Washington Falun Gong helps against censorship(Translated from Italian)

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    Washington Falun Gong helps against censorship(Translated from Italian)

    Washington aiuta Falun Gong contro la censura

    Italian Verison
    [SPOILER]Hillary Clinton sfida la Cina offrendo fondi a Falun Gong. The State Department is funding a project of the religious sect (persecuted in China) to distribute software that circumvents the online censorship in Beijing. Il Dipartimento di Stato finanzia un progetto della setta religiosa (perseguitata in Cina) per diffondere un software che aggira la censura online di Pechino.

    A religious sect on the reputation issue can promote freedom of expression on the Internet? Una setta religiosa dalla reputazione controversa può promuovere la libertà di espressione su Internet? Few know in the West, but in fact this is already happening. Pochi lo sanno in Occidente, ma in realtà questo sta già succedendo.

    He's had a test last year in Iran, where protests against the regime filled the streets of Tehran. Se n'è avuta una prova l'anno scorso in Iran, quando le manifestazioni di protesta contro il regime riempirono le piazze di Teheran. The Iranian opposition was able to communicate online with the rest of the world, bypassing the state censorship, with software from unexpected sources. L'opposizione iraniana riuscì a comunicare online con il resto del mondo, aggirando la censura di Stato, grazie a un software dalle origini insospettate.

    Exists in two versions, and can be called freegate UltraSurf. Esiste in due versioni, si chiamano rispettivamente Freegate e Ultrasurf. To develop this software "libertarian" is the Global Internet Freedom Consortium, abbreviated Gifco. A elaborare questo software “libertario” è il Global Internet Freedom Consortium, abbreviato Gifc.

    And behind the Gifco there is a group of scientists and computer scientists of Chinese origin, emigrated to the United States, supporters of Falun Gong. E dietro il Gifc c'è un gruppo di scienziati e informatici di origine cinese, emigrati negli Stati Uniti, simpatizzanti di Falun Gong. That is, the religious movement most feared, hated and persecuted by the regime in Beijing. Cioè il movimento religioso più temuto, odiato e perseguitato dal regime di Pechino.

    The Chinese government describes Falun Gong as a cult and esoteric rites fierce perverse practice that brainwashed its adherents. Il governo cinese descrive Falun Gong come un culto esoterico dai riti feroci e perversi, che pratica il lavaggio del cervello dei propri seguaci. These accusations have taken hold in the West, between some governments and public opinion. Queste accuse hanno fatto presa in Occidente, tra alcuni governi e nell'opinione pubblica.

    In democratic countries there are those who see in Falun Gong a cult like Scientology, and hesitate to support the cause. Nei paesi democratici c'è chi vede in Falun Gong una setta simile a Scientology, ed esita a sostenerne la causa. But do not think so Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Ma non la pensano così Barack Obama e Hillary Clinton.

    At least for the battle against cyber-censorship, the administration is convinced that Obama's work Gifco (aka Falun Gong) is beneficial and deserves help. Almeno per quanto riguarda la battaglia contro la cyber-censura, l'Amministrazione Obama si è convinta che l'opera del Gifc (alias Falun Gong) è benefica e merita aiuto. So the State Department has just decided to allocate 1.5 million dollars in funding for this association. Così il Dipartimento di Stato ha appena deciso di stanziare 1,5 milioni di dollari di finanziamenti per quest'associazione. [/SPOILER]
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    Re: Washington Falun Gong helps against censorship(Translated from Italian)

    Cool thanks for posting more information, and here is some more on the Actual Religion
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    Re: Washington Falun Gong helps against censorship(Translated from Italian)

    OP: FTR I reported your post as
    1) it is the wrong thread (Media is limited to scientology; for this type of stuff use chit-chat or maybe freedom of expression)
    2) it has already been publish on this site.

    This thread will probably be moved or merged.

    Please take the time to search the site before publishing.
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    Falun Gong is just another cult
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    Re: Washington Falun Gong helps against censorship(Translated from Italian)

    I was posting this Information, cause of the Censorship Information that is in it. Nothing more. And this post was made a hour before I posted it. Just cause someone posted something similar a few weeks ago doesn't mean its the same post.

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