Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Madame_Guillotine, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. catwoman30 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Oh for fuck's sake-I am an animal rights activist(unanonymous moment) and I don't go on Pro-Hunting forums for just this reason.The point you are missing is that we collectively feel bad Jett Travolta died-it's part of what has us so fired up.What the issue is....oh fuck I'm not even going to try to explain it.....See what this forum is about then check back-'mk?
  2. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    To any readers who disagree with us speculating on Jett's tragic death: I hope you are willing to consider our motivations for a minute.

    First of all, this is WhyWeProtest, an activist site against Scientology's human rights abuses.

    We are not attacking the Travolta's here, at least that's not what it's about. Jett's death is an immense loss to them. They must be aware of the controversy and it will not help in their grief. And that's sad.

    We also realize there is still a certain degree of speculation about whether his parents' beliefs contributed to Jett's death. So if you find us unsensitive for raising the subject, I can understand that.

    If is NOT immoral however. All of us here have studied Scientology in depth - we know it very well. Scientology EXPLICITLY orders to take people off drugs for epileptic seizures. And if your doctor disagrees, you are supposed to consider that 'goobledigook' (Hubbard's choice of words, not mine). As such, it is likely that Jett died as a direct result of his parents beliefs. Not certain, but really very likely. And sadly enough, he gets added to a very long list of fatalities from Scientology's warped views on healthcare.

    A kid died needlessly, and I am outraged because of that. Our protests are on his behalf, on behalf of all those who came before him and on behalf of the kids who will be saved a similar faith thanks to our activism.

    I'm not asking you to agree this is the right thing to do, but I hope you are willing to accept that our choice of action at least is acceptable.

    Thank you for your attention.

    PS. Any impoliteness you may encounter on this site is part of the Anonymous culture. Don't let it bother you too much, it's actually quit refreshing once you get used to it.
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    That might be why you're here. Not everyone else might agree with that.
  4. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I know whosit. I felt it was quite close enough to put it that way.

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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    foodforthought: good post.
    But...I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 types of people visiting the forum now or ever: CoS trolls, those who are curious to learn about scientology, us and what we are doing here and the third, most common type; people who know everything they need to from a brief glance at the spiderweb of complex issues here. These are the same people who are constantly annoyed at how stupid the rest of the world is. They will never have the emotional maturity to shut up and read and they will never know any more than they know right now.
  6. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    As a sibling of an autistic child, I'm kind of used to the behaviourisms and I have to say, while I'm not exactly qualified to diagnose someone, it does appear to me that Jett had behaviourisms associated with autism. I was kind of intrigued so I looked up pictures of him...amazingly there are not many of him which makes me wonder further as Scientology encourages the member to hide the person with a disability.
    From what I can gather, that if Jett was having seizures associated with autism (which can happen if left untreated) it would be against the moral code of Scientology to give him the medication needed for these seizures to stop and be against the beliefs to diagnose autism because it is not a recognised disability of the scientologist religion.
    Kawasaki syndrome is a potentially fatal inflammatory disease that affects several organ systems in the body, including the heart, circulatory system, mucous membranes, skin, and immune system. I don't really see how it could be related to seizures and on the site I visited it mentioned nothing about the sufferers having seizures. It's also curable? I don't know if I'm reading about the right thing but it says Kawasaki syndrome on the top so I'm going to presume it's the right thing.
    John's brother is very involved in autism and I recall it being written somewhere that he believed Jett had autism.
    Anyways, curiosity led me to the scientology website and all I can say is, it appears to be brainwashing people by preying on silly things we all get caught up by? Like bad grades? Some person was on a video saying "I used to get B's and A minuses but now I'm straight A's,"
    I'm not interested in becoming a scientologist, but I've started writing down everything I can about scientology because as far as I can see it is just one, big brainwashing cult.
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    You might be on to something there.
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    How can one approach the Government, when an arm of the Governent empowerd the cult to begin with with anti-constitutional agreements with said cult?
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    the travoltas are in denial,,,they are too embarrassed about jett having severe autism may also be retardeed & other cardio vascular problems,,autism is a paternal genetic defect..nothing can FIX autism ,if he was a regular person he would have been institutionized,,no average person can afford 2 mannies
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    aimsnolistening, if you go to: - The Official Website and click on pictures/ will see many with Jett on it.
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I agree with MG. I have worked with children in the Autism Spectrum for 5 years and even though they are all unique, there are many overlapping similarities in each and every one. The blank stare, the physical movements, the outbursts, etc. are all apparent at one time or another. I also agree that patience is the key, albeit sometimes very difficult to achieve under certain circumstances. Everything must be modified to ensure that autistic children live their lives to the fullest. It is a tough syndrome to wrap your head around but I have found that I am a much better person for having these children in my life. They are loving, caring individuals who just want what everyone else has and many times can't understand why they don't. If you ever have the opportunity to go through a day of training as being an "autistic" child you will come away with an entirely different perspective. It is my understanding that Scientology prevents identifying autism as it is not viewed as a physical illness. As a parent myself, I don't think anyone wants to face the possibility that their child is not "perfect" ( are any of them, really) but the other side of the coin makes me believe that I would do ANYTHING to get the provide the possible life for him or her. I am also strongly rooted in my own faith but I also believe that the Powers that be provide the means for me to get the help I need. My thoughts and prayers go out to that family and all the others in this world who are dealing with an illness and/or death of a child.
  12. Kilia Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    WebMd has given their report:

