Vulture ministers invade the Bahamas

Discussion in 'Situation Rooms' started by Triumph, Sep 6, 2019.

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    John Travolta couldn't stop the hurricane with his OT Powas?

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    strip mall of empty Front group funhouses gets the first wave of down-stat Scientologist amends rejects ready to toss their kids under the yellow bus
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    Mirit was in charge (president) of the Florida VM's she posts her VM BS here
    Scientologist Ryan Prescott does most of the posts

    Ryans Crappy book on Kindle
    More signs that things are really going totally great for the Church of Scientology right now (Ryan Prescott)
    By Tony Ortega | May 10, 2019
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    #see crazy hashtags

    the Airport Is underwater and the runway Is severly damaged
    they are struggling to set up Helicopter ports..

    the only way in Is by Boat..

    JT will have to mind teleport the Vulture Ministers and supplies


    using an old photo. in their latest PR

    its a shakedown-Give us Money
    if your not going to Go in,Give us your Kids

    Golden Age of Trapped like Rats

    in 2011 Haiti they invaded the Haitian Embassy ,,lead by Sylvia Standard and the Reverand John "I smell Puthy" Carmichael
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    they cant get more than 20 people to actually travel to the Bahamas
    90% will be kids taken out of School from Clearwater Academy and Washburn Academy
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    Mexican VM's with Los Topos "Mayor" Hector Mendez (right)

    this is the group in Pompano Beach Fla ...

    where they rented a Boat..

    Gecko - 82' Predator Yacht in South Florida (With Captain) just $9K
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    cue Gilligans Isle theme song
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    How many Scientologists does it take to load a truck?
    As many as you can squeeze into a Photo Op
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    all public info


    N900TW newly registered as of the 13-Mar-2019 to VNE VENTURES LLC in CLEARWATER FL 2014 SOCATA TBM 700
    Fixed wing single engine
    (7 seats / 1 engine)

    VNE VENTURES LLC in CLEARWATER FL 33 N GARDEN AVE to Steve Anderson L130001316050&aggregateId=flal-l13000131605-bea2c5d4-09a3-4649-9027-564eb76983e6&searchTerm=Vne Ventures, LLC&listNameOrder=VNEVENTURES L130001316050

    it's Steve and Jennifer Anderson — Platinum Meritorious ($2.5 million) Steve has multiple businesses at the 33 N GARDEN AVE..

    departing Clearwater in 3 minutes to Freeport Bahamas 21m total travel time

    its made 1 flight to the Bahamas on the 7th

    2 minutes
    Expected to depart shortly
    en route


    Took longer that estimated
    didn't travel at top speed the entire flight.
    might be due to being cargo heavy.

    took off on time.
    46 minutes longer than its estimated arrival time
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    the site says the would depart Palm Beach Int 22 minutes ago.
    hasn't taken off ...

    Glitch on the web site or something forced them to land at Plam Beach int
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    Palm Beach was handling the flight traffic

    the flight
    left Freeport and returned straight thru to Clearwater.. never stopping in Palm beach Int.
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    way too many doing so little

    I don't have the key - I thought you have the key
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    Cary Ghoulston second from left
    spearheaded the Scientology VM mission to round up stray Orphans in the pre and post aftermath in Haiti 2010

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    another Flight on the 11th (3rd)

    the last flight (9th) they were supposed to land at Palm Beach airport before their return to Clearwater
    they blew right past the Palm Beach Int.Airport

    this time the flight was DIVERTED to Palm Beach Int,..w/a 22-minute delay

    can't blow off flight plans coming into the country

    those extra landings cost $$$$
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