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    Audio is bad, I am not fluent enough to fully understand what he is say.

    Watching now, will post what I can understand from it when possible. But, real translation is needed.
  2. can someone please translate
  3. Mossadegh Member

    i'm listening, i haven't heard anything about dictatorship yet, but this is a very rough translation

    he says the hardest part of the revolution is complete and the people are quickly becoming freer than ever before... and that the full energies of the country must be put behind the islamic republic and...stresses importance of education? he says if we lead by example, everyone will rally around the light...

    he says the time is short, and the time has come for the use of all resources to achieve this goal and this movement, uh some of these words i can't understand :(

    he says he wanted to thank them for their excellent work and wisdom, and for their role in sparking interest in the movement in all the people

    i haven't heard anything that he usually wouldn't say, maybe someone who can understand him better can translate.
  4. I've read in bits and pieces throughout the discussion on NiteOwl's The Green Brief #6 ( that the speech is not talking about fraud at all.

    From what I've read, this is more a propaganda speech about progress and the steps that Iran must take in the future to become a true Islamic Republic. It talks about the youth of Iran upholding "Islamic Law", which implies that, according to Ahmadinejad, the rule of his political party is "the right way forward".

    This was recoded on video sometime before the election results came out, so it was probably an election gimmick. But you can hardly detect any trace of wrongdoing in terms of election fraud - just loads of his usual spoken bullshit.
  5. baghalizer Member

    Not about Fraud

    Yes, He's telling his usual bullshit and something about Islamic Law ( and he didn't mention anything about Islamic Republic).
    also he said some really bullshits that doesn't make any sense (he thanked people, like women who sold their jewels, and others who don't have any money but they lent from others)
  6. Cattypuss Member

    Ahmadinejad is a laughing stock throughout the world - he's an embarrassment to Iran. Educated Iranians within Iran and Iranian expats see right thru him. He relies on harnessing the uneducated masses to remain in power and uses the language of hatred towards the West. The problem has never been the West. The problem is internal imprisionment of the Iranian people under a hellish Islamic theoracy. I have a long memory. I remember well when the Ayatollah returned from France. As soon as his foot touched Iranian soil the bastardry started - women were forced back into the burka. Those that were slow to comply were beaten, had their faces disfigured with razor blades for wearing make-up. Iran was a madhouse for decades. The Iran/Iraq war saw Ahmadinejad engaging in behaviour like this:

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