Video and audio -- set the clock and "slate" (evidence)

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Thomas Anonymous, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Video and audio -- set the clock and "slate" (evidence)

    With the obvious and disturbing national trend of Scientology agents assaulting peaceful protesters and, I think, attempting to provoke a violent confrontation with lawful protesters, I wanted to remind everyone to do some simple but important set-ups when you record your video and sound:

    • Set the Clock -- Go into your camera's menu and find where to set the Time and Date and make sure that the correct local time and date are set and locked in. If you ever need to show these recordings to the authorities this information will be part of the recorded data (check your camera's instructions on how to do this). Also, most cameras have a function to allow you to "burn in" an image of the Date and Time into the recorded video. I suggest you do this for at least a minute when recording starts, and, again, if possible, for each new segment of recording.

    • Slate the recording -- When you start recording, put a "voice slate" announcement at the start of the video. "This is being recorded on -- Day and Date and Location. We're "filming" the Raid Name or Event." State the kind of camera you are using and the video recording format you are using. If you want to, give your name and contact phone number and perhaps emergency notification information.

    • Common Slate for multi-camera shooting -- Two or three or more of you have video cameras and are all going to be shooting at the same place and time.
      A) Everyone set their camera's clock to the same correct local time and date. Start recording on all cameras, when everyone is "rolling" the "slate person" is recorded ("filmed") giving a "common slate" announcement as above; lastly, everyone shoots the slate person's hands clapping -- if possible. Ideally, everyone shoots the hand clap clearly to establish an exact common start reference point for all the cameras. A boom box with Rick can also be used where each camera records the same part of the song and then all use a common moment in the song as a time reference point.

      B) If you have a team of, say, three cameras and want to record an event lasting longer than any one of you have recording media or battery time for, you use a "slate point" to create a clean hand-off point. Before the first camera runs out of recording time or battery, start the second and use the "common slate" technique above (hand clap, finger snap, something like that) to establish a clean hand off point, do the same with subsequent handing off points. