Video Of Students Booing Amhadi?

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Visionary, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Visionary Member

    I'm not sure this is the right place to put this (feel free to move it, if it is not), but I saw this video up and was unsure of what exactly is going on or when it was taken.

    It was uploaded today apparently.

    according to the person who put it up, it is a video of:
  2. Jaymax Moderator

    Any Farsi speakers who can give us a bit of commentary greatly appreciated.
  3. where is the booing, all I see is clapping...
  4. Translation (about 90% complete)

    The video says it is from a School in Najaf Abad in front of a representative of the government (Does not mention Ahmadinejad

    The start of the video, the students are singing a famous revolutionary song My Schoolmate "Yar-e Dabestani-e man"

    Someone on the loudspeaker is asking them to stop (ejaze bedeh) meaning please allow me

    He says more power to your positive excitement

    He says the Islamic republic of Iran has been isolated from the world and we must find out how much is Ahmadinejad's jacket worth in the world, (I guess it's a metaphor meaning Ahmadinejad is gaining more recognition around the world) and how America and Latin, America are more attracted to Ahmadinejad's ideas and how people around the world recognize Ahmadinejad as a great leader and how they follow his steps

    (2:03) At this point the students start chanting "it's all lies", "It's all lies" and they continue chanting "keep your potatoes to your selves we won't vote for you"

    (2:42) Chanting continues "vay bar in dolate mardom farib" shame on this manipulative government

    (2:53) Chanting continues "Mullahs come and go" meaning Mullahs keep replacing themselves within the ranks

    (3:10) Chanting continues "Musavi, Musavi ...."

    (3:27) The speaker seems to have left the room and the students start chanting "go and don't come back"

    You get the idea
  5. Thank you for the translation I have a feeling this was before the election, do you think they have this much freedom now???? Again, thank you! :)
  6. Visionary Member

    Wow! Thanks so much for the translation, I really appreciate that!

    Very nice. Glad to finally have an idea of what was going on there.
  7. Half-Length crabby

    Hard to say

    There is a bit of evidence with one of the chants that makes me think this was after the election "vay bar in dolate mardom farib" shame on this manipulative government

    This chant was not heard before the election

    The schools setting still allows for students to be gathered in greater numbers and feel safer (since the students know the environment), although this is a false sense of security since at any time police or Basiji's could raid the school
  8. This video was taken before the election. It appears the speaker is campaigning for Ahmadenajad. Student who are sitting quietly are either apprehensive because the speaker is government representative or maybe they are supporters of the incumbent, Ahmadenajad. Students who are chanting are most definitely sick of government, its lies and its corruption and they simply have had enough with government of mullahs for the mullahs and by the mullahs.

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