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  1. Voiceless Transcripts

    Hey all. I'm planning on reading out the messages from the Voiceless on the 15th and beyond. To make it easier for everyone else to do so I transcribed 3 of the videos. Will add more as I finish them.

    Sorry if this has all ready been done, I didn't notice it (Eyes closed, due to tears).

    Anon vs. Scientology: Message to Anonymous from Voiceless
    Voiceless, a loosely connected group of ex-scientologists and others who have experienced the pain of Scientology's "Disconnection" policy, send a message of support to Anonymous.

    Music: Loud Pipes by Ratatat, (“Classics” album)

    A Message From Voiceless to Scientologists Everywhere
    Voiceless, a loosely-connected group of ex-scientologists, sends a message of solidarity to Scientologists, to the public and to Anonymous.

    Music: 'The Funeral' by Band of Horses

    Message to Scientology Management from Voiceless
    Dear Church of Scientology: Give us our families back.

    Music: by CocoRosie

    P.S - I cried so much transcribing the message to the management. I hope it helps someone.
  2. orly Member

    Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Thanks for the transcipts.

    We really need to spread these videos more; I'm surprised they haven't been getting more attention, considering they're the ones we're fighting for.
  3. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Good job. These are really moving and I think that they should be heard by the general public as well.
  4. Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Message to Scientology Staff by Voiceless8C
    Message to Church of Scientology Auditors by Voiceless8C
    Letter to Church of Scientology Public by Voiceless8C
    Voiceless8C provides a set of very in depth messages. They may be difficult to give in speech form at a protest but any Anons with a knack for public speaking may find these transcripts helpful. Voiceless8C very kindly put these transcripts in the video summaries, so I did not have to type these out.
  5. DarkL Member

    Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Bump for great justice. These deserve much more attention.
  6. Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Letter to Scientology Sea Org Members by Voiceless8C

    Once again a huge thank you to Voiceless8c if you are reading this, for posting the text along side the video.

    *EDIT - Just thought I'd add, I once again cried like a baby at the messages at the end.
    *Edit Edit -
    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. And we hear you. Good luck Voiceless.
  7. Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Bump for great justice. I'm going to try reading these tomorrow at a flyer day if I get the chance. Come on Anon, give a voice to the voiceless!
  8. Voiceless8c Member

    Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Thank you for yours support Anon.

    Voiceless message in response to Fair Gaming of Anonymous:

  9. nymphaea Member

    Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Is there anyone who can extract the audio from this?? This would be great to include in our soundtracks.
  10. Voiceless8c Member

    Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    We will transfer the sound to mp3 today. We need somewhere to upload them. Anyone has any ideas where we can put them?

  11. Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Would Rapidshare work?
  12. Voiceless8c Member

  13. nymphaea Member

    Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Brilliant. Saved. Will use. over a megaphone.
  14. Re: Voiceless Transcripts

  15. toejamz Member

  16. Cachapoal Member

    Re: Voiceless Transcripts

    Letterto Scientology Child: From Voiceless8c

    YouTube - Letter to Scientology Child.


    Dear Scientology Child,

    We are sorry. We didn’t know any better at the time. We failed you. There is no justification for what you have gone through, there is no Overts and Withhold list that can make things better, no Lower Conditions that can change the past.

    These messages are for you.

    “As for me, and my children: they are both dead. Enforced abortion. I was married at the time. There was no real reason to abort. I did it for the Sea Org. So I could stay.

    I would have a 14 year old and a 6 year old now.”

    “After I got declared she got hounded by the Org to disconnect from me - she works for a Scn run company and all of her friends where "in". So, she lied and said she disconnected. She lies to the company she works for when she comes to visit me. She doesn't keep my address in her cell phone or in her house, in case one of her churchy friends gets nosy and finds it. She still has a few churchy friends and still works for a Scn run company, but she's slowly getting away from all of that.”

    “I would like to apologise to my four children.

    To my eldest for my not being strong enough to be your real "Mum" and for being pressured into staying on staff instead.

    To you all I apologise for all the times I did not really hear you. For the times I translated your words into the language of Scientology instead of really hearing what you said.

    For the times I did not see you, seeing instead "big thetans in little bodies" instead of the child you were, who needed unconditional love.

    For the times I was not there when you needed me as I tried to save the world elsewhere.

    For not keeping you safe from the influences that led to conflicting views on drugs, authority and approval, (you will know what I mean.)

    For subjecting (some of) you to the chaos of the Scientology school as it was established and those gut wrenching times.

    You are all terrific and no matter any differences of opinion we may have, I love you.”

    “There is a lot I would like to say about my children who endured the Sea Org for 12 and 13 yrs of their lives.

    It took me three years to get them out after I myself left - three years of fear and threats and lies. I'm only sorry I didn't succeed when I originally left. I could have stopped the cadet org abuse from ever occurring.

    I found out after my children had grown how they were beaten and sexually abused while in the Cadet org. I wish I had known.

    For everything that happened to them - at the beach when they were forcefully taken from me - to their stint in the Cadet org in PAC I am so truly sorry. They won't talk about that time in their lives. I don't blame them.

    I won't go into details - many things happened and many are bad. They are free and they are living their lives happily now.

    For that I thank God!


    “My Son, I am sorry for the neglect I subjected you to while I was on staff. You deserved my love and care, instead you received ethics handlings and fear. Please forgive me.”

    “I was going through a very serious crisis, and concerned that I might be dangerous to myself and others, and the Church fed this idea by declaring me a "Suppressive Person". I was compliant with this, and decided it would be best for you if I left, and if I didn't insinuate myself into your lives. I thought it would be best for you if I cut the cord…
    Nitza, I recently watched the movie "Hard Problems", and it was wonderful to see you again, even if through a movie camera.
    Zeb, I'm very proud of you for your success, and glad to see that you have remained the person I remember so well from your early years, although you've obviously grown a lot and deepened into the man you're becoming.
    Gabby, what can I say. A daughter is famously the apple of a father's eye, and you are no exception, for me.
    I am very sorry for my poor judgment being involved with that Church, and words cannot express how sorry I am that you paid the price for my ignorance and poor judgment when I was a teen parent.
    Kevin G. Brady”

    “My children suffered at great lengths at the hands of their Scientology Step-dad. He molested them and justified it by saying they were "old souls" and were responsible for their own condition. My youngest was 3 years old. The Church of Scientology did not want me to turn him in...... He gets out in 5 years after nearly doing 20 years. Somehow it is just not long enough.”

    Dear Scientology Child,
    We are here for you now.
    We will not forget.
    We are many.
    We are expecting you.
  17. Cachapoal Member

    pls digg Letter to Scientology Children

    Digg - Letter to Scientology Children

    If you have any connections with main or alternative media, please forward the video link.

    These stories are why the CofS must stop the abuse.


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