Video blogging Questions

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by Zulas, May 25, 2009.

  1. Zulas Member

    Video blogging Questions

    Recently I've really been wanting to vlog about Scientology and Anonymous. I just have a few questions first so I don't make Anon look bad.

    First off, would it even be a good idea for me to vlog? Those who have met me at raids know I'm an underageb&, so would it even be appropriate for me to blog and "represent" Anonymous.

    Secondly, how important is it that I use a computer/robot(I really don't know) voice over my voice? Again, underageb&, I think my voice would be easily reconziable. However, I do intend on wearing my mask when vloging. I'm a person who really likes to express ones self so I really don't think I would enjoy vloging if I had a voice-over. But, I would be willing if Anon really wants me to.

    Lastly, should I create a serperate account on YT from my vlog's and my protest videos? This is less of an issue compared to the other two question, but I really want to be prepared if i am to do this.

    So please, answer as best you can, thanks Anon!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Video blogging Questions

    1: Don't represent anonymous. Represent yourself. If you want to represent yourself anonymously, that is fine too. Don't do anything which could get yourself recognized without consulting with your parents.

    2: If you're not afraid of your friends/neighbours recognizing you, or you have your voice online in antoher format, then you can probably just use your own voice, though some kind of voice distortion would be nice. Can you be Darth Vader? :-P
    Edit: OK after looking at third question again, I definitely would use some kind of voice distortion compared to your regular vlog, and also record it in a different place than your usual vlog.

    3: Depends if you want to be connected to those. If you don't want to be connected then you shouldn't connect them but use a whole different nickname and so on.

    If you and your parents are OK with being recognized, though, then you can ignore some of the above advice.
  3. Zulas Member

    Re: Video blogging Questions

    good advice, thanks anon!
  4. Barbarious Member

    Re: Video blogging Questions

    No one can represent Anonymous..

    As for the vlogging, I believe it would be really interesting to see more scientology critics out there on youtube vlogging against them. So I support you!

    Besides, I have plenty of vlogging accounts on youtube, and most anons know about them, but I really don't care what they have to say about them or if scientology watch's them, because all I really do is make a fucking idiot of myself. Hence why I've had over 3 vlogging accounts banned. :(

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