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Discussion in 'Videos' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 15, 2009.

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    ---another death

    :(:(:(:( how many more?
  2. from-iran Member

    dont kno wat to say........

    tnx for the uploads
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  6. desegregations sweeper

    no more blood :(
  7. cnewq5 Member

    HOPI emergency solidarity meeting, London, 20 June

    Hands Off the People of Iran

    These are from the HOPI YouTube channel and the HOPI news blog. See also the HOPI website.

    "Here are the videos of yesterdays solidarity meeting, which was attended by over 40 people and raised 230 pounds for our comrades struggling in Iran. The Speakers were Yassamine Mather and Moshe Machover with the Green Partys Jim Jepps in the Chair. To find out more about upcoming HOPI meetings, or to request a speaker for your organisation, campaign or union please get in touch with us at or on 07590429226."

    "Yassamine Mather opened up proceedings:"

    "Moshe Machover placed the developments in Iran in a regional context, looking at the Israeli governments reaction in particular:"

    "Both speakers then responded to questions from the floor:"

    "And then summed up proceedings:"

  8. Another student shot.

  9. Boy 7 yr, allegedly beaten by Basij.

    [ame=]YouTube - Basiji beats 7 year old boy - Tehran, Iran (June 20th 2009)[/ame]
  10. Isfahan killings

    These are from a few days ago. I havent seen many people who know about these, but this is not only happening in tehran, but everywhere.
    Neda is not alone...
    He was a student from Isfahan university... He is not alone.

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  12. cnewq5 Member

    Brave young woman kicks back @ brutal cops!

  13. Tony C Member

    That was awesome to watch!
  14. I haven't had such a huge grin on my face in days! wow! way to go!
  15. Fierce_Guppy Member

    Swarm of protestors rush the police!

    I'm hoping for a sequel.

  16. from-iran Member

  17. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

  18. 'Neda' [you will not defeat the people] -

    A song in memory of Neda, the girl who was shot dead on saturday.
    "If John Kennedy was alive today he would say, "I am an Iranian!" A woman called Neda died on the streets of Tehran this weekend. This is the real cost of freedom. This is not something many of us understand, I don't think. I have not felt this moved in my memory. Long live Neda!"

    NEDA (You Will Not Defeat The People!)

    Neda was a young girl
    She would not wear the hijab
    She walked out on the streets of Tehran
    To join the madding crowd

    She felt a burning fire in her chest
    And her blood began to flow
    You will not defeat the people
    When their lust for freedom grows

    Down down go the concrete statues
    Watch the faceless soldiers run
    You will not defeat the people
    With the bullets from your guns

    Neda was a young girl
    Her eyes were black as coal
    She walked out on to the streets of Tehran
    To take back some control

    Watch her father with her face in his hands
    Scream her name out to the sky
    You will not defeat the people
    When they learn that they can fly

    (First verse again...)

    You will not defeat the people
    When it's freedom that they know
    You will not defeat the people
    Crying Neda in the streets
    You will not defeat the people
    Crying Neda in their sleep.
  19. Ardalan Member

    Action of COWARDS

  20. Police vandalizing; 1st destroying a car, then spraying on the wall

  21. New video? (posted today)

  22. cnewq5 Member

    No turning back! Forward to victory!

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  24. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    tnx Mister
  25. Humanity Amongst the Oppresion

    Please pay particular attention to the final minute of the clip where the beaten Police Officer is being attended to and protected by some of the demonstrators.

    Shows the true nature of the Iranian people.
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  30. iranonimous Member

    [ame=]YouTube - Man gunned down in Iran while protesting[/ame]
  31. cnewq5 Member

    Iranian coercive state must be smashed

    "Iranian uprising needs defense militia to fight, disarm and break up the coercive state forces."
  32. cnewq5 Member

    IRAN ~ massacre of protesters ~ horrific testimony

    Tehran Baharestan ~ massacre of protesters in Iran ~ attacks by fascist-style gangs with clubs, shootings.

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