Want to accept faxes from Iran

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. We are putting up a website so that people can fax things out of Iran to us. The webpage would be better with Farsi translations of the instructions. Can anyone do this? The website is .

    If you can translate, please send to

  2. AR. Member

    Someone did that already? Because the grammar is good.
  3. thanks guys good job
  4. Excellent work. As many communication channels as possible will help.
  5. Excellent work.
    Thank you
  6. This needs to be posted on Twitter and Digg to get more exposure.
  7. translator still needed

    Andrew from here. One guy helped us out a lot already, but he seems unavailable now. So we still need Farsi translators. You can email as Eric said, or you can email , which will go to all of us.

  8. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Andrew, your website lists +1 888 shouldn't you provide the country code, or is that what they dial to get int'l call to fax.
  9. 888 number

    note that i switched it to a 773 number. thanks everyone who pointed out that you cant call an 888 number from outside the country.
  10. iran fax project number

    +1 773 321 0202

    Recommended that you use public fax machines in case faxes to our number can be traced.

    English/Farsi OK
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  13. AR. Member This is the digg, pls digg it!!!!

    @Original poster: you put the english text you want to translate and i see if i can help you with that. (my parents can write farsi, not me)
  14. We need translators to go to the threads on how to access proxy/ tor relay for Iranian users. Its all in english! Its under the keeping your anonymity in Iran thread. There is too much for just one person.
  15. I don't know about the Farsi but the English is very strong.

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