Washington DC, Freedom of Information / Scientology Protest Rally - March

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by 3rdMan, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. 3rdMan Member

    Post post-game stuff here.

    I have a question for the Anons that couldn't show but RSVP'd. Was it because you couldn't find us? We apologize for the confusion if so.

    As for the raid. Scifags actually showed! Good ole' Tony and his assistant Whatshisname pretty much hung around and took our pictures. Then Tony actually requested he take our picture in front of the Jay Edgar Hoover building. We gave him his footage, but if he's planning on using this, he'll be happy of my sign thanking the FBI for investigating Scientology.

    Aside from that we got to outreach quite a bit of foot traffic. Though I think next time we choose a downtown location, we got for places that have more foot traffic. Plus I can feel the insanity of Jay Edgar Hoover seeping out from that building (shudders).

    Speculation: Several people who work for the FBI read my thank you sign, one fist pumped in support (judging that she went into the building after. Heh.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Very nice.
  3. MrAnonization Member

    Yeah and don't forget about all the people who wanted pics with us XD

    (Where the pics at yet D: i wanna get started on the epic video i promised)

    P.S.: The next one i'm coming to (Probably not next month but the one after unless i convince parental unit differently to let me go next month) i shall be bringing my BRAND NEW VIDEO CAMERA :D i will be recording HD video for my channel
  4. MrAnonization Member

    AND also gonna be bringing those two who i was gonna bring that couldn't come today... So yeah one is an artist so we will be bringing in some new posters !!! WOO
  5. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I believe this to be very serious. The cult has left their own property to continue its stalking of critics and document them. If there is any footage of this it should be posted. The cult can not afford to have AS back at their Org for credibility purposes and DM has said he has handled Anonymous and it looks like they are trying to document new people. Also I have no doubt they will turn over any photos to the police even if no one is doing anything wrong because they are so hyped up on their false belief that Anonymous is a hate group. Make no mistake that Tony is a dedicated Koolaid drinker and he is not out there for his health but because he was directed to be there. They have a plan you can rest assured. I recommend if you can wear a mask you should and never attend any protest of any type without being able to have someone in your group film the cult back. 3rd Man can you point out who this was with Tony? Maybe use a time code in one of AS videos?

    These were 89.99 now 39.99 and they hold up to two hours of battery file and more than that of video. They are robust and waterproof too. - Mini Camcorder with 1.8" Color LCD Monitor - Gray/1126244.p?skuId=1126244&productCategoryId=pcmcat233600050006&id=1218223976634
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  6. Nice job D.C., now cough up the pics. ogeyoj.gif
  7. 3rdMan Member

    Pics and vids will be provided later by other Anons.
  8. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Thank you
  9. Orson Member

    Many thanks to you bastards for getting out there today.
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  10. AnonLover Member

    WTG guise!!! too funny the culties showed up to prove your doinitrite! Cant hardly wait to see pix & vids!
  11. AnonLover Member

    no pix / vids yet? I am disappoint.
  12. Orson Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    Anons with cameras have real life things to take care of and we have one photographer geek who took our pictures, so we await his correspondence. Patience.
  14. 3rdMan Member

    Finally! Thanks Maidofwin!

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  15. Haha, why are all those plant-holder things blocking the exit?
  16. 3rdMan Member

    ^^^Apparently FBI never got over Jay Edgar Hoover? :p

    I always expected FBI agents to be in those blocks and to jump out anytime.
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  17. AnonLover Member

    ZOMG - so much awesome! Thks for the pix!!

    DCFags doinitrite!
  18. anonsparrow Member

    Who was Tony Turissi with doing the photographing of you glorious bastards?
  19. 3rdMan Member

    Yeah and he brought a grey-haired whatshisname with him.
  20. AnonLover Member

    So wat's the Flashraid Forecast for the rest of the week? Yeah, Nay, Dunno?

  21. 3rdMan Member

    I have heard nothing from other Anons saying there will be one. So a nay is possible.
  22. Anyone get a photo of him? Maidofwin, maybe?
  23. MaidOfWin Member

    I got video but not photos. I was doing my best to keep the video camera rolling whenever they came close enough.

    I watched the video and I don't get a good shot of the guy with Tony. I'm really shitty linking faces and names of people I don't give a shit about (I referred to Tony as "ugly mustache man" for over a year because I couldn't remember his name) but I'm sure I've seen him around before.

    Lulzy video is coming, I promise, I've just been working a lot and not been home to hack it together. I did get video of Tony wandering into the road to bawww to a cop stopped at the light. Cop was not impressed.
  24. 3rdMan Member

    I can only imagine what the exchange was like:

    Tony: "See those masked guys creating a disturbance?"
    Cop: "They're playing music and dancing."
    Tony: "Yeah but they're Anonymous."
    Cop: "So?"
    Tony: "They're cyberterrorists!"
    Cop: "Wasn't that from teriminator."
    Tony: "Look, they're a public threat, just look at them!"
    Cop: "Dancing in front of the FBI building."
    Tony: "Yes."
    Cop: "They also have a permit, didn't you know?"
    Tony: "Um..."
    Cop: "Step away from my vehicle sir."
    Tony: "Razzn-frazzn."
  25. MaidOfWin Member

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  26. Ha, nice vid, shows a lot of the feel of the event that I didn't quite get from the photos alone: the layout of the place, the way in which Tony & buddy were filming you, etc.

    The "manual" way is to use the media tags:

    Replace the gobbeldy-gook text in the middle with the ID tag of the desired YouTube video.

    Can't remember if there's another "user-friendly" way of doing it too. I think(?) if you use the rich text editor when you make a post (click "More Options" at the bottom in the reply field to get that), I believe one of the buttons near the top (alongside the buttons for the font size, color, etc.) is for embedding media.

    Some of this board's tags are a little different than others, but you can find more details on how to do lots of stuff under Help (at top) --> BB Codes.
  27. 3rdMan Member

    YAY, VID!
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  28. adhocrat Member

    click on the film strip second to the left from the quote marks.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Judging from the footage (it's a bit blurry) I think the guy with Tony Turissi is David Aden (long-time Scio, OSA volunteer and used to be pretty high up in the Guardians Office in Boston prior to the FBI raids iirc) . Most of you guys should be pretty familiar with him, he's turned up in dozens of anon videos trying to handle protesters.
  30. AnonLover Member

    too funny @ the end, <3 u guise!
  31. MaidOfWin Member

    I google-image-searched him and amid the wall of gay erotica (was that you guys or just a happy accident?) was a familiar face. If that wasn't him, it sure looked a lot like him. I'm really shitty sticking names and faces together but I knew I'd seen him before.
  32. lostatsea Member

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's David.

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