Village Voice under attack from NY Times, facts falsified

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    So this is not really a Scientology story, but it hurts the Village Voice, whose editor Tony Ortega has been a key figure in Scientology reporting.

    As you all know, the Village Voice media owns a site named the backpage. It is quite similar to Craig's list, with one difference - it allows adult adds. About two years ago, backpage came under attack from Christian groups, who alleged that the backpage facilitates the trafficking of minors. The Village Voice people responded by stating that those adds are covered by the first amendment (freedom of speech) and that the backpage has tens if not hundreds of employees who monitor the site and cooperate with the law enforcement if they see suspicious adds.

    I will not enter into a discussion who is wrong and who is right in this situation. However, it appears that Scientology jumped on the bandwagon and opened a website called the Village Voice Pimps, where it calls Tony Ortega a pimp, trying to "dead-agent" him. Of course the owner of the site, who also has a Twitter account does not identify himself, so it's impossible to know for certain who is behind it, but it sure looks like OSA.

    On Saturday, NY Times writer Nick Kristof published an article called "Where pimps peddle their goods," describing a story of a young woman who was victimized at the age of 16 and forced into prostitution. In his article he placed the blame exclusively on the backpage and the Village Voice. He even states:

    The problem - backpage did not exist when Alyssa was first pimped, and later on it had no presence in any of the cities were she was pimped. Here is a response from the Village Voice:

    I am concerned that we will see more and more attacks on the Village Voice of that kind, which of course might affect Tony Ortega's reporting on Scientology and thus will hurt project Chanology. I bet OSA is real happy right now.
    Hence, please read the whole story and comment if you can.
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  2. rof Member

    holy shit

    fuck that
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Did you read the article? Cause according to the response by the VV the NYT got it wrong.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Also, there is nothing new about the cult trying to discredit and smear critics.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Why would OSA be happy?
  6. Anonymous Member

    "When Village Voice Media contacted Kristof last night, he initially speculated that Alissa, subsequent to the events described in his column, returned to prostitution. In her court account, she testified that as an adult, she briefly returned to sex work in Philadelphia in 2006, thought it unsafe and, after a couple of days moved to New Jersey. did not operate in New Jersey in 2006. "
  7. Anonymous Member

    Hire a PI to prove she was paid by the Scientology corporation to perjure herself.
    David Miscavige has a history of paying people to lie for him in court. See for example

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Nick Kristof dun goofed?
  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Because OSA can discredit Tony O by calling him the Village Voice pimp. Even Marcotai, the stupid troll on Tony's blog refers to him as a pimp.
    I mean obviously Tony O has nothing to do with the backpage, and the backpage does not advertise on the Village Voice, they are just owned by the same company. However, it's irritating when OSA gets ammunition and that moron Kristof provides it.
  11. Anonymous Member

    The dead agenting is probably a scilon, but the anti-backpage movement is a lot bigger than them. There's the abolish prostitution camp (most are porn abolitionist too) . When the anti-prostitution banner failed, they use the anti-human trafficking banner, and assume every prostitute are trafficked victims. They successfully closed down Craigslist adult section, using the half truth story of a domestic trafficking victim, but not after forcing Craigslist to earn millions by charging for advertisement in that section. Advertisers moved on to Backpages, which has been a for profit competitor to Craigslist. Craig's has been right. If you don't let them advertise, they will move on to some where else, and pollute the dating sections. And before Craigslist become popular, there are many sites doing just that, and still are, some are earning more than Backpages.

    Sex workers are against these abolitionist. This is another US export, forcing nations to pledge against trafficking and prostitution. When it comes to Thailand, the thuggery police just march into red light district and round up prostitutions, who lost money they earned, lost time in jail, and then come back out to make up the losses.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Interesting.
    America is kind of phoney in this sense. I mean it's the laws that force prostitution under-ground and make them vulnerable, as they cannot complain to the police. In Europe (some countries) prostitution is legal, prostitutes pay taxes and enjoy the protection of the law enforcement. Plus, they have to undergo medical tests once a week for STDs. Sounds like a much better solution to me.
    Blaming the backpage for what pimps are doing is just ridiculous. It's the failure of the law enforcement, not an internet pin board.
    Also - I agree with you. Many women go into sex industry by choice, to pay for college and so on. I have a friend who worked as a stripper [she is a dancer] while in college. Helped her pay off her loans. She was not trafficked and never thought of herself as the victim. She has a descent transitional career right now.
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    I guess Kristof has missed all the children scientology has victimised and forced into slavery.

    Since OSA failed the direct attack on VV, they have incited an attack via the NYT. I don't think Chanology will be hurt by the attack on VV.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    So, the whore is Kristof, or someone higher up at the NYT?
  15. Anonymous Member

    I always find the tempest over sex workers to be so one-sided. I agree there should be no one who is coerced or underaged doing this, but the two sex workers I personally know are these middle-aged BBWs who offer a night of home cooked meal plus a lot of cuddling next to voluminous mom-like bosoms. Not really the stereotype the antis like to push.

    The women I know who were sexually exploited in their younger years were abused by their families and their social and professional circles and were never 'put up for sale' in any conventional sense.

    Prostitution should be, as anon above stated, legal and regulated. That would solve many abuses right there.
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  16. Random guy Member

    I just hope VV won't be hurt by it.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Anon above.

