Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Madame_Guillotine, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    If you watch him you will definitely see he is special needs. A seventeen year old does not usually need to be lead by his father and guided by the shoulder by a handler. You will also note to 100 mile look and slack facial features. If you go 1:20 left you will see two kinds of stimming, the rocking and him watching his hand while moving it. Definite signs of autism.

    Now the question of his special needs is out, and you can see how nervous John and Kelly were about this, the question is what treatments, good or bad has he had from this Scientological parents?

    I posted this on IMDb but it was deleted twice, make that three times.

    Edit; in light of the untimely death of Jett, and the number of views this thread is getting here are some links of interest and importance on the subject. When I originally posted this I had no idea that Jett was in so much danger. If Anon had taken on the cause of Jett more strongly would he have survived? Probably not. But I hope his tragic death will help to end the deaths of other children in this cult that are in the same danger.

    Sadly Jett's name needs to be added here.
    Scientology associated deaths

    Woman denied psych treatment by Scientology parents: I just butchered my family

    Scientology --- Scientology Crime Cult Hotel of Horrors
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  2. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Actually unless the kid is being mistreated I don't care what the parents are doing for him.

    Sorry this kind of shit (stalking his kids and using them to prove a point) is fucking vile and retarded.

    Good luck with this jihad though.
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  3. Daywatch Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    you say vile and retarded like its a BAD thing
  4. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Gee I'm sorry. I would have thought anyone posting on this thread would have bothered to find out, or already know what it is about.
    Do I need to spoon feed you the information or can you find google and type scientology and autism and jett travolta?

    Now what is the phrase? Lurk moar?
  5. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Wow...yeah, that kid does not look like he's a normally developed 17 yr old...
  6. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Actually a lot of people are worried about the treatment Jett is getting. and the fact John and his beard say infatically he isn't. Well because Autism doesn't exist according to Co$.

    And while the little girl has been parade like Suri for years there have been almost nothing about Jett. In fact, just last year in an interview when John was asked if they did have another child what would he like, he said since they had their princess he would like a boy. Like Jett didn't even exist, in that way it was good they had him in Paris with them.
  7. fotoanon Member

  8. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Yeah I can see my point went way over your fucking head.
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  9. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Looks like mine went right over yours, too. Guess I'll use smaller words.
    Yes, if Jett is autistic, as a child of scientologists he is probably being abused through painful and uneffective 'detox' methods that have killed many people. He is also not getting the help or understanding he needs, since since his parents cult does not believe in meds that might help, and Hubbard taught that mentally ill, autistics, etc. are that way because they are flawed and less than human.

    Hubbard's solution was to "put them all away quietly and without sorrow. "
    You know like an old dog?

    Getting through yet?

    Travolta's own brother did a fabulous documentary on understanding autistic people. John and Kelly wouldn't go to it.
  10. celtg Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    looking at Jett I don't really see autism but probably some sort of brain damage. but then this is just my opinion.
  11. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Someone else told me the same thing. That to them it remind them of a child they knew who was brain damaged.

    If that's the case I hope to God it wasn't due to some damn detox procedure Kelly has been harping on.
  12. anyjane Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Internet Doctors ITT.
  13. mko Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Ain't just sciops that try to hide away autistic children, my own family tried to do it to me.
  14. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Not internet Doctors. Just a life time and career of working with special needs kids.
  15. skidmark Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    The poor kid looks like he's being arrested in the first half of the video. I almost expected to hear him scream "what the fuck, let go of me!"
  16. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Ok, so I'm dumb, what kind of treatment is there for autism anyways? I thought all you could do was help them out and take care of them. So if they are taking care of him, and leading him around, even if they don't admit he has it, they are indeed taking care of it. Or are there medicines and such for it that they aren't giving him?
  17. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Top grunge,

    It is complicated. There is some meds that help with some things, but the best two things you can do is to modify teaching techniques to help them learn their way and most important accept and respect them for who they are. Scientology does not respect them, they deny they have it or they fall into that below 2 on the tone scale. Hubbard's advice on that was to put them down, like at the vets.

    Of course there are a huge range of Autism, from those who never learn to walk or talk to the guy/gal standing behind you in line at the store that you really don't notice. Jett seems to be in the mid to severe range. It looks like he can speak, you can see him speaking to his mother, he does have a lot of stimming, or stimulating activities, like rocking and hand movements. These are used to sooth and help autistics cope. A lot of parents are ashamed if this, and it looks like the Travoltas fall into this category as they seem to stop him from doing this in the car.

    The worst scientology does to them is the harsh detox rituals that do not help and is dangerous. In includes large amounts of vitamins and water, no food, and hot sauna, wraps and hot tubs. A number of people have died from this. Kelly has said Jetts has under gone this at a young age in an attempt to cure him. Obviously it didn't work.

    I'm not saying the Travoltas don't love their son, but their religion teaches them to be ashamed of him, to get rid of him and forget him. I'm glad they haven't done that.

