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  1. Paulius Member

    thanks for giving information
  2. iraniam Member

    I wish I could post not so sad information about the prisoners in Iran, but this is their story. Almost everyday, they lose their life all over the country by hanging.
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  3. Paulius Member

    i fink that's why WE are her.
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  4. Paulius Member

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  5. I believe that you are showing great courage, seeking out these reports on the human rights abuses in Iran, and posting them here, where they collect into a searchable body of knowledge.

    And I think there are many WWP Members here who share the horror and sadness that you experience, with what you find and post for the forum. Your bravery is appreciated. I know that I couldn't do what you are doing.

    It is quite okay to take breaks from this activity. Please, don't burn yourself out on it. Iran is not the whole world.

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  6. lulzgasm Member

    Too bad we can't just save the whole planet by building Liberty Prime. :(
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  7. iraniam Member

    I truly appreciate your concern but I promised myself to continue this jurney till all my countryman are free and I hope one day soon Iran becomes it magnificent self again and we all be there to witness it.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    This will be a wonderful day for the people of Iran! As the clams would say, I share your postulate.
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  9. iraniam Member

    Iranian Teacher Abdolreza Ghanbari on the Verge of Execution
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  10. iraniam Member

    Prison walls continue to divide Iranian families during New Year festivities
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  11. iraniam Member

    Demand Release of Seven Baha’i Leaders Unjustly Imprisoned
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  12. Mutante Member

    These sick cunts are almost as bad as Brits and Americans.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Or at least, as bad as scientologists.
  14. Mutante Member

    oh u !!!!!
  15. iraniam Member

    One prisoner was hanged in central Iran
  16. iraniam Member

  17. iraniam Member

    Toronto shoe salesman faces imminent execution in Tehran prison
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  18. iraniam Member

    Canada calls for clemency in execution case
  19. iraniam Member

    Indiscriminate executions of the alleged drug traffickers
  20. iraniam Member

    Two prisoners executed today- 20 executions in the past eight days in Iran
  21. iraniam Member

    Four prisoners executed in Iran: One hanged in public
  22. iraniam Member

    Sister of Canadian on Death Row in Iran: News of Imminent Execution Delivered to Hamid During Our Prison Visit
  23. iraniam Member

    13 prisoners, among them five Afghan citizens, were executed in Iran
  24. iraniam Member

    Four prisoners were executed in northern Iran today April 30.
  25. iraniam Member

    Ten prisoners were executed in Iran

    MOD Edit: "Shisheh" = crystal methedrine.
  26. SOJOA Member

    Can Iranians achieve equal rights and stop these abuses and still hold onto their religion and its teachings?

    .......Seriously. Can you? Because it has happened all throughout your history.
  27. iraniam Member

    Journalist Mahsa Amrabadi summoned to serve out jail term
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  28. iraniam Member

    A prisoner charged with espionage for Israel and killing an Iranian nuclear scientist, was hanged this morning
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  29. iraniam Member

    Iranian physicist sentenced to prison
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  30. iraniam Member

  31. iraniam Member

    Iranian political prisoner dies in jail
  32. iraniam Member

    Five Iranian Kurds sentenced to 46 years in prison, one tortured to death
  33. iraniam Member

    At least 8 prisoners executed in Iran, one day after EU expressed concern about the alarming number of the executions- At least 78 executions in May 2012
  34. iraniam Member

    Prisoner dies in Rejai Shahr Prison
  35. iraniam Member

    Five prisoners were hanged publicly in Shiraz (southern Iran) today
  36. MisterProphet Member

    Sickens me. Sorry that this is happening.
  37. iraniam Member

    Fear of Secret Executions After 5 Prisoners Transferred to Unknown Location
  38. iraniam Member

    Iran executes three detained brothers from Ahwaz region

  39. iraniam Member

    Gravely ill political prisoner denied hospitalization; almost paralyzed
  40. iraniam Member

    Two prisoners were hanged publicly in Iran this morning

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