*Warning* Graphic Content : Student killed in demonstrations [18+]

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by DanX, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. DanX Member

    Student killed in demonstrations [18+] PLZ UPLOAD PICTUR

  2. its a lie . where is ur proof
  3. You are retarded
  4. DanX Member

    did not come here if you can not help, we do not need your opinion .. we do this just to help young people in iran feet to reach a free society.
  5. johnshark Member

    the picture it self is the proof, fool
  6. The picture IS the proof you brainwashed moron.

    IF you are not here to help and show support for the protestors and to show disgust for the brutality that the protestors have been met with, then you have no business here at all.

    This is Anonymous Iran. Go find Brainwashed Iran you sheep.
  7. anonymous612 Member

    Didn't the mothers of the posters ITT teach them that if you can't say anything nice at all...
  8. Ocktra Member

    Yeah, I'm guessing think the holocaust never happened? *Eyeroll*
  9. anonymous612 Member

    Feeding trolls = bad.
  10. It's very sad, I wish this would stop.
  11. Proof or not, have no diffrence on their losted lifes!

    Some students are killed! eiither if this photo is a proof or not they will not back to live! undrestand! And meany many other ones hardly beaten aswell! Sh*t
  12. bluff

    tis a Palestinian victim.
  13. how the hell did that big cut happen? I'm pretty sure the bullets that the government is using aren't big enough to do that.
  14. Maybe not the bullet, but look at below pictuter. I am sure this knife could cause such cut.
  15. Not saying it is, but to me that wound in that pic looks fake for several reasons.

    Fatty tissue too thick for that location, No ribs exposed, and the "dark area" just doesn't look right.

    < shrugs >
  16. Tony C Member

    The AP reported:

    "The pro-government Basij militia has held back its full fury during this week's street demonstrations. But witnesses say the force has unleashed its violence in shadowy nighttime raids, attacking suspected opposition sympathizers with axes, daggers, sticks and other crude weapons."

    Whether the pic is fake or not, the Basij militia is still killing people...
  17. Agreed.

    ( stupid 10 character limit )
  18. It certainly does matter that the picture is fake, how do you expect people to believe anything you say, if you post fake pictures to further your cause

    Disinformation and propoganda are not the exclusive reserve governments

    Be aware that, the current support for the greens coming from western regimes has nothing to do with the western leaders actually believing everything you people say, but simply because it suits their intention of bringing down the old Iran

    Be carefull what alliances you attempt to build, the Governments of the west are every bit as corrupt and
    Dictatorial as those in the east......they are just more subtle and less obvious with their methods
  19. Runa Member

    Baby shot in mother's wound (sorry, don't know if the pic's been posted before):


    Link to story

    Israeli soldiers don't play with knives. They shoot.
  20. quite right runa, they shoot in cold blood. but returning to the topic at hand, which is iran, the basij militia are quite happy to torture and kill dissidents. i don't think a little slashing is beneath them.
  21. Poor people

    The west is challenging the students and more pro western people in Iran to defy the authority there and destabilize the regime in Iran as part of the ongoing game of divide and conquer. Nejad won and the election is over. Nejad isn't an influential person or someone who managed to plant his cousins and buddies in places of power. his power is mainly from the 70% poor iranians the west never thinks of and infact managed to hurt during the iran/iraq war. Iranian youth need jobs and prospects and if the west wants to provide that to them they should lift the embargo on iran, which is tied to the nuclear rights of iran and the whole Iranian resistance to the western israeli plan for the middle east. so the western governments and their media are challenging the students to go out and get killed so the west can use that to press Iran on the other issues. hence, like a virgin.
  22. yes because sadegh and nejad arent bed buddies right? go kiss the false ayatollah's shoes.
  23. what?

    your mom's name is sadegh? and she's in bed with nejad? wow.... baaaaaad nejad ;)
  24. Wassap

    Yo dudes how the revolution going

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