    I just wish he was in a family who wasn't in such a harmful atmosphere.
  18. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Yeah, the whole world believed like Scientology did back in the 50's. And things have been changing too slowly, with Scientology taking a very hard line and getting harsher. Even in the mid 70's my parents were told to send my special needs brother to a institution and forget he exists. My mother refused and fought for him through every years of school. My father is still embarrassed by his actions at times, but most people love my brother from the first time they meet him.

    I'm so sorry you had to put up with that. I'm not sure your age, but the 'refrigerator' mom belief put the blame on mothers for their childrens autism until I believe the mid 70's. Blaming the child or the mother is so wrong. We are who we are with faults, quirks, and wonderful diversity. The scienos still blame both a lot!
  19. moxie Member

  20. subgenius Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    This thread is relevent.
  21. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I'm so glad that your parents were strong enough to stand up to the people who "knew best" and kept your brother at home, with his family.
  22. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Moxie, I always thought that man's death was fishy to say the least. Just like Shawn Lonsdale's and others.
  23. monamia Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Looking at that tape, I see a family who loves Jett. He is included not secluded. It's a tough trick to not hide him away or exclude him from these experiences which HELP him learn. They seem reasonably protective but not overly paranoid. This is a tough trick, made a bit easier by money and staff, but still I respect them for their family love. And, I think big JT looks great with the new look.

    It is difficult to have a brain-damaged child and these families are heroic. They could elect to hide him away and they don't. It's a heart-breaking disorder, there are times when you look these kids in the eye and see a flash of what may have been. I have three friends, loving loving parents, with children that fall on the brain-damaged autism arc. For families without financial and educational resources, this challenge is absolutely unfathomable for most of us. We can blast JT all we want for his weird scientology ties, but as a parent, he's got my respect.

    ps: this video is not PROOF of Jett's autism, there are some indicators, but not enough for a diagnosis by the armchair anons.
  24. 043 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism




    I feel REALLY bad for that kid.
  25. whosit Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I don't think we should be guessing about what Jett's conditions are - could be autism or it could be something else. Its known that Scientology is shitty for anyone that has to deal with those circumstances. People may hate Travolta for the way he's raising his kid but net net would be

    Let's leave the innocent victims out of this. Jett doesn't need to be paraded in front of the group for us to know Scientology is shitty.
  26. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I agree they are very loving with him, I was very happy to see that. However; Autism or not. there are very strong proof that he is special needs, quite possibly autistic. No 17 year old would be lead and steered like that, not to mention the stimming.

    With a special needs brother and son, I know how tough it can be. But you must remember no child will ever fulfill the ideas and plans you have for them. Like any other child love them for who they are, for what amazing gifts they have, not what you wanted them to be. God gave most special needs children special gift and talents to teach the world. People with Williams Syndrome have such a gift for music, Downs kids have unconditional love for everyone, So many autistics have tremendous talents in logic, maths, etc. They can enrich a family as much as any child.

    What I worry about for Jett is his family's relgion and what they teach about autistic, mentally ill, special needs, etc. That they are to blame for their problems, that they just hold thier parents back and they are something to be ashamed about.

    So many celeb parents have come out to bring support to the various special needs their children have. John And Kellly have only said he had Kawalski's syndrome years ago. MAybe the fever from that caused brain damage, very logical. But they have never, ever talked about that and seem ashamed about his condition.

    The man who brought up this a few years ago met with a strange suicide, like so many other scientology detractors.
  27. subgenius Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Much love and respect to JT and Kelly. The fact that they're tragically misguided and mistaken is in no way a reflection on their love for this child.
  28. jar57 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    MKO how were You cured and God Bless
  29. monamia Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    so true, the "philosophy" of it all is very disturbing.
    frankly, i do not think parents need to discuss confidential medical information. it's supportive for special needs parents to come *out* (like neil & peggy young), but it is their private business.
  30. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I fully agree with this.

    Except neil and peggy young being good but then we'd be discussing taste as opposed to privacy and parenting.
  31. Anonse7en Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    First I had some questions: how long does it take to get into a fucking car? How come I feel like I’m watching a Sarah Pailin appeal to voters with special needs children? Could this be a “Scientology can cure your retard” commercial or am I just being perinoid? This kid obviously has mental disabilities, but anyone claiming to know what’s going on here or what this kid needs is just full of shit. I really don’t think this clip has any relevance to what we are fighting for. I see a family who is aware of their son’s problem and has hired, appropriate staff to handle the situation. I really feel like we are barking up the wrong tree when we try to find the flaws in individual celebrity Scientologists lives or families. I’m sure this kids gets better treatment then a lot of other children with mental disabilities. We have to remember the celeb Scilons see a completely different side of scientology then any of the other members. I really doubt there is any one telling Travolta how to handle his son. Even if they are they aren’t going to do anything that’s going to risk this kids life, just imagine the headlines “Scientology Kills Travolta’s Retard Son”. Ultimately even though he is the son of a Scientologist, he is the son of a movie star first and probably lives a better life than most of us poor normal people. While it’s important to expose scientology’s stance on retardation and gay’s, we should focus on evidence of them mistreating these groups of people, not a staged pop video shoot, where everyone involved acts perfectly normal. Thanks for the video anyways, I didn’t know about Jett, it really makes me feel sorry for those who aren’t as lucky as Jett trapped in this abomination , of a cult. The stars are distractions stay on target.
  32. auchraw Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    It's a great pity because when something does get through to him (at the end, in the car) and he switches on very briefly he's a lot better looking than his father. It also suggests there is a spark there if someone could reach it.

