Village Voice under attack from NY Times, facts falsified

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ You are wasting your time guys. When you have to ask for ID first before having sex, that's hail mary for sex workers. That's the group demand abolition wants, and they switch to minor trafficking and whatever they can come up with to get their agenda through.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Just like every other U.S. newspaper right now over the past several years, Village Voice Media is feeling the heat from drastically reduced revenue due to the Internet. That's ironic because I think many of us either didn't really even know about or haven't paid much attention to Tony Ortega and The Village Voice until seeing his coverage of Scientology on WWP.

    So the real news is the number of advertisers who have yanked their ads from all the negative press about the child sex trafficking on If what's in the article is true, 27 have bailed and another 45 are still advertising and are being targeted these groups going after

    Village Voice Media needs to counter this somehow or they are fucked.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Money has no conscience. Good to remember.
  4. grebe Member

    Wait, High Times pulled out? I thought bitches n weed went together like pb&j.
  5. Anonymous Member

    I believe this is the point where Craigslist deleted the whole adult section.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, they deleted the section, but the services just migrated elsewhere. Mainly to dating section.
  7. Anonymous Member

    WTF. Now Anderson Cooper is doing a story on, tonight on AC360 at 8pm and 10pm:

    This is the teaser in the box at the top of his website:

    Then this is a further explanation in other text later on down:
  8. grebe Member

    And this is why the entire campaign seems so strange.

    If you want to outlaw something, I think you need the generic rather than the brand name.

    Imagine a campaign against iPhones based on the fact that X number of accidents last year were directly related to people fiddling with their iPhones instead of watching the road. Several infotainment newsy shows are done with tearful mothers talking about their beautiful babies now dead, due to iPhone.

    In response to a few weeks of media drama-rage, 5o senators and President Obama and Stop iPhone Murders Now! call upon Apple Computers to cease manufacture of the iPhone.

    Retarded, obviously. At least I hope it's obvious.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Now they have to close Twitter too!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Guise, I herd that Google and Facebook are going bankrupt. Better buy lots of shares in energy stocks, like Enron, which haz huge profits, and long track recordz of fiscal, um, stuffs, in Excel spreadthingys. Trufax.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Haha, there are plenty other specialized sites who want to take business from Backpages. Actually, other than individuals, these sites advertise for you free in twitter if you put ads on their sites, to draw people to their sites. Of course Facebook already has plenty of escorts. But Facebook search engine was deliberately dump so you have to know things from your friends. I'm sure if you look hard enough, you can find examples of "my pimp sell me over and over on Facebook, or twitter or whatever." Now it's good timing to close Facebook for good, it's IPO time without a specific date.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Three videos are up from Anderson Cooper's show on them reporting about They include interviews with Nicholas Kristof, Kamela Harris (California Attorney General), Liz McDougall (VV Media's attorney), as well as a number of parents.

    IMHO, if McDougall is the best that VV Media has to defend itself publicly, they're screwed. I've now seen her on here and several other shows. She sounds unconvincing in answering the reporter's questions. Why on earth would VV Media hire the same attorney who lost on the exact same attack against Craiglist's adult entertainment section?

  13. Anonymous Member

    If people have half the brain, nobody will need to watch such shows, and BP would not have to defend itself. Kristof will have to wank himself or tackle something illegal in itself.
  14. Herro Member

    Is the coward Tony Ortega still refusing to apologize?
  15. Squirrel King Member

    He said he would apologize if you do first.
  16. Herro Member

    I'm sorry for all those threads my presence has derailed :(

    Alright Tony "Pathetic Coward" Ortega, your turn.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    More on, now involving New York Congressmen and some major city mayors:
  19. Anonymous Member

    Lots of people believe in things.
  20. grebe Member

    I think it's time to buy stock in whatever company owns
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  21. Anonymous Member

    No dude, looks like the one to buy is See highlighted portion below.

    Long article is long, but has some very interesting data that doesn't seem to show up elsewhere.

    Bottom line is that with all the intense interest recently, looks like is cashing in even more. While that makes their short-term wallets grow fat, it will only give further fuel to all the people and organizations going against them on the medium and long-term.
  22. Anonymous Member
  23. HAHAHHA Fuck you Tony :)
  24. Anonymous Member
  25. It's probably Scientology. The reason I think so is that many words are misspelled, such as "company." Scientologists are notoriously bad spellers and grammarians. Most of them are high-school dropouts.
  26. Anonymous Member

    For those on the trafficking bandwagon, you are actually not going to win anything. The Craigslist is a win? It created the huge market that Backpages is in now. You may claim some symbolic win when the market is broken down into less visible smaller markets. The wrong approach doesn't right anything.

    For scilons, remember Anonymous? You may not realize it, but its much bigger than CoS now. It can topple govts. Whatever happens to VV is not significant. You may claim OT powers but in fact its only you are dumb enough to believe that any win is possible.
  27. Anonymous Member

    People of good will can topple governments. Anonymous is just this brand name, you know?
  28. Herro Member

    How many governments has Anonymous toppled?
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    Oh you didn't see the Tunisian government crippled by DoS attacks and you missed all the Guy Fawkes masks and the way citizens worked around the state censorship then, no?

    Lurk moar.
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  31. Herro Member

    I saw some pictures of a handful of people wearing Guy Fawkes masks and of course people did find ways around state censorship. Neither of those can lead you to say "Anonymous toppled the Tunisian government." Making such a claim betrays a profound ignorance of the complex situation in the country. As for the DoS, considering the fact that the government didn't rely upon any of those public websites to coordinate its response to the protests, I'd say that the DoS was essentially a non factor. Maybe it provided a small morale boost to some of the people taking part in the uprising. But again, to say "Anonymous toppled the Tunisian government" would be profoundly ignorant.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Herro, you would have a lot more fun doing picking fights in Wikipedia. But then you are probably not good enough to last there. scn became a small footnote when the world's newspaper report about Anonymous. It is scilon's (and demand abolitionist ) best hope not to attract attention. If you attack Tony, he will concentrate more fire on you, and now he has help from another of their OC newspapers. And all the abolitionist can't survive in sunlight due to their stupid past.
  33. Herro Member

  34. Kind of slanderous and not true jerk.
    - phil
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to WWP Phil. Surprised it took you six months to find the post to which you just responded.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I told you so !!!

    Thanks for the bump. Founder and owner of Village Voice sold all newspapers and guess what, keeping Backpages. It make more sense than closing down BP, until another adult corporation takes it's place. Craig and his whole team could have retired rich if he did this, before passing the chance to BP.
  38. Anonymous Member

    My memory of the Phil Cendella/Bruce McMahan relationship is lacking. Can anyone give me a TL/DR version?
  39. Anonymous Member

    How is your cooperation with Scientology working out for you Phil? Have you heard that Scientology actually imprisons people on their bases which are surrounded by gates with barbed wire?Y ou have no problem with that kind of human slavery? You're more than happy to look the other way, as long as your agenda of eliminating any kinds of sex-work is promoted?
    You appear to be quite content with yourself, posting links to Scientology website VVpimps. Look deep inside your Christian self. Is working with the cult of Scientology the ethical thing to do?
  40. Anonymous Member

    There is none. Phil Cendella works to eliminate any types of sex work. He finally hit the jackpot when he started calling all prostitutes "human trafficking victims". It had a better ring to it.
    Bruce McMahan fucked and married his own daughter. He is also a billionaire.
    I suppose the poster was trying to make a point that Phil is not concerned with rich perverts, and instead of fighting them, he fights a message board such as backpage (and not the actual traffickers or pimps).
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