Warren Jeffs... can Anons get involved?

Discussion in 'How To' started by NotFromTeegeeack, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Read on and watch the video ...
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  2. RightOn Member

    This guys is the biggest creepy douche going way back.
    Read the book "Escape". Very sad.
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  3. billybob Member

    Well, how can we help?

    Most of America knows of this sordid tale, and roundly condemns their actions and are crying out for justice.
    I don't hear the FLDS Church's PR dept. bragging about their growing membership and all the new churches they've opened and are going to open and then re-open.

    If there are sekrit dox to drop, yeah, Anonymous can help. We spread information, especially what we see as "unfairly controlled" information.

    They don't have a website to crash, and anyway we don't do that here, so no help there.

    Do you want us all to crash their little gestapo town, like a Anonymous flash mob protest?
    I think that would be freaky. Not recommend.

    I dunno, what you wanna do?
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  4. anon walker Moderator

    I like the idea of a sudden random flash mob of anons in Yearning For Zion. That'd be fun on a bun, baby!
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  5. I have read Flora Jessop's book. Chilling story. Something like a sea-org childhood except these kids were imprisoned by vast empty space rather than inward-pointing spike fences. The sect chokes off knowledge of the outer world in a way that Baby Kim would totally relate to and admire. These people are scared to leave because their eternity is at stake and they face disconnection. Sound Familiar?

    I agree that the 'leaders' should be reminded that they don't live in an 18th century where technology never existed, and the victims know they have support and a voice when they escape. As of publication of Jessop's book the underground railroad was a small, understaffed thing. Perhaps awareness-raising by exes combined with the tool of the internet can bring in more awareness, funding, etc of groups (mostly exes) who can do something about the situation.

    The biggest problem with physical confrontation is that they are all the way out in bumfuck egypt. A raid there would require a whole lotta co-ordination, LOLyer-type info on local law, balls of steel, and a cake the size of Cleveland.
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

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  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Story That Sent Warren Jeffs Running to Texas - Part 1 - Reported by Mike Watkiss

    The Story That Sent Warren Jeffs Running to Texas - Part 2 - Reported by Mike Watkiss

    2008 Face-off between FLDS frontman Willie Jessop and reporter Mike Watkiss

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  8. Anonymous Member

    He needs a bullet to the back of head. Srs. I am not promoting violence but I can dream.
  9. The Wrong Guy Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Yarr! or 9000 Anons flash dance to Cake Song? Want vid!

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  11. Anonymous Member

    He needs 20 years as Big-Bubbah's play-toy, fucking bunch of sick fecal matter.
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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Flora Jessop is now one tough bitch and I very much admire her total dedication to bringing down the depraved cult of the FLDS.
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  14. Oh good!


    I was afraid to read the responses, I was scared I was gonna be bashed heavily...
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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hey asshole. We're not your personal bashers.
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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Now one interesting crowbar into the situation is the fact that these huge families are supported by state and federal benefits, in other words, welfare.

    What can be done about the state of Utah repeatedly overlooking the demographic fact of these particular underage girls having pregnancy after pregnancy? Make them have to publicly acknowledge that this particular demographic accounts for a disproportionate slice of displaced boys who have no choice but to battle it out on the streets, creating more social problems? This situation would be helped immensely by the state officials in Utah (and CO and TX) enforcing current laws and drafting new ones when appropriate. Enforcement is turning a blind eye and it needs to be called out. These exes are less computer savvy than the scis and they need the kind of help that experienced internet activists can bring.

    By any charitable yardstick of religion the FDLS may be a deeply held belief by some, but by no stretch is it a religion. FDLS gives nothing to anyone but it's half-dozen patriarchs (who grow fat on welfare intended to benefit their child brides). The social costs are catastrophic.

    This is not my vote for 'personal army': chanology and by extension, anonymous has its own agendas. However, for those who are drawn to it, it would be a worthy cause.