    Kawasaki Disease: No Link to Travolta Death
  13. none given Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Welcome home.
  14. none given Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Stop calling it a religion.
    It's not even really a cult. Cults are sincere.
    Scientology is just a fraud ring based on a pyramid scheme.
    Sometimes people laugh at religions or cults but no one attacks them.

    We are here because the Goverment will not protect the American people from a violent gang of thieves. David Miscavage and his thugs hide behind the idea of religion and laugh at those who respect other's faiths.
  15. none given Member

  16. RedOrbifold Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I do like that webmd quote...

    a lot of people go there instead of to their doctor,
    it's a very commonly used source...

    and they are skeptical
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Jeff is the guy (like a bodyguard) visible behind Jett and JT in the paparazzi shots of their meal in Paris; a stocky red-haired guy. He is also shown snatching a stolen moment with JT on the steps of N492JT some time last year. What he was doing during the night from 2 to 3 January is anyone's guess but he (and his wife?) and Jett apparently slept downstairs while JT (and no doubt his wife) slept upstairs. Weird set-up.
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I don't think people understand about autism. John & Kelly Travolta were NOT trying to "hide" Jett. People need to understand their situation and judge them when you don't even know.
    These parents were RESPONSIBLE for Jett. Whether this child had a disability is none of our business. I am not a scienctologist, but I respect people choice of religion.
    To be honest, and in my opinion Jett was severely autistic. But I wouldn't go as far as to show proof. That is the Travolta's choice to deal with things in their terms.
    I am the mother of a severely autistic 16 year old with seizures as well. My husband and I rarely take our son out into the community because of his behaviors (and he is on ALOT of meds for his behaviors) there is NO MEDICATION FOR AUTISM. We too have to hold his hand to keep him in arms lenghth cause he is a runner. He can get overly stimulated and can have a meltdown at anytime. What parents would want that? Stephen can have a meltdown if he is out of his routine. I completely understand the Travolta's. If I had the money too I would have caregivers as well so I can go out at times.
    And as far as seizures are concern, Stephen is on 1200 mg of Depakote for his gran mal seizures and he still has them.
    People I plead with you to be compassionate. John and Kelly were responsible and loving parents.
    And I love my son dearly but I just can't take him out of my house due to BEHAVIORS problems.
    Thank you very much
  19. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Jett was taken off of Depakote without any replacement medication, and was having a seizure at least once every four days. Scientology believes that all psychiatric medications are harmful, and believes that psychiatry is evil. Google "Psychiatry an Industry of Death". Scientology believes people with mental illnesses ar "degraded beings"
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Wow, 238,000 views

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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I just heard that in honor of Jett Travolta his father is setting up a foundation for children with .... Kawasaki Disease. It has it's own thread but thought it would be good to post it here also.
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Thank you for taking the time to comment here after hearing about the tragic death of Jett Travolta.

