[video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. pooks Member

    [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

    This just in from the cult.

    In the midst of our biggest and most sweeping expansion, we're now celebrating the Freewinds' 20th Anniversary with a very special round of events. OT's from around the world have attended the OT Summit 2008 aboard our OT Ship, and now those events are coming to your Church of Scientology!

    To make sure you and all your friends don't miss these powerful and unique events, I'm sending you this rundown on the events so you can plan your calendar for the summer. The first of these events is right upon you!

    I'm also sending you a first-ever teaser video on this year's MV events — so you can see what you've got in store, and also pass the word on to your friends!

    [WARNING NOTE]: to see video and get schedule of events for your org
    go to this Scn site link:

    You are invited...

    Here's a briefing on what's in store for you:

    Opening Night: Setting the Course to a Whole New Universe. On Opening Night, there will be a "State of Scientology" briefing by Chairman of the Board RTC for all Scientologists. We're celebrating one year since the release of The Basics, and we're celebrating two decades of unprecedented OT accomplishments. Now, through combining OT power from every corner of Earth — with even more new Ideal Orgs rising across the globe — this is the night we take stock of massive, new potentials and reorient to a whole new universe. Click here for local times & locations >>

    Night II: FREEWINDS — Your OT Base — Setting Passage to Eternity Itself. This night is dedicated to the NEW Freewinds, as we commemorate her 20 years of service in the name of OT and show the grand view of her history over two decades with a never-before-heard LRH briefing on the Sea Organization. Click here for local times & locations >>

    Night III: A Source Briefing. Here the LRH Biographer presents a totally unique, never-before-heard briefing on L. Ron Hubbard that you won't want to miss. This event is for everybody—experienced Scientologists and newcomers alike. No one should miss the incredible adventures you will hear of at this event. Click here for local times & locations >>

    Night IV: Fourth-Dynamic Global Salvage. This night you will receive our "mid-year report" on the impact all members of the International Association of Scientologists are making across the planet with our broad 4th-Dynamic IAS-Sponsored campaigns, bringing real solutions to leaders and populations world-over. You will also see a special presentation of our latest strategic steps in those campaigns. All are key to achieving the Aims of Scientology and all of it is new, urgent and vital to everyone who cares about the future and planetary clearing. Click here for local times & locations >>

    Every event contains vital data you need to know as a Scientologist. And every Scientologist across six continents of Earth is being contacted to attend all of these events.

    To confirm your attendance, or to invite your friends, click here — and we will see you there!

    [WARNING NOTE]: the links to "click here" is the same link as above.


    Tad Reeves
    Internet Officer
    Church of Scientology International
  2. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

    "What can we do to wreck it?"
  3. Member

    Re: [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

    That video is just begging to be re-edited....
  4. LarryBren Member

    Re: [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

    One thing that annoys me about this is that I was on the actual maiden voyage of that ship and then on it again three more times. Two of the times I even brought my then younger daughter. All the time we were there, Miscavige knew the ship was full of asbestos. And in order to make thousands of dollars from me and my family he withheld that information.

    What a complete ass!

    Here is another joke about these events. Take the first of these events mentioned above where they talk about all the "expansion", specifically the new "Ideal Orgs" rising across the globe.

    Here is an example of what a total lie all that "expansion" news is:

    In that first event San Diego org will be listed as having one of these new "Ideal Orgs". Here is a copy of an email recently sent out from the San Diego org about this:

    WE'RE IN IT! there are even more Ideal Orgs rising across the globe . . . including San Diego! That's right, San Diego Org is featured in this year's Opening Night event! I guarantee you will be VERY PROUD!

    I wanted to give you some info regarding the first of this year's Maiden Voyage Anniversary events. The date and time are:

    Saturday, July 12th. Doors open at 6 pm and we'll begin promptly at 6:30 pm. The event will be held at the Church of Scientology of San Diego, 1330 4th Avenue, downtown.

    The Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center delivers this event from beginning to end. There is a state of Scientology briefing for all Scientologists. This is the night we take stock of massive new potentials and reorient to a whole new universe.

    Don't miss this event. Get your friends and family here too!

    With ARC,
    Gerri Fischman
    Executive Director
    Church of Scientology of San Diego"

    What they do not mention about this "great expansion" is that the San Diego org has not expanded and can in no way afford to fund a new building.

    Rather, over the past months I have gotten more than 50 emails from San Diego Org pleading for funds to buy the new "Ideal Org" building. They cannot afford it and have had to constantly reg their publics to donate for it setting up all kinds of award levels based on how much you donated. They have gotten so desperate in their emails that they were pleading for people to even hock their jewelry to get money to send for the building.

    Now, starting last week, the first email has come from San Diego org saying they can buy the building with the donations now but they have no money to make the renovations needed to make the building ready for them. Now they are emailing the same publics pleading for money to pay for the reservations.

    Bottom line: there is no expansion in San Diego org getting an "ideal org" building. Rather Miscavige and his flunkies are getting scientology public to pony up even more money that is not refundable and will get a property out of it that they can charge back to the San Diego org IF years from now San Diego org can even move into it.

