Video: Project Chanology World Tour, 4th Anoniversary

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by strobe, May 11, 2012.

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  1. strobe Member

    As a largely decentralised bunch, it's easy to miss much of the Chanology win happening elsewhere in the world. So here's a compilation of all the Chanology protests (and some related clips) from February 2012 in one video. It's only a couple of months late.

    Unfortunately, Anonymous is still kicking ass worldwide. Unfortunate because it's ended up being half an hour long. But hey, I'm not going to guilt trip you into buying a crap bracelet from a bizarre and questionable charity using a cute kid and bullshit, and I promise not to run around the street naked. (But if that's your sort of thing...) There will also a very short version with just pictures (comprised of the start and end of this one), which I'll upload in a week or so.

    Thanks to everyone who provided the footage used, where it's available you can click the annotation in the corner to see the source video. I couldn't use every video (especially from the raid addicts in San Fran) and apologies if any cells got missed.
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  2. amaX Member

    clearwater was late with their Anoniversary so we didn't make it into the video.

    here's the image of our commemorative button:


    i promise it looks pretty cool on the button.

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  3. strobe Member

    Ah, apologies Clearwater. Maybe next year, eh? ;)
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  4. ravenanon Member

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  5. strobe Member

    Short edit with (mostly) just pictures and an excuse to bump my own thread:

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  6. GuyFox Member

    Glad to see so much of our footage in there :D

    Bloody shame we couldn't go through with our protest last Saturday. And the femanons had epic miniskirts ;(
  7. strobe Member

    It's not a party without Montreal. Hopefully Mr Love and the Lone Ranger will succeed in their efforts to quell the fail-law, for the sake of the epic miniskirts.
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