    I think the major point made here is that the Travoltas never acknowledged that Jett may have had autism. And they never did comprehensive testing to anyone's knowledge. This is because of the beliefs of scientology. So we will never truly know.

    I have never met them, so I have very limited information to go on, but there is evidence that their scientology beliefs resulted in not fully examining the medical issues Jett was facing, and had they done so, maybe this tragedy could be avoided.

    I know that I were in their position, (Having a child die in any kind of accident, or something where I wonder if I could have prevented it), these questions from outsiders would make me angry and heartbroken. But we ask because other children with parents in scientology may be at risk for similar issues...but we will never know because they are not famous. We are doing this to prevent other parents from a similar tragedy. Many people here have people with autism in their lives, and know that every family faces the challenges differently.

    While the lives of others are not "our business", if you see something possibly bad happening to someone else (especially a child), and you do not act, ...

  23. fotoanon Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    He can't really think Jett had that still....


    I bet the new foundation will be another scilon front, anyways.
  24. lucy1995 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    To Letty. . .my heart goes out to you. As I have stated, I have worked one on one across the spectrum of the autism syndrome and I know what you speak of. Some days it seems that everything is predictable but yet NOTHING is predictable. Thinks can change drastically in a heartbeat. Routine seems to be key and when that is disrupted it is hard to gain control of the situation. I would not use the word "hiding" either. . .it's more of a safety factor for all concerned. Behaviors can run from hot to cold and it's like walking on eggshells sometimes. BUT, again, these children are a joy to have in my life and I know how frustrating life is for them. They have taught me patience. They have taught me how to be compassionate. They have taught me what love really is. Keep up the good work with your son and know that there are people who understand.
  25. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    but there is medication for seizures.

    There is no medication for a broken arm, but there is codine.3 for pain. Do you see the relationship?

    You can treat symptoms or related condition to reduce the effect on "quality of life".
  26. none given Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Maybe he needs to set up a fund for kids who don't have autism
  27. none given Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Thank you for your informed contrubution. We are always looking for good information here.
    Please pardon me if I make one small correction to your post.

    Scientology is not a religion. Scientology is a fraud and blackmail ring.
    If you look around these forums a little you will learn some very shocking things about the worlds most sucessful criminal franchise.
  28. LettyVLO Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    My son is on 1200 mg of Depakote for his gran mal seizures but he still has them. The drug has ALOT of side effect. I am aware of possible liver damage.
    Jett was taking Depakote at one time for his seizures but was taken off because it wasn't helping. The seizures still come. :(
  29. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    So why do you continue medication with your son since he still has seizures anyway?

    1. Is the frequency of his seizures reduced?
    2. Is the intensity of his seizures reduced?
    3. Does the medication increase his quality of life?
    4. Does the medication reduce risk of his death related to seizures?

    The Travolta party has stated the Depakote reduced the frequency of the seizures to 1 every 3 weeks for a while. Clearly this indicates that Jett did respond to medication.

    It is common for a medications to become less effective over time, this IS expected, especially in developing adolescents. Since he did respond to medication and reduced his frequency to 1/5th of what it was untreated, the proper course of action is to try one or a combination of other medication to obtain similar results.

    If medication reduces the seizure frequency by 50%, you cut the risk of death in half.

    THEN, add to that the assumption that you may also be able to reduce the intensity of each seizure, you are now reducing the dangers exponentially.

    I know I would prefer to have 1/5 as many seizures, with reduced intensity.

    But, I guess since your son still has seizures anyway, you will taking him off his meds and risking his life to show support for the Travolta's.

