like if it was a easter egg hunt!

    I say "No,let us not troll WBC, since they are trolls and you can't troll a troll while you are a troll because you will troll a troll being a troll and that will open a giant black hole like dividing by zero".
    And even though I'm at the side of not doing it, the letter is so filled with "We are worthless" / "Emo Anon is Emo" / "Basement Dweller sorrow"...that I have to hate it.
    Because you don't make sense at all, Anonymous.

    You cry for freedom of Egypt and Tunisia and Libya. You were SPAMMING my facebook and twitter with information of all operations. The fact that Anonymous shared and showed what was happening helped a lot to gather attention on the subject. AND NOW YOU POST THIS FAIL PRESS RELEASE CRYING HOW USELESS YOU ARE.

    So for the love of all that is fluffy and sexy as a koala's butt, STFU and go to do something more productive than trolling the most stupid "religious" organization on Teegeeak apart of $cientology. You were doing it SO well, why you have to ruin it with fail press release?

    And I'm sure as fuck that the first one was made by the Westboro Baptist Church of FAIL to make us start an attack, so I fucking hate all of you fags who actually went there to troll. I hate the response press release of WBC, because it's so damn-fucking-true. We're not brave, we're not smart, we're not even full-time employees!
    We are all SO DAMN STUPID. Oh god, we're all so stupid that I can only feel anger and sorrow. Just DOME THIS SHIT and let's go to a starbucks all of us to drink a latte.

  20. Anonymous Member

    The Phelps clan seems fake, like WWF. Too much interest in publicity for its own sake.


    1. Problem #1: Hubbard's 1950s anti-gay stance has been a huge albatross around the neck of the Hollywood cult for a long time.

    2. Problem #2: The pay-for-secrets business model ultimately will not prove sustainable due to Internet.

    3. Scientology's prolonged war with the IRS solidified a network of non-Scientologist cult-friendly attorneys.

    4. Since the IRS ruling in the early 90s that network has shifted focus to intellectual property and "health freedom" issues.

    5. Post 2008 Scientology's direct income from courses and licensing fees has plummeted due to Anonymous.

    6. The non-Scientologist investors now control Scientology Inc.

    7. Scientology Inc is most valuable when packaged with competing rivals --just like the WWF.

    8. At a board meeting last Thursday someone said, "Let's herd the gays into Religion B, a branded competitor to Religion A (aka Scientology). New Age Religion B shall be capable of absorbing disaffected members from A. Religion B shall also support our fully owned subsidiary, Natural Medicine Inc.

    9. Another voice replied, "Excellent. Have mergers & acquisitions scout out a half dozen or so struggling faith corps (aka churches) for purchase and consolidation. Get PR to put together a stealth marketing proposal for our next quarterly board meeting.

    10. A third voice said, "Carlton Pearson, look him up. Religion B could be used to enhance our positioning of African American branded assets, like the Fruit of Islam project we've got going."

    11. "Right," said another, "and we could re-purpose the floundering Study-Tech assets as 'Bible Study Tools' or 'Evangelism Tools' or 'Islamic Study Tools,' and so on."

    12. "You'll have to keep these newer entities distinct from Scientology. Any material link will blow the whole game," said the first.

    13. "I don't see a problem with that. Look at how well the polarization model has worked for the News Group holdings. News Corp drives traffic to HuffPo and vice-versa," said the second.

    14. "I believe we can expand our Faith Group to include about eight major brands allowing a pallet of four conflict models for PR purposes at any given time."

    15. "Very well then," said number one. "Get mergers on the Religion B thing right away so we can capitalize on this Scientology crisis. We'll white-knight B, further black-hat Scientology, and build public interest in what might happen next. Get PR to outline a couple different Miscavige take-down scenarios, include ways to best leverage the fall-out for the Faith Group generally."

    16. "I'll just throw this out there -- we've used the Phelps to differentiate a younger gay-tolerant sub-brand within our Southern Pride group. We could use them again to foreshadow the B launch date."

    17. "Good. Once we've got Carlson or someone like him on board, get Nate to take a meeting. I'll run the idea by Fred when I see him at the Cheney ranch later in the month."

  21. Anonymous Member

    COREarg, kill yourself.
  22. you know this was not us right?
    its trolling from an internet savy constutiate in the phelps camp
    i just put it upthere for the lulz value
    come back to the light my dear we promise we dint sell out
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  23. COREarg Member

    Sure,after my latte,if you don't mind. With cinnamon, if that's ok.

    I know,I know..
    Sorry,I will not pee the carpet again.

    ...Only because you say it. <3
  24. dont let the hatred dissuade you from the purpose of chanology
    just realize that everytime something that ridiculous even for anon standards appears on the net
    its either a plan to get anon funded publicity or to try to create a rift between anons
    in other words if it does not feel right in your heart and from what you've come to know about anon dont take it seriously
    no dejes que el odio supere al amor!
  25. Anonymous Member

    Don't let the Cuddledome dissuade you from the object of your hate
    just realize that everytime a newfag shows up with a tattoo like:


    there is a brilliant plan behind it all.
    Because Anonymous never does anything truly useless,
    we are not only a bag of cats with super-human intelligence,
    but anyone who obsesses over cats this much must be be a furry at heart.
    If you feel Fur in your heart, it is right.
    Do not deny the inner animal.

    Chinga tu madre con el perro de Herro
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  26. COREarg Member

    it's ok. I think I was being a little too unlulzy myself and took the internet seriously.
    Though...while I wrote it,I was laughing. So I don't know anymore...maybe I laugh when it's less funny? WTF?

    btw: I did realize that it was a troll...just got mad at the response of "Anonymous". Which means I still have to learn how to see if it's a shoop and it's actually a wbcfag with a mask upon it. Ha!
  27. yeah hate towards the intitution causing the oppression not hate towards the people taking a stand or towards yourself for believing in something
    i'm not saying subjugate the animal, i'm saying aim it in the right direction
  28. harden yourself
    this is only step 1 in a battle with people that will do and say anything and i mean anything to stop you from telling the truth about their faggotry.
    if we cant handle a little internet slander how are we going to fair when the church fair games us IRL
    so you can see to what lengths the church will go to
  29. COREarg Member

    Hey,I love cats because dogs are stupid...and I had been bitten too many times by dogs.

    Please,don't go with the inner animal thing. Even as a furfag I didn't believed that crap.
    The only time I accepted my "inner animal", was when I fucked and got an orgasm, moaning like a bitch. Apart of that,nothing else.

    I will sound stupid, but can you explain more the first part?
    I'm curious!

    btw : ... La concha puta de la lora con Herro!
  30. Anonymous Member


  31. hate the people that cause the oppression(in this case, who are we fighting against? the church of scientology) they are the ones you should hate for making you mad at the rest of the anons, and for making you doubt yourself and why you got involved in chanology.
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  32. She must be into selfgratification about those tid bits of media attention.
  33. yeah i loled so hard againat work(3rd time already guise) that people were like let me in on the joke
    and i was like if you only know how big of a joke it is indeed...
  34. dont forget the westboro basptis church
    god knows how butthurt they would get if left out of our hatred hahah
  35. Anonymous Member

    Hey guise, what is going on ITT?
  36. exOT8Michael Member

  37. Anonymous Member

  38. GOD IS A FAG cuz he rolls like that.

  39. nm...just hatin' on phred phelps
    whats going on with you

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