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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by mama2mudbugs, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. mama2mudbugs Member

    Hi! Since I was chased out of a thread while discussing vitamins (sorry again guys for that OT post) It was suggested I make a new thread concerning the vitamins.

    Does anyone know why they do not include iron, copper and zinc to their dose?
    I wasn't sure if there was a religious issue with metals and certain minerals?
    Maybe the inner alien is allergic to them?

    It seems to me one of the most legit vitamins a rehab clinic would give out would be iron (especially in women). Most people who don't lead a healthy lifestyle are deficient in iron. Low iron levels slow down healing and causes bruising and all of that good stuff.
    I am sure the majority of women on here have had to take iron supplements at some point in their lives.. either with pregnancy or anemia ..etc etc..

    I find it extremely strange that iron is not being given as well as copper and zinc.

    The sad part of the vitamin program is many of those vitamins DO have a positive effect on the body in proper doses. Can vitamins cure you from drug addiction? Of course not! Can they help your body recover from an unhealthy lifestyle? YES!
    However the most patients would need is a Flinstones multi...
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  2. Anonymous Member

    What makes you think the purif has anything to do with health?
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  3. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Iron in high doses is toxic. Same with Copper and Zinc.

    Welcome to WWP. Grow a thick skin and don't fret being chased off a thread or getting attacked.
  4. mama2mudbugs Member

    Yes, it is toxic. However in proper doses Iron would most likely be the one vitamin recovering addicts would need.
  5. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    True. Also Niacin is a valuable vitamin if given in the right doses...

    ...however, Scientology is not exactly known for being "Scientific" or "a religion". So, when these "geniuses" (and I use the term sarcastically), they are doing a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) and/or following L Ron's drivel on dosing recommendations. They are hardly using the recommended doses given by medical organizations.

    Now, please forgive me if I am not making sense to you as I am joining your convo mid-stream. I don't know where you began this convo that is making you ask your questions.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    cross post
    The example of appropriate high-dose vitamins in someone who also takes appropriate narcotics is right on target IMHO.
    Mama has life-threatening problems. She can't absorb normal amounts of vitamins from her gut. She takes appropriate amounts of vitamins for her condition and it sounds like appropriate amounts of opiates.
    She shows how her doses are LESS than Narconon vimtamin-vomit given to people who don't need them.
    All high dose vitamin use is not 'woo woo' medicine. Narconon has damaged the understanding of appropriate medical care that uses vitamins.
    Their quackery has made appropriate care look suspicious.
    If these people had appropriate care they would still be alive.
  7. mama2mudbugs Member

    Here is the link that explains my interest:

    The short version is I am a Gastric Bypass patient 8years post op. vitamins keep me alive and I am closely watched by a REAL DR and tested every 6 months to ensure my levels are where they should be. Intelligence posted the vitamin schedule (page 7 of that thread) and I went a little nuts :p
    I only absorb 30-40% of what I take and the reason why I take such large amounts as can be seen on my description in that thread. These folks absorb 100% and are taking more then I do all without being medically monitored and tested.

    One thing I did notice on that vitamin dosing schedule was iron, copper and zinc were completely absent. I would think even mainstream rehab clinics would see the benefit of iron supplements ! IE... its good for the body even if it is just a vitamin. Since they go way overboard with the other supplements I was curious why iron is left out? I wondered if there was some religious reasoning.
  8. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    When it comes to Scientology (Narconon is a front company for Scientology), it is hard to tell...

    The problem with Scientology's regimen of vitamins is that their founder, L Ron Hubbard, sold their followers pseudo-science. He believed you could avoid smoking a whole fuckton of cigs. He believed that a regimen of obscene amounts of niacin was "ok"... for newborns. So if LRH said "Do this...", that is the only logic involved in their heads.

    As for why no iron, zinc, or copper: Xenu only knows.
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  9. mama2mudbugs Member

    I understand that part. I guess the vitamin *cure all* just really pisses me off. There is such misinformation about vitamins to start with and this makes it so much harder to educate people. Vitamins are wonderful things to take. However if you reach your required amount you need ~ the rest is waste. Taking more Niacin then your body requires does not super charge your niacin levels... just like this Narconon ... it all turns to crap. ~ literally.

    Giving a drug addict vitamins is a great option. I personally think all rehabs should look into it. The addicts in the rehab most likely did not take good care of their body before entering. Their body is going through a lot of stresses while rehab. Many addicts vomit constantly while getting clean.. this makes the vitamin requirements more important. In short, drug addicts are at an extremely high risk of being deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Adding super charged amounts however only puts more stress on their fragile bodies.

    I am shocked and confused that they are allowed to serve the community as a public institution (in public I mean anyone can go in there and join) with levels of supplements that can do permanent damage to the human body. It seems to me the FDA would have fined or shut them down many years ago.
  10. Anonymous Member

    L Ron Hubbard made it up. There is no reason, it is just something he pulled out of the air. That is all there is to it.
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  11. anon walker Moderator

    I can explain this. The whole wonky program was cooked up in the festering brain of a drug addled pulp fiction hack who knew nothing about medicine, but read just enough to be dangerous. Anything you may note that's odd about this program compared with your real medical experience is due to the fact that Hubbard just pulled things out of his nethers, presented them as truth, and the little culties clap hip hip hooray with joy.

    The program is complete quackery. Taking medical advice from college dropout science fiction writers is a bad idea.
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  12. mama2mudbugs Member

    Well I need to change hats I guess. I only have my moderate crazy hat. got to dig through the closet for my truly insane hat. (sigh)

    it just makes zero sense to me. Maybe thats what is wrong.. trying to make sense of this. I totally understand that some religions/cultures/crazy people will require their population to do and take certain things that make no sense. I try and respect those people's belief and not poke fun of things I don't personally believe in.

    However this is a company serving the general public. Usually I can make some sense of topics ... granted it might be crazy but I can put 2 and 2 together. Even with Heaven's Gate cult ... I could see their point of view? Yeah, not going to join them (they do have a website with directions in case you want to catch up with them!) but I can put 2 and 2 together as to why they did it. This has no basis or reasoning to it.

    Yup, going to have to go find my super insane hat.
    (cuddles her B complex vitamins) "don't worry honey I won't ever abuse you ..or you... or you... kissie kissie face"
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Your mistake is to assume the Purif is anything other than a softening up process where a person's physical body is exhausted prior to the mind fucking that starts with the TRs and auditing.
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  14. mama2mudbugs Member

    Ok NOW this... yeah I can see this being what is going on. I get it.

    Vitamin A:
    The U.S. Institute of Medicine has established Daily Tolerable Upper Levels (UL) of intake for vitamin A from supplements that apply to healthy populations, in order to help prevent the risk of vitamin A toxicity. These levels for preformed vitamin A in micrograms (µg) and International Units (IU) are
    • 0–3 years: 600 µg or 2000 IU
    • 4–8 years: 900 µg or 3000 IU
    • 9–13 years: 1700 µg or 5665 IU
    • 14–18 years: 2800 µg or 9335 IU
    • 19+ years: 3000 µg or 10,000 IU
    Those are the Max tolerable levels... the highest being 10,000 IU
    Shit (can I say shit here?!) those poor people are taking 50,000 IU!
    Overdose of A:
    Signs of acute toxicity include nausea and vomiting, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, and loss of muscular coordination.

    I am sure some could consider that as wearing down a person.... and make that person more open to the audits.

    That is REALLY REALLY evil....
  15. Anonymous Member

    Mod edit: NSFW pic removed. Also, ew.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    OP, download this zip file (its safe, don't worry) and read some of the documents. It should answer some of your questions.


    REVISED 31 JULY 1985

    (Note All mineral and vitamin research was done under medical supervision.)


    This HCOB gives step by step increases of dosages of vitamins and minerals. Too long to copy here.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    So says Dr L Ron Hubbard, Nuclear Physicist:


  18. Anonymous Member

    "Taking niacin in such high amounts can be, to put it lightly, extremely hazardous to one’s health, according to Dr. Manoj K. Mittal, a fellow in Emergency Medicine at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

    In a case study that appeared in April’s edition of the Annals of Emergency Medicine, Mittal reported on two adults and two adolescents who suffered serious side effects from taking large amounts of niacin as a vitamin supplement.

    Both adult patients suffered skin irritation, while both adolescents had potentially fatal reactions to niacin—including liver toxicity and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) as well as nausea, vomiting and dizziness. One of the teens even experienced heart palpitations. All four patients recovered after treatment."




    You think that's evil? Read this

    Free Scientology Case Analysis of your child [ Sex: Excessive masturbation, other sex act, cruelty? ]

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