    I can't wait to see the licensed persons who did not prescribe medication for Jetts seizure condition. How fast can the CCHR pull a psyc's license? *giggle*

    You are aware the church has hung this 100% on the family, the Travolta are responsible for the death of their own son.
  30. Mutante Member

  31. exOT8Michael Member

  32. MomE2Dallas Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Hi, I'm also the mom of a child with autism and have been really drawn to this story. Nine years ago next month my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. Over the years, I've seen pictures and videos that have made me feel very strongly that Jett also had autism. Maybe it is because my son and Jett look very much alike. I don't know but upon hearing of his death, I was strangely drawn to the story.

    I feel really strongly in my son's case that what has been his best therapy was total and complete acceptance from us, his parents. Autism is a part of him and always will be---we don't deny this, or try to hide this. We always talk about his autism as it is a part of him...not a good part or a bad part, just a part of who he is. The child who at the age of 2 was never expected to speak now never stops talking (albeit, still hard to understand for most....he's working on it). He wants to be a sports announcer and was nonverbal until the age of 6! Coincidentally, this was around the time that I began to accept that his autism would always be a part of him and realized to myself that autism was not only the reason for some of his weaknesses, but also the reason for some of his strengths.

    When I look at the video on the first page of this thread, my heart breaks for that boy. It is obvious that is parents love him, but based on their actions, they seem to have been denying who he is for years. To now hear that Travolta wants to financially support Kawasaki syndrome and not autism or other charities for developmentally delayed and/or even seizures is just another slap. It is also proof of the degree of denial and/or brainwashing he is truly under. The Kawasaki syndrome did not cause this child's long-term developmental delays. It did not cause his seizures. It is more likely that the Kawasaki syndrome was triggered by the bacteria/spores etc that were stirred up during frequent carpet cleanings than by the cleaners themselves. Nevertheless, it did not cause his long-term developmental delays.

    I am really sad that two parents could be apparently brainwashed to the point that they basically deny some of their child's very important needs. On the other hand, I don't want the government regulating my choices with regards to what medical treatments or therapies I decide to provide for my child. In my son's case, it was very apparent to me that receiving multiple vaccinations in one day at 15 months somehow triggered his autism. This has not been proven, but I made the decision that he would no longer receive vaccines. Some might feel that this is an abuse of my child. Others who also feel that mercury in vaccines is a trigger for autism might feel that I'm abusing my child by not giving him chelation treatments. It's just so hard to know that you are doing the right thing for your child!

    I guess what I'm saying is that while I'm concerned over this case and definitely over this "religion", at what point does it cross the line? I'm not certain what this child's outcome would have been had his family not denied a part of who he is. I'm not certain if the vitamin rituals they gave him contributed to his death; we will probably never know.

    I guess the reason this story touches me so deeply is because I know how much I love my child and I know that while others may not agree with some of my choices, I feel like I have done what is best for him. I am sure that Jett's parents felt the same way at that time. I do wish them the best.
  33. LettyVLO Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    If you must know why I choose to keep my son on Depakote the truth of the matter is, it does help with his aggression. Depakote is used to treat behavior problems in our kids of autism.
    Some people react well to depakote and will have fewer seizures. But in a case with severe autism like my son. The seizures still come. Depakote does not react as well due to their neurological disorder. That is my point.
    Tell me do you have a child with severe autism?? You are so quick to judge on this matter. How well do you know what a parent goes through with a child/teen with severe autism. Like Jett, my son is also non verbal. So alot of the time us parent have to guess what might be wrong and choosing a treatment plan is very critical.
    Being a parent is hard enough, having a child with special needs is even harder.
    I am not a scientologist but I believe in my heart that the Travolta's loved their child and took very good care of Jett.
  34. Mutante Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Indeed. And that is precisely why hiding from the truth of a proper medical diagnosis for years and years is one of the most irresponsible things a parent can do for all concerned.

