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    You and me both, brother.
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    Petition sent, however I am sad that it may not have much of an effect on the despots in power... Fundamentalists love to make a cock-up of things, and usually make it harder for their own citizens to carry on a normal life (and I'm including Christian Fundies, Jewish Ultra-Orthodox Fundies and of course The Mullahs / other Islamists. Oh, and of course lets not forget our favorite cult.)

    I feel very sad for the Iranian people. The brutality of killing addicts en-masse is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, or our own legal system which imprisons millions of Americans due to the DEA being wholly unreasonable in it's approach to the domestic drug problem.

    I'm going to share something with the anons reading, a personal story, directly from my own family:

    Most addicts hate their lives and only need a helping hand. I've witnessed many recover and lead absolutely normal lives, being vigilant that they can relapse into addiction at any time. I've seen the effects of recovery in my own family, and it helped me understand what type of miserable lives these highly addictive drugs, especially narcotics force people to lead.

    Do you really think that girl walking the streets in 25 degree weather wants to be out there? With a little help, she can return to a productive member of society.

    Criminalization does NOT work. Corporal punishment for drug posession and even yes, even sales sales, as most dealers are users who fund their own supply of hundreds of dollars per day. It would be something if Iran had hung one of the kingpin drug dealers, but users???! Do the Mullahs really think that killing people will scare them away from drugs? If they're unlucky to get addicted, game over. Treatment is the only way back. Not imprisonment to learn more criminal skills, not corporal punishment as in the "Islamic Republic", and certainly not the jack-booted thug tactics employed by our own domestic armed mob, "The D.E.A." - Animals seek out drugs in nature. People have used drugs since before written history. You can kill half your country or imprison it, there will still be drug use.

    The only way is education about never trying that first try which can lead towards a life of regrets and crime.

    The patently ridiculous thing is the amount of allocated funds to our "D.E.A. aka Jack-booted-thugs-r-us" rivals the GNP of many countries. And I'm sure Iran hasn't thrown the type of money at the problem that the United States had, with opposite results. Now look at a country like The Netherlands, where drugs are technically "illegal" but the nation's leaders are wise enough to separate soft mood altering harmless drugs like cannabis from heroin and cocaine. Caffes where civilized adults can go and enjoy a good smoke remove the aluring, mysterious aspect of the drugs. You're 18? Go smoke it to your heart's content. It's non-toxic and completely harmless, perhaps even medicinally needed by some folks (it does wonders for MS and pain relief.)

    The Netherlands succeeded in another area where both Iran and the "Mighty" USA are failing miserably: people don't have to go to some nefarious dealer, which carries pot, coke, heroin, speed, ecstacy, etc and can probably get you whatever you like. This is how my family member was hooked on hardcore narcotic pain killers, and eventually cocaine. I remember that my niece was a pothead, and one day she asked her dealer for something "stronger". The guy was more than happy to provide her with hard drugs, and so began our nightmare.

    She served a 2 year prison sentence, cameout and picked up right where she left off. Prison simply tought her how to be a better criminal and get over on the dealers. This shy girl began to pull guns, razor blades and other insanity on dealers, take their stash, use it, rinse and repeat, eventually once again ending up in front of a judge.

    Judge Lazarus had the deep foresight to order her to treatment instead of prison. For a period of no less than a year. Today, some 15 years later she's the mom of two bouncing baby girls (twins, no less!) has a very good career, is married and tells me that her past life seems more like a film. She can't believe she ever did those things...

    Help and treatment is the only answer. But it's not like Iran Ayatollahs will ever admit their policy is wrong, and leads nowhere other than international and internal outrage.

    Sad scene...
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    Young woman arrested last year for Facebook activities celebrates birthday in Evin prison today

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    Fereshteh Shirazi: Prisoner's of the Day
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    Iran must halt execution of web programmer
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    ACT NOW: Urgent appeal for release of labour activists
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    8000 Prisoners In Evin Are Under Harsh Conditions With No Heating, Cold Cells And No Medical Care
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    Iran: Authorities Defiant on Rights Record
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    Iran's Killing Rampage, 1 Execution every 4 hours
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    Death Sentences Upheld for Two Kurdish Political Prisoners
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    Kurdish Prisoner Executed in Evin Prison
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    In memory of Zahra Bahrami 1965-2011
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    One man was hanged publicly in Karaj (west of Tehran)
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    Political Prisoners's Ward at Evin Prison Raided by Security Forces
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    Increased Pressure on Baha'is; Widespread and Multiple Arrest of Baha'is in Shiraz, Iran
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    Four prisoners were executed in Qom (south of Tehran)
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    Suicide in Prison
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    Deep sigh:mad:
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    Death sentence proceeds for software designer
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    I have written 23 letters on behalf of Malekpour, I went back and counted. Today will bring #24+.
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    where is pics :(
  23. Try message #8, ITT.
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    is my point...

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  28. NP. ;)
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    American Sentenced to Death in Iran Visited by His Mother
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    Remember Sohrab Arabi on His Birthday: Report

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    Iran Hanged 8 including 2 women in Zahedan
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    13 prisoners executed in the past days- Five others to be hanged publicly in the coming days
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  35. When a country becomes a slaughterhouse, for me, it ceases to be a country. :(
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    Two men publicly hanged in Mashhad, one day after a UN request for a Moratorium on the Death Penalty in Iran
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    Three prisoners were hanged in Qazvin yesterday- 18 executions in one week
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    Two men publicly hanged in Mashhad (northeastern Iran) this morning

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