W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anoninator, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Anoninator Member

    (W/M)inneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    Overall this raid was "epic amount of medium win" as said by Arch. I feel this time we were able to do moar serious business and less lulzy-dickery.

    Speeches were made by Funk, Chopsy, and Arch. Arch's as always were very entertaining. The main raid went off without a hitch, aside from Soren dying twice during the entire day. I do believe the gent is alright at this point in time, so no worries. I distributed 300 fliers, plus anyone else's fliers. The fail-battery lived up to it's name and failed about 2 hours early. (I have possession of the battery this month, and it is charging as we speak, and will remain trickle charging until the morning of April 10th). When the music died we filled the empty sound void with chants and speeches. Flier output increased at this time as well.

    Around 12, a wonderfully nice and pretty lady from Jimmy Johns brought us all FREE sandwiches to the 20+ anons! They were delicious and we appreciate the kindness and support very much!

    After the raid we headed to a fine restaurant where we were treated with high class and great service. Towards the end of the meal someone stated that the curtains had been removed at the Minneapolis Org. I suggested to everyone that we head back to the org for instant flash raiding. We brought fliers and had moar win with handing them out. I snapped a pic of their "Ideal Org Fundraiser" thermometer, which was very very very low .


    An hour or two into flash raiding a very sketchy group of young African-American boys, around 12 years up to 15 years old, approached us flashing gang signs and screaming obscenities. They attempted to steal my camera, our battery, and Lumber's candy. After I confronted one of them he went around asking the anons if they could have candy.

    After a few minutes of these kids being here, I encouraged them to go into the org to ask questions. A handful of scilons were in the org having a quiet little meeting when all of the sudden 10-15 little, loud, and obnoxious black kids waltzed in and demanded answers to questions. The Scilons replied with "They are a bunch of stupid idiots, get out" Win.

    Eventually we dispersed candy amongst them as they seemed to have calmed down. One stupid little bitch grabbed a handful of hard candies and whipped them as hard as he could at the window of the Scientology org. Fat Angry Door Lady moved faster then I've ever seen a fat lady move, to the front door on her cell phone calling the police. Luckily a nice DID rep was walking by a bit earlier and decided to stick around and observe the large group of kids. The DID called it into the PD immediately and told them of the Anon's innocence. All was forgiven.

    After that me and Lumber took off. Soren decided to die again as we were leaving. He's seemingly fine... again.

    The raid was win. Tons of fliers were distributed.

    tl;dr Raid was win, black kids almost closed the pool, Jimmy John's is so freaky fast you didn't even know you ordered it.
  2. Crappy Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    /r/ing pic of thermometer.
  3. Anoninator Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

  4. amaX Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! Can't wait to see pix!
  5. Anoninator Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    Here is the short fail-video of all the little nigglets exiting the org. They were trying to steal my camera so I had to tuck it away...
  6. new guy Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    Very nice.
  7. Belladonna Member

    Re: (W/M)inneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    I love hearing stories like this. Great work.
  8. steelhand Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    whats a DID?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    whats a DID?
  10. MeganonOT8 Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10


  11. Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    Heck yes, free food.

    Oh, and we [strike]stole[/strike] borrowed a couple of your anons on this day, and they were great. Not only were they looking sharp, but they were extremely knowledgeable and great at speaking with the public as well as a lot of fun to be around.

    Just more evidence that Minny produces win.
  12. Anoninator Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10

    DID is some Downtown improvement bullshit. They have no real authority but have a direct link with the local PD.

    Anyways, I guess I forgot to post this pic. Enjoy.

    Minneapolis Scilons plan on moving to the soon to be renovated St. Paul "Ideal Org" which will be the largest org in the midwest. Here is their current funds on the project (the thermometer). Funny, didn;t they say construction was starting now? Something is fishy...

  13. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: W/Minneapolis post game report - 3/13/10


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