Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Madame_Guillotine, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. RolandRB Member

    Very indicative of Kelly Preston having Fragile X syndrome.
  2. Anonymous Member

    A clinical professional can easily come to a diagnoses of autistic traits after around a 20min observation period if the child suffered from the disorder. To do a clinical write-up (your license is on the line) would of course require more sessions and testing. In the case of this child I do believe they were aware of his disorder however they took no action to address hence his untimely death.
  3. Anonymous Member

    why'd this stuff get bumped today?
  4. RolandRB Member

    Because of rumors that Kelly Preston will soon be the next spokesperson for the Church of Scientology. The danger here is that if she is covering up her possible or even likely Fragile X syndrome and has covered up a disabled son when she was married to Kevin Gage then as spokesperson for the Church she might cover up the ongoing widespread child abuse and child exploitation that goes on in the Church that is required to keep it functioning at low cost.

    The Jett Travolta coverage is important to establish whether this was Kawasaki's syndrome or carpet cleaner solution or in fact he inherited a genetic disorder from Kelly Preston. As a spokeperson for the Church she must not be allowed to lie to disappear this because if she does then she will be lying about other conditions within the Church that is likely doing people harm.
  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Jett's autism was acknoledged by John Travolta in his affidavit to the Bahamas authorities.

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