Video idea (requires female facefags)

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Video idea (requires female facefags)

    Okay, here's the set up:

    Two women are standing in a white room, a la "I'm a Mac."

    First woman: "I'm pro-life."
    Second woman: "I'm pro-choice."
    "I believe that all life is sacred and that life begins at conception. I feel compassion for women who become pregnant when they don't intend to for whatever reason, but I do not believe that they have the right to end another life." (or whatever)
    "I believe that a woman has the right to decide her own destiny and body, and this right must include the choice to end a pregnancy for whatever reasons she sees fit. I may not support the decisions that women make, but it is important that everyone have those choices available to them." (or whatever)
    "Scientology forces women who become pregnant in their elite service organization to get an abortion or lose their jobs and housing, and I think that's disgusting."
    "What she said."
    Women smile and shake hands or something.

    Scientology logo flashes on screen. Tag line appears below: "The Greater Evil"
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Video idea (requires female facefags)

    That would work, especially if the two women are well hot and instead of shaking hands they have a steaming snog.

    No, seriously tho', do it.
  3. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Video idea (requires female facefags)

    Well, that pretty much rules 99.99% of femanons out ;)
  4. WMAnon Member

    Re: Video idea (requires female facefags)

  5. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Video idea (requires female facefags)

    its why we make em wear masks
  6. happy feet Member

    Re: Video idea (requires female facefags)

    It's fucking retarted. Imagine you were a nun and got pregnant. Yeah it's like that. It's more akin to a monastic order anyways. Don't you think even some methodist church that provided housing for a single woman minister might "take away" the housing if she got pregnant? No one is being "forced".

    Sure it sucks these idiots are brainwashed and do lots of crap like work 20 hrs a day for $5, and get abortions because of peer and family pressure...

    Also if you mention the "job and housing" they are losing is a shitty $50/wk and some nasty barracks, it doesn't sound like much of a threat of loss.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Video idea (requires female facefags)

    Most monastic orders have vows of celibacy BEFORE you sign a billion year contract, not springing it on people after they've been in for a couple years like happened to Astra. Also the cases I've read about coerced abortions are all married women, not single ministers. Shitty housing is still housing, shitty pay is still pay, and it's a terrifying thought to be out in the world with no job, no house, and no marketable skills as a possibly newly single mother.

    If you think the video is a shitty idea that's cool, but please don't try to argue that the abortions thing is no big deal.

    here's an informal poll on the public opinion of the issue: Polls: Current Events & Politics - What do you think of a business that forces women to choose between their unborn child ... - CafeMom
    That looks strong enough to me to be something worth pushing.
  8. happy feet Member

    Re: Video idea (requires female facefags)

    I think the issue is more complex then jsut a 30 second mac PC video. I think it is misleading and dishonest to present it that way.

    I also wonder if the peace corp works in a similar manner regarding women getting pregnant.

    In my view it is better to present this cult-like control and tie it to disconnection and not just sensationalize abortion but present it as where a "church" is telling people they have to disconnect from family members and loved ones. They also have policies against having children in their fake-military branch and will go so far as to use the idea of "saving the planet" to have staffers and scientology family members pressure someone into having an abortion so they can keep their position.

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