"virtuous pedophiles" and other sick things on the internet.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tinfoilhatter, May 17, 2016.

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  1. tinfoilhatter Member

    archive link to salon article defending pedos.

    I have been noticing a trend lately, where more left leaning progressive people seem to be defending pedophilia. At first i thought this was a blown out accusation by people on the alt-right, but i have been seeing too much pro-pedo stuff from the left to discount this accusation.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    IMHO this is a constant problem from the right every time there is a change in acceptable sexual orientation. Each time pedophiles try to attach their problem to a sexual orientation group and each time they are eventually rejected. Gay Rights activists didn't support pedophiles, LGBT activists don't support pedophiles.
    There is evidence that pedophillia is hard wired and not a choice, there isn't a problem with the sexual orientation as long as people don't act on it, including watching child porn. There are plenty of people in the world that don't act on sexual urges. Stop whining.
    Pundits say this is Germany supporting pedophilia but it's a government program to offer confidential treatment. I'm sure it will be abused in some way, but it's not supporting pedophilia.
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  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I'm on a roll.....
    This is Todd Nickerson
    "1) Todd Nickerson is currently in a group called Virtuous Pedophiles. Essentially, they are pedophiles who say they do not act on their urges. However, as late as 2005, Todd Nickerson was a moderator of, also known as girlchat or GC for short. Girlchat is a pedophile message board that is avowedly and often militantly "pro contact", that is, the board espouses sexual contact with minors.
    The obvious question is, if Todd Nickerson was always a "no contact" pedophile, why would he moderate a pro-contact message board? It seems an odd commitment to make. Why would he help run a message board for pedophiles that openly espoused sexual contact with children? "
    He is not what he proclaims- a non contact pedophile.
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  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    marcaba is Nickerson's forum name, he has admitted he was a mod on GirlChat

    The entire virtuous pedophile movement is a scam, he needs more exposure for what he is.
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  6. tinfoilhatter Member

    Careful what you wish for. I see you found the KIA reddit article on it. KIA voat may have found some disturbing stuff.

    A handful of these "journalists" and other "prominent" people in the games industry are too pro pedo for it to be coincidental. There appears to be a pattern forming. When we get more i will update everyone here.
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  7. JohnnyRUClear Member

    So, if you don't approve of this movement (whatever it actually is)... when a person finds that they are attracted to children, what should they do, in your view?
  8. tinfoilhatter Member

    The problem with these movements, is that they are not what they claim to be. Look at CP. How does that get distributed? All illicit material has a supply chain, and that supply chain is made up of people.

    I argue that this is a front to move cp, or to establish networks to move cp. I make this argument, because fronts like this have existed in the past, and always get found out. Odds are that this is what these guys are up to.
  9. Sadomacochists don't ask for understanding. Why pedophiles?
  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    You didn't answer my question. However, your answer does reasonably explain your antagonism toward the present entity as being based on (at least nominally) similar entities previously encountered, so thanks for that clarification.
  11. DeathHamster Member

  12. JohnnyRUClear Member

    7 minutes of "two minutes hate" later, there's still no suggestion of what *to* do. The vid maker calls pedophilia "a problem to be solved" but offers no suggestions.
  13. Xandor Member

    At first sorry for my very bad english.
    I am here because of an german Website. On this site, wich is mainly for young girls are hundrets of Pedophiles wich are sharing Childporn.
    In some Threads you can see Chaildporn Public, som Users are usin childporn as Profileimage.

    In Private messanges the Pedophiles ar shaering Images and Links to childporn.

    The Pedophiles are Hunting young girls via privat messenges and ask for nude Images ans Sexvideos.

    Pleas take a Look at the site:
    http://maedchenforum(dot)com MOD WARNING possible pedo link broken
  14. Xandor Member

  15. Why is pedophilia sick, huh? While it's acceptable to spread diseases without consent through even sicker acts like beastiality and polygamy it's not okay to have clean, consenting sex with minors? Who are able to draw the line anyway when we see little girls wanna become adults.. instead we say wwait and they'll stay single forever and men gets no pussy?? Humanity is the only animal to think like that.. consciously.. knwing animal rape is the most fucked up thing.. it's also okay to do drugs while ya pregnant apparently.. which could kill your fetus, bring forth abort and disabilities in ye children it's not okat to have an monogamous relationship with a 17 year old or 13 in some countries or whatever one year under is? And so what.. they'll just grow desperate in the end or kill themselves from both sides.. it's a fucked up humanity we live in.. pedophilia is even more acceptable in nature where's bestiality isn't.. and anyway.. we're The Great Thinking Ape.. we should know it spreads sickness beastiality, drugs and inbred.. but pedophilia? Nothing.. just pleasure.. ergh..
  16. The link doesn't show shish.. overreactive/sensitive people everywhere nowadays for no reason.. sure.. pedophilia spread diseases and makes them unhappy.. idiots.. let men decide how to rule the world because cunts are just making everything worse.. lit. and factually.. I'm into older people though.. also a bit little girls.. mostly just older.. because youth is fucked up on all kind of shish.. children with that will only give more problems..
  17. How do ya delete multiply poststs??
  18. How do ya pretend to be foreign mr pedo?
  19. Urgent clean up required here.
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  21. c'mon mods get a grip
  22. Bet

    He joined that group due to a lack of awareness and support for non offending pedophiles. He was trying to find people with the same sexual attraction as him but he was never a supporter of pro contact
  23. Bet

    A couple issues here but going to focus on the fact minor cannot consent. They can say yes but that’s not consent
  24. Then why was he on a chat board for active pedophiles? Do you mean he was lonely and only able to find support in that group?
  25. You just gave me a boner.

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