    Google 'babyland'.
  18. Anonymous Member

    It is like butting into a "Family situation". Because the women and children are actually quite vulnerable, the last thing I think the state would want to do would be to cut any of the social benefits they get. You cannot make a battered woman leave her home. Or, conversely, even if there is no abuse in the home, one cannot tell them how to live their lives...In the case of a woman who is stuck in the backwards machine of a heavily controlling selectively older male group of inner-breeding families. Warren Jeffs really lives the life of a religious porn star. I tried to count one time how many offspring are his, directly... or that of his father's, by looking at the family sur names, and it is ridiculous.
    And, all i can think of right now, is hearing Warren say, "Stay Sweet!" with that sappy smile.

    stay sweet! the guy is a child molester, and so was his father.
  19. Plenty of 'family' situations are butted into for the sake of minors. I'm not talking state intervention except by law and enforcement of current laws, surely not a revolutionary thought. I'm advocating giving the exes the technical support and training they need to raise awareness to the point that these girls and their children can simply walk away because they know they have friends and family outside.

    Like scientology, any work would have to be co-ordinated with exes because these people are taught from birth that the outside people are insane and dangerous. They don't know they can go to a lawyer. they don't know they have human rights or that they can legally sue.

    On edit: Those mothers are getting food stamps to give those children adequate diets. If Jeffs publicly has them all on bean rations, it becomes the govt's biznezz.
  20. Anonymous Member

    See, watch this - there is nothing anybody can do if a group of women, with the elder women acting as grandmotherly femily rules enforcers, and all the sisters, cousins and aunts acting as tattle tales, there would be a tremendous amount of pressure to stay within the rules of the family.
    You're not magically going to get these women to tell you that "zion" is fairy tale and that they are not special chosen i can't remember their exact terminology right now....

    Government social services agencies have both monitored and intervened into this situation countless times, and yeah, most likely on an ongoing case by case basis.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, what I am trying to say is that Jeffs has the most control, but I think there must also be control amongst his several wives, with probably tie first wife having the most weight and power or influence on both the other sister-wives as well as Jeffs and the men. I think that boys are not as important within that sub-unit as girls are. Girls are more prized, and get that twisted "favorable" attention of all sorts of much older men who are notorious for being inappropriate with the girls in a very secretive way.
  22. I know what I have read from exes.

    Support of their underground railroad by money, physical help or tech is most likely needed. Once more are out, more will most likely emerge. The trickle is slow but steady.

    It would be a project literally starting from scratch. But that might be a pleasant challenge to someone who might want to do that sort of thing. I will always support that. I personally lack those skills but appreciate their power.

    Warren Jeffs and his ilk may be inevitable in terms of human nature, but does that require me to shrug and accept it when it is shown to me? I'm not gonna roll over and say, "well that's just the way it is".

    PS: Is incest a fascination for you?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Boys are even worse than expendable, they are the competition and the enemy. In a certain way they have it worse than the women and girls who at least have some value, if only perhaps as chattel. Other than the few men who will rise to thte top of the patriarchal heap, they have no role and are condemned to exist only on the fringes. The lucky ones manage to break away completely and develop a semblance of normal life on the outside. The rest spend their lives hoping they will be allowed back into full participation in the only family and world they really know. Very sad.
  24. Anonymous Member

    This story is right at the intersection of religious belief/faith and yes, Incest.
    There has been a series of projects addressing this issue for at least the last twenty years, now. As I am sure you are aware from observing Chanology, that these things take a lot of patience, for starters...
  25. Anonymous Member

    This is true.
    They don't date girls that are their normal same age, because all the girls that they grew up are now being banged in their bedrooms by their dads and uncles and grandpa, to get pregnant at 15 is common.
    Quite often, there are so many "little girl concubines" that they don't even know the man who forcibly impregnated them while telling them to keep their mouths shut and stay sweet because they were doing the work of angels, and that it was love or something that is going to make me barf my brains out any minute now.
  26. It probably took twenty years or more of OG action up until 2008 when the spotlight was put on scientology.

    Nothing is inevitable except water rolling downhill.

    On the bright side, if we do nothing about it within a few isolated generations they all will have inbred themselves to fatal physical deformation and legal idiocy and thus will cease to be a major problem.
  27. Anonymous Member

    child molester in jail
    1830239_G.jpg marriages-09.jpg
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  28. Anonymous Member

    look how gross.
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    WTF? That is infuriating!
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  37. Anonymous Member

    So what does poor Warren do in jail with all that endless time and no wives at hand?
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