    But why pick on one Scientology kid? There are thousands of them at risk.
  33. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Hey flame me if you want or let this die.
    I posted it because the news of JEtt's situation nearly two years ago is one of the big things that got me involved in this. It;'s what really broke my heart as someone involved with special needs kids.

    I didn't post for action, just to share the info. I don't have an army, I don't need an army, just sharing info. After years of denial by scienos on IMDb about Jett, it meant something to see that they were lying, but like it was a surprise.

    I wasn't attacking Jett, God no! I wasn't even attacking the Travoltas even though I would love to see them get out for Jett's sake. He was an example of what happens to special needs kids in Scientology. I'm done defending myself, And I'm outta here.

    Flame away.
  34. monamia Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    your posts are so valuable. and you make very critical and accurate points about the abuses of kids in scientology. it is a good good reason to be critical of the cult.
    ignore what seems to be personal attacks. stay.
  35. Lednir Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Don't mean to be contrary, but it seems unlikely that as a "celebrity kid" Jett is getting the same treatment as most people with his condition in scientology. Reason is that the Travoltas obviously care about him a lot, if the "church" started insisting on painful and dangerous treatments for him, the Travoltas might decide to blow, taking the story to a hell of a lot of newspapers about what the "church" wanted to do, causing serious damage. It's more likely that the celebrity families are placed in a bubble where they only see the deranged, rather than dangerous side of the cult, to prevent that from happening.
    tl;dr: The leaders of scientology may be stupid, but probably not stupid enough to insist on mistreating the child of a celebrity.
  36. mongrel Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism


    I would wager that it's the same situation as hiding the RPF from celebrities and making exceptions for popular gay people.
  37. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Autism Spectrum Disorder is a communicative developmental disorder. Children with autism who are unable to walk have some other physical mobility issue, such as CP (cerebral palsy). In other words, not walking is not part of the autism scale. I disagree that a parent trying to stop their child from self-stimming is a sign that they are embarrassed by such behavior. Quite often, the opposite is true. Self-stimming isn't necessarily a soothing technique. There are kids who self-stim by bashing their heads repeatedly into walls. The current theory of practice is to assist the child by breaking the self-stim pattern - by diverting their attention, guiding them on to another activity, etc. It is NOT recommended that children be allowed to self-stim without intervention. Rocking is often used as the soother - not self-stim. The reason we may not see Jett in many photos, etc. is that one of the most prevalent autism factors is the withdrawal and often fear of social interations. Often, stimulants such as sound and sight are hypersensitive in the autistic individual. For example, I once knew a young man whose hearing was so exaggerated that he could hear the blood rushing in the veins near his ears.Can you imagine someone who cannot handle light or noise being subjected to walking the red carpet with paparazzi and cameras everywhere? THAT would be abusive, IMHO. There is no medication for autism. Any medication prescribed is to offset some of the other conditions that may accompany the disorder, such as anxiety. Depending on where an autistic individual falls within the spectrum, they may be unable to understand any verbal or visual cues. Thus, many times they need to be physically guided to reach their destination. I could go on and on about this complicated disorder. I feel the Travoltas are being unjustly portrayed in this thread, and it is off-target. Even if we were all medical doctors, we could NOT diagnose someone via a video.
  38. Zigma Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    What a Tosser!, Skeptic1337 are you Autistic, Do you know what it is like not being able to speak properly untill your 8? I fucking well do. The worst thing is to do nothing living in a mute world is the worst thing ever. I can't remember anything from my childhood as a result and even to this day my Aspergers syndrome(higher functioning Autism) is really preverlant ask any of the Bristol anons.

    Jihad is not the word any of us would ever care to use. Remembering that people within Anonymous are no part of a single religion would not be a Holy War would it.

    To everyone else who is watching this Sorry but this guy should really be playing with traffic.

  39. whosit Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I don't think you should get flamed. I understand where you are coming from, intimately.

    Let this thread die.
  40. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Seems like me saying good luck trying to prove JTs kid has autism through a video and then that it should translate into some form of action (IDMB took my vid down 3 times! kinda shit) is an attack on autism or any who suffers from it.

    Far from it, my point is even if the kid has autism unless he's being mistreated and yes I can see where you would go to the edge of since his parents are scientologists it automatically means that, I'm not entirely sure the purpose.

    Meaning if JT says he doesn't have it and you can't prove otherwise all you'd be doing is trying to use the celeb status to drag some kid who probably has no clue what the fuck is going on with this whole deal as some sort of fucking poster child.

    In my opinion the exploitation of children for any purposes (and using this kid for propaganda purposes would be just that) is off the fucking reservation. Scientology has plenty of shit wrong with it without trolling to the depths of using celebutard kids to get a point across.

    I probably should have been more clear as to why I labeled it jihad but I was trying to make a point which obviously is too fucking over peoples heads and would seem common sense to me.

    Good luck with your aspers.

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