    IMHO their public is drying up, they have huge potential refund liabilities, fewer people are going to orgs and taking major services and thus they are using these sort of gimmicks to get even more money out of their publics.

    Yet this, as in countless other examples, is all promoted as some great era of expansion.

    Organized scientology is built on lies and depends on lies not being discovered in order to continue to exist. Too bad for Miss Cabbage and his minions that Anonymous and those working with Anonymous are exposing the lies daily.

    I am proud to work with Anonymous and look forward to seeing many of you in Washginton DC on July 19!:cake2:

  5. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

    Did the original video ACTUALLY have "For Those In Peril On The Sea" in the background?

    And what's with the 8th grader CG?

    lol @ $cifag Inc's atrocious Marketing department

    Larry, have you gone with your daughter and got checked out for mesothelioma?
  6. genoramix Member

    Re: [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

    IT would be nice to print screen some of those mails and send them to wherever it would make the most mess..(although i have no idea where)
  7. LarryBren Member

    Re: [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

    What is wild is that I really misestimated how many emails I have gotten from San Diego org asking for money for the building. I just counted the ones I have saved. There have been 138 of them just since Feb 22, 08. Sometimes I would get four in a day.

    Here's the body of one from March 9:

    This fundraising activity was so successful it is being extended until March 18!
    Do you have items of value that you no longer have a use for? If so there is a way to cash them in to help fund the Ideal Org Building. Judy Scheuer, owner of Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers, will liquidate your fine valuables for CASH, with all proceeds of your TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION going directly to the Ideal Org Building fund. This must happen FAST, please dig through your jewelry box, closets, drawers, garage, knickknack shelves, nooks and crannies NOW THROUGH MARCH 18 for any items you no longer need or want that may have some value. Almost $20,000 has been raised so far!! It is amazing how fast these things add up. Every little bit counts. Together we can make a big effect!!


    Gold or other fine Jewelry– broken chains, old rings or other jewelry with diamonds, gemstones or plain.

    Sterling Silver Jewelry – Chains, pins, rings in any condition. If it is marked “925” or “Sterling”, it has some value.

    Sterling Silver or Plated Serving Ware or Flatware –Tea sets, bowls, trays, flatware, candlesticks, etc. Even if it is plated, one piece may not bring much but it adds up!

    Leaded Crystal/Cut Glass – Bowls, vases, stemware, such as Waterford, Mikasa, etc

    Figurines – Lladro, Royal Danish, Hummel, Bing & Grondahl, Dresden, etc

    Fine China – Any fine china table settings, serving pieces, cups & saucers, modern or vintage.

    Swiss watches, antique pocket watches, vintage ladies dress watches – working or not

    Antique or Vintage Items (1960’s or older)- Vintage signed costume jewelry, ivory, antique straight razors, sewing notions, etc.

    Bring any items you have to the San Diego Org no later than Tuesday night, March 18. Please mark all items with your name to receive proper donation credit on your taxes.

    North County residents can bring items to Judy’s office at 2210 Encinitas Blvd Suite G1 (call before you come)

    If you have any questions please call Judy directly at 619-368-4624".

    Finally, here is a recent one from July 1 now asking for money for renovations:


    I hope that you were able to attend Saturday night's incredible event acknowledging the success of fundraising to purchase our new Ideal Org building!

    Every part of the event was incredible--the honor guard, award presentations, the setting, the company--every aspect was just perfect.

    And I want you to know that I think you are pretty awesome too. Thank you for every part you have played in pulling this off! We all make a great team.

    The first target is met, but we've more to do. I don't know if you've noticed (smile), but San Diego's Ideal Org isn't open yet. The renovations aren't done. We haven't moved in.

    I think you very probably have a good idea of how flows work. And right now, we need those flows to continue.

    When you and I and the rest of our team decide on something and take action to flow energy to it (be it calling people, donating funds, talking to others, or whatever), then that decision becomes real.

    Without that decision and energy flow, things can stick. And until this planet is Clear and sane and we are all able to lead productive lives on it, we certainly don't want to be stuck.

    That means that with Target 1 met (purchase of the building), the last thing we can do is drop everything that worked and rest on our laurels. We need to keep in the successful actions and even increase them.

    So, please go to the website again, and further the renovations by flowing a donation toward the next target. It will help everything move along faster! Click here to make that happen.

    Gerri Fischman
    Church of Scientology of San Diego"
  8. genoramix Member

    Re: [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

    Omg it's unbelievable...i was expecting something quite "hardcore", but this is even way more than imagined. Especially 4 emails a day. isn't it a form of harrassment somehow?

    would be nice to dig up a lil bit on this, especially if they send those mails to people already in a difficult financial situation.

    Not a lawyer here to care to elaborate on this?
  9. Clamosaurus Member

    Re: [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds

    I coulda sworn I posted the original email in this thread, and a link to the video up on Google of the teaser promo.

    Oh well...

  10. Clamosaurus Member

    Re: [video preview] 20th Anniversary of the Freewinds(second Promo)

    The ClamBoat set sail 2 decades ago Part 2

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