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Discussion in 'Videos' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 15, 2009.

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  2. Iran - Neda's mother mourning - مادر ندا در سوگ دختر بی گناهش

    (New Video)

    Iran - Neda's mother mourning - مادر ندا در سوگ دختر بی گناهش
    Neda's mother mourning on her beloved daughter's grave

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    Sorry if its a repost but vids like this make me sick. Its either propaganda ore trolling.

  4. winds of change

    [ame=]YouTube - Jurassic Fart[/ame]
  5. peacejunkietv Member

    Peace junkie tv: Iran

    Hi all,

    I believe to get some traction, to try and create real chanfe you guys have got to try and communicate with those elsewhere in different circles in a engage in a way that translates to their sensibilities.

    Here's the first episode of my vlog. The preliminary episode is on Iran:

    In short: Use existing forums to engage people. Talk, comment and link to get people really interested. THe more conenctions you make the more awareness you create.

    Have a look on current tv at my post and perhaps comment on it offer links - there are plenty of people who would want to ask questions - how about some of you make your selves available to answer them?

  6. Barab Barab - Natarsid! (a video for keeping up the spirit)

  7. Watch these videos



  8. Manipulatin this mother

    You stupid idiots manipulating this mother for your own ugly purposes. No body knows who killed Neda. Who would benefits most? CIA, Reza Pahlavi and USA /West!
    Iranian government would be stupid to kill a young lady like Neda. It would give them very bad publicity.

    Do you have evidence? You people have you never learnt to think independently and critical?

    Watch this videos:

    Neda wants to know who the real killer is! Do you know Mr. Judge who killed Neda?

    Neda would Damn you from her grave! Poor mother who is manipulated. All my salute to her mother; i hope she recovers, because her daughter is sacrificed in US destabilization of Iran.
  9. Watch these videos

  10. Please continue spreading this video!!

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