Village Voice: Scientology Chillin' With Hip Hop! A Video That Cannot Be Unseen

Discussion in 'Media' started by AnonLover, Nov 17, 2011.

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    I doubt that photo was taken in 2005, I'd say the time-stamp is wrong.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Chill E.B.'s Scientology thing is just the latest in a long line. He has been a shill for SEGA, Nike shoes, Sony PlayStation, Häagen-Dazs etc.

    In October 2008 he released a song on Amazon "Remember the Heroes" that seems to have been recorded in Mad Hatter Studios. "A song written and recorded by me and my nephew Shamon Cassette, aka Medisin, aka Cerebral Vortex in response to 9/11"

    The "Y'all Busted" video was posted on YouTube in May 2010.
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    well it was before Aug 2008 unless its the reincarnate corpse of Isaac Hayes or a wax dummy
    Isaac looks healthy there so it was well before 2007 and could possibly be 2006

    when do you think it was taken.
  7. AnonLover Member

    dude cleans up nice without the billygoat beard braids.
  8. Anonymous Member

    theta creata
    looks like its a Video and photography production studio

    Theta Creata facebook
    theta Creata studios (its the rooftop where the Chill E B video was shot)

    Tim Sabtino

    more Cult More Chill EB
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    Blown For Good know more about this

    Madhatters studios You Tube channel has one video
    Guess who's it is
  11. Anonymous Member

    Chill E Chink Cockweights are international
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Chill E shilling in Israel
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  13. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Shit, this guy is mobbed by fans everywhere he goes.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Dlian IN the stretched out Y'all busted shirt works for his Agent-the other guy Is a Tour Guide
  15. Smurf Member

    The lady (seen in a number of photos with Chill E.Boob) is his current squeeze, Dilan McAlister. She founded Hug Helpers.
  16. DeathHamster Member

    6331 Hollywood Blvd being the Hollywood Guarantee Building, CoS/RTC/WISE/etc HQ.
  17. DeathHamster Member

    That's about as clammy as it gets.
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  18. AnonLover Member

    Oh snap! ^^Nice find DH!!
  19. xenubarb Member

    Zombie thread is down the hall to your left.
  20. xenubarb Member

    I was thinkin Jack Sparrow, but I like your observation mo bettah!
  21. Anonymous Member

    IAS selected wrong song to lip-sync too. Much moar appropriate choice, IMHO:
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  22. Anonymous Member

    the vid would be great to that song there are "NO OTs"
  23. Anonymous Member

    That's not a bad thing. It means that if Scientology won't treat him right, or he'll get a better offer he'll have no problem walking out. And if he is stupid enough, he might even talk about his Scientology one day. In the mean time I can't help but think that he's been severly told off or handled for talking with TonyO.
  24. Anonymous Member

    One trait cults share is the difficult to leave. Though it doesn't exactly apply to Chill E.B.'s case, what makes you think having a better offer will make him walk out? Clearly, he has many associates who are Scientologists. Personally, like all cult members, Chill will have a very difficult time leaving, even if he gets a better offer.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Yep. He's now getting a true taste of cult life. And now he'll do what they say, because just like any other $cientologist coward, he hasn't got the balls to tell the cult PR folk to step off.

    And he thinks he's on a bridge to total freedom, LOLOL
  26. Anonymous Member

    In his "interview" he said that he read only one book. He told Smurf that he is not on the bridge. I think he is just a hired gun, I don't think he is a Scientologist.
  27. Smurf Member

  28. "Y'all Busted" T-shirt should be the new FLAG flying over David Miscavige's razor-wire enclosed modern day slave camp @ The 'Church' of Scientology's Gold-Base.

    Y'All Busted, tiny terror dm shown here in happier times with 'Daddy' Hubbard.......
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Anyone using Google to look up Chill EB or CCHR will be under NO doubt that it's a $cilon front.

    His failure to mention $cientology only makes it look worse for him.

    Clam rapper is a walking PR flap now. Won't be long before he is back on his ass waiting for his money like all the others.
  30. Anonymous Member

    And interestingly enough, he is not even a Scientologist himself. He is just on their payrol. Been on the payroll since 2005.
  31. Anonymous Member

    I have noticed this type of thing with other obvious scn's who are not listed in completions lists. Mostly in media, corporate exec's, etc.

    Carolyn Steinke, près of CCHR in some state(dont remember) for decades. Board member of Citizens for an Honest Govt but nothing in freedom mags. Can someone enlighten me?
  32. Anonymous Member

    I wonder what the difference is between what Chill EB was promised in cash, and what he has actually received.
  33. DeathHamster Member

    I'm sure that they'd like to recruit him. Perhaps he's got an unhandled problem like drug addiction or auto-erotic asphyxiation? They don't ever want to have an acknowledged Scientologist celebritard doing a public meltdown.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    You know you're fucked when even readers of the Christian Posts are using you as a lulzcow. Ha ha!!
  36. Smurf Member

    Chill E.Boob is claiming this video report justifies is why he's a tool for the cult.

    "BREAKING NEWS: This is but 1 reason I do what I do & take the position I take." posted 18 hours ago

  37. Anonymous Member

    Chill the Shill needs to visit link
    and to hear about the tesitmonies about the Cadet Org and the Scientology nurseries.
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