    What you or I believe about Jett doesn't count. What matters is the viewpoint of qualified medical experts who have followed Jett's case and Travolta family members who have had first-hand experience without the influence of religious dogma.

    That way we can make sure if we ourselves are parents of children with seizure disorders, we can give the best care and avoid getting caught up in dangerous - possibly fatal - pseudo-science.
  35. none given Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Thank you for your post. It is good for us to hear from people who have real experence with autism and your post touches on some very important issues. Issues that relate to us and our struggle against the cult. If you look around here you will see that none of us ever agree on anything except $cientology and your point about goverment's possible intrusion into personal medical decisions is a good one.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
  36. none given Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Hi Letty.

    One of the names Anonymous has been called is "The army from Hell." I won't bother to explain why.

    Most reciently we have spent the last year trading mind-fucks with a brainwashing cult. It has not helped our manners.
    Please do not take anything here personally. We are brutal, honest and plain-dealing. We are also in the middle of doing something that is important to our cause.
    We feel the Travoltas were misled and decieved. Their money and fame was exploited and in that process a child died. That keeps happening: this is the third or fourth scientologist we have watched die because of these policies since we started doing this.
    We really, really, need to make it stop.
    I hope you will consider why we have this attitude.
  37. CynicMD Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I am a doctor and I specialize in diagnosing learning disabilities for children. I have a gift where I can look a child in the eye and see things aren't working correctly in their mind. The examination process is obviously more involved than me eyeballing the patient for awhile, but I am always correct.

    I am really busy right now because parents never want to admit that their children are less than perfect, and instead they must bring them to me and beg me to tell them that there is something wrong with their children. A large majority of the parents are actually disappointed when something ISN'T wrong with their child, when they can't hang their hat on there being a tangible problem to explain why they seem to be failing in raising their children.

    The other side of the coin I run into quite frequently is the parents that do have defective children don't want to admit that there is a problem. They will take none of the proper steps required to ensure that the child realizes their special potential. Some of them seem to hold themselves to blame, like THEY are at fault, and they can't deal with it so they become irrational and the patent suffers as a result. My professional opinion is that John Travolta is in this category. It is also my professional opinion that this tragic death is a result of the neglect directly preached by scientology. This poor child isn't the first death caused by scientology, and it won't be the last.
  38. LettyVLO Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Thank you I understand your point about scientology. Alot of their teaching I don't agree with.
    As I parent of a severelely autistic 16 yr old son, I knew what they went through with Jett. These poor children/teens are helpless as can be. They need to have 24 hour care and they are severely impaired and lack judgement. I personally know ALOT of parents who choose not to have their children on meds simply because the side effects they have. And they are not scientologist. I just wanted to point out that the Travolta's handled their son the best way they know how. They weren't trying to hide Jett. They loved their son dearly. Simple as that. Meds for autism and seizures don't always work for them.
    Thank you and I hope you can understand my view as well.
  39. pardmepard Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I can't believe Tommy D and the clam$ are exploiting Jett Travolta's Death, how sick can you be ? Anything to hard sell Scientology, sick fucks. they haven't even scattered the ashes yet. He did this on the day of Jett's memorial? wtf ?Don't they care a poor child has died ?
    Their coming out in droves, like cockroaches when a light is shut off.

    Unfortunately is was Jett's Light.

    Poons anyone ?
  40. dwest Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    You sound like a really good mother. Your son is lucky to have you.

    May I ask a question? Did you try more than one medication for your son's seizures? If you answered already, just let me know and I'll go back and reread your posts.

    I worked with many children who suffered from autism and seizure disorders. It is sad when children are not able to control their seizures no matter what medications they have taken. One teen was finally placed on phenobarbital simply in hope that her increasing seizures would, at least, not continue to become worse. In her case, the medication also helped her behavior.

    Also, as someone who lived near JT I do know they used to hide Jett. In my opinion, it was due to the fact he was hiding his autism as several times I saw him with his other child at places where even the children who were set off by small sensory incidents were not any worse in their behavior.

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