    I also know some Dommes.

    Just try to exploit them. Just try.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Kristof's blog....

    where he posts a response. The guy fails at logic.

    Responding to Village Voice on Sex Trafficking
    Posted: March 21, 2012, 10:58 am

    Here's his other contact pages:
  19. Anonymous Member

    Mkay... the 'sex workers' I have known (and I have known quite a few, mainly owing to having grown up in a neighborhood with a lot of poor people) have to a one been either victims of child abuse or the children of prostitutes and/or drug addicts and/or pimps. No college students and no home cooked titties. While I agree that legalization and (heavy duty) regulation would on balance help the people in that 'industry' I think citing the examples above is disingenuous.

    Anyhow, as the paper of record NYT should lrn2factcheck.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Kristof is now saying that he got the victim's date of birth wrong by a year in his original post. And the plot thickens.....
  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Looks as if the NYT is going to suffer more than VV by a long shot.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    I think it's Kristof. He is generally a good guy, a Pulitzer winner. The problem is that there is this big fight against the adult industry in the US. It didn't catch on when the far right was fighting porn or prostitution in general. But now they are calling it "human trafficking". I think Kristof reporting on real human trafficking in other parts of the world. I suppose all of a sudden he decided that it would be even more sensational to say that there is a huge human trafficking problem right under our noses, in the US. He probably means well, but he sensationalizes the issue, probably is trying to get a third Pulitzer.
    In this case, the girl was totally victimized, I mean poor her. The girl came from a broken home, had a crack addict mother. Met the pimp on the streets. Was abused and sold to six other different pimps. Horrible story, no doubt. But really - the FBI, the cops, the child protection authorities are not at blame, but the backpage is? This is ridiculous. Shutting down the page won't get the problem go away. Google and Yahoo also have adult adds. The problem is broken homes and the facts that prostitutes cannot complain to the police in fear of being arrested, rather than helped.
    So yeah....while Kristof might mean well, I find his crusade misguided.
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  24. another123 Member

    Moar (older) third-party analysis by some outside the controversy:
    Is Backpage Responsible for Kidnapping and Rape?

    "...As Daniel Fisher points out at Forbes, the reality of sex marketing is more complicated than Kristof admits. While Craigslist no longer has an "adult services" section, for example, thinly veiled sex-for-money ads have migrated to the "personals" section, where they are harder to monitor. "Want to find more professionals quick?" Fisher writes. "Search for 'Asian massage' on Google, or ' escorts new york.'" Fisher argues that Village Voice Media has been unfairly singled out for criticism, especially since it cooperates with police, endeavors to make advertisers traceable by requiring credit card numbers, and "responds to subpoenas within hours." In fact, he says, that is how police identified Baby Face's pimp, who had written "a plain-vanilla personal ad for 'labor day weekend fun' with a 21-year-old." [more]

    If your late to the whole sordid he-said she-said saga, you can follow it here: item
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  25. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Interesting articles. I haven't seen those until now.
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  26. Anonymous Member sounds fucking awesome
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Economic coercion is still coercion. Coercion is wrong. Prostitution will never go away without legit educational and economic opportunities to replace it. Ridding ourselves of draconian drug laws might help as well in exposing and dissolving these crime networks.

    And at the lowest level the desperate will always be desperate. In the end though, I must come down on the side of consenting adults and reasonable regulation.

    And yes, the NYT is absolutely fail at fact check and this fact needs more exposure.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Prostitution is a valuable and social service for many who would otherwise have to suffer a life of celibacy because they are unable to find a sexual partner without paying a pro.
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  30. Cudgel Member

    Once upon a time I thought Kristof might have been a good journalist. Now all he seems to write about are things that get him press, fuck the story. Not checking his facts proves that he's just a grandstanding twit with a large podium.

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  31. Anonymous Member

    It looks like he has re-written his post from this morning once again. The trouble is - he doesn't state that the post is "updated" or "corrected".
    Is there any way of getting all the previous versions of his article?
  32. mongrel Member

    Can I get a blackendeckeren robbertje there?
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  33. grebe Member

    So a guy with two Pulitzers at the New York Times calls for a boycott of the Village Voice based on half truths he never bothered to check. Ok, that dude is a fucktard of the highest order.

    Kristoff should be fired or the NY Times should suck my balls. One of the two.
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  34. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Naaa but he should be required to write 10 stories exposing Scientology as penance.
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  35. adhocrat Member

    deja 1984
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  36. kilgoretrout Member

    Make Sex Workers independent businesses. Apply Labor Law. I have no vested interest in the sex trade. Ignoring that there is a sex trade is stupid and blind. We could at least impose age limits and health standards. Contractors always wear a helmet.
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  37. kilgoretrout Member

    convo got off track. Sorry Dudes and Dudettes. Gonna abide for a while.
  38. Anonymous Member

    How many hookers has Kristoff fucked? Does he buy boys or girls?
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  39. grebe Member

    It's not just Kristoff's failure to do his fact checking job. It's also his public campaign against another newspaper in his own town using an emotional sad little girl anecdote. That's herding the wogs, not journalism. If we tolerate this sort of behavior from writers at the New York Times, we will be preemptively invading a lot more countries in the future.

    Fuck off, Kristoff.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    NYT has lied the American people into war how many times? This is more par for the course, is all. Small potatoes, even.

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