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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Cyber Null, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Cyber Null Member

    What program use those who post Anonymous videos? To make that kind of voice?
  2. another123 Member (text to voice) has many voice/language selections. You can use the online version (and do it a paragraph at a time) of download a free demo pgrm.
    demo voices ( click voice dropdown to view selection [david us is the norm for anon])
    Also: protip-think phonetic spelling while using these.
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  3. Cyber Null Member

    Thank you my friend. :)
  4. Ilsanya Member

    ok what program do u use to make a video?
  5. droW kcaB Member

    Umm... It's pretty simple & basic actually. To record your pc screen you can use different tools such as Camstudio, Hypercam 2!
  6. Anonydeth Member

    I use this {mod edit: deleted bad link} I find it easy and straightforward
  7. Anonydeth Member

    LOL not anymore! that thing u posted another123, the Cepstral, man perfect! But short in the demo i just saved a bunch of them to make the msg. like 7 of them, and used Audacity to merge the smaller files, and copied the file into 2 stereo tracks each pitch shifted differently...I created one of them talking heads in advance, in case my initiative is see the unfinished product go to and download the html file, open in your browser of choice...nowhere near finished as yet but u get the if i can only RIP it somehow!!
  8. telomere Member

  9. Anonydeth Member

    as in take the audio/video out of it, as there are no av links in the embed code...indeed, the only way i could share it with you was to upload it someplace as an html file
  10. telomere Member

    so this thing you created is a windows executable?

    You want us to download and run it?
  11. In VLC, 1.1.12, there is now an exporting wizard that will handle files.

    File>Streaming/Exporting Wizard...
  12. Anonymous Member

    Openshot, worth moving to Linux for.
  13. telomere Member

    could you repost the ling?
    that one is no good (points to a bare windows executable)

    also no good.
  14. we are legion
  15. Horatio Primo Member

  16. Horatio Primo Member

  17. fishypants Moderator

  18. DeathHamster Member

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  19. To further assist you ,you may get the full version using these details :

    Name: Black Rider
    * Company: BRD Cult
    * License Key: [redacted]
  20. Dot Member

  21. There are a lot of softwares out there that you can utilise to convert your voice into that anonymous type. But you should be aware about the consequences that it might bring if you use it incorrectly. With that said, you can try MorphVox. That is probably the best one in it's category. You can also refer to some other tools if this is not what you are looking for.

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  22. Uknown user Member

  23. Dana Brosnan Member

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  24. kumarkalpita Member

    A top, popular, and trending AI-based Text to Speech web application is called Speakatoo. In just a few easy steps, create voiceovers that sound entirely human.
    The tool is renowned for its Client Satisfaction, Award Winning Support, and Ease of Use.
    The programme has been created such that it translates any text into 100% Human Voiceovers in over 120 Languages & 700 Voices quickly & effortlessly, regardless of whether you are a techie or a learner. Marathi Text to speech converter

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