Video from Anonymous.

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by 0101, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. 0101 Member

    That's a new one lol
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  2. meep meep Member

    Directed at moralfags from 4chan
  3. cRaZy Member

    Fail troll is fail
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  4. 0101 Member

    Better not be talking to me, if you do, you need to go back to school and reeducate yourself.Because I didn't write anything I just posted a video.

    Also as far as the video is concerned, IDK. I've been trying to sharpen it, and it seems that he is holding up tons of credit cards in the middle of the movie. So IF he IS Anonymous, getting stolen / copied credit cards shouldn't be that difficult. Also he's right in the facts he has about how Anonymous never was about telling the truth, or letting people "Know". They only hacked and trolled nearly a decade ago.

    Maybe you're the failure here?

    Nowadays people think they are Anonymous for buying a $1 Guy Fawkes mask in a toy store and re-posting anti-government pictures on Instagram. It's pathetic. This guy probably is just as real/fake as anyone else. Only difference I have noticed so far is the credits he's holding up. Which could be 1. empty or 2. filled with tens of thousands.
  5. cRaZy Member

    Heh! Unbunch your panties, I was talking about about the person who made the video. Still, there is the smell of FAIL about you . . . or maybe its just that you are apparently allergic to soap. Something stinky, though. How do you get to define who or what is Anonymous?

    The "credit cards" being held up could equally be paper cutouts. Limiting the options to two is limiting.

  6. O RLY! Looks all very COINTELPRO to me.
  7. Goetta Member

    I call bullshit. Channers wouldn't post a shit video like that. Even /b/ has standards
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  8. JohnnyRUClear Member

    How can I subscribe to their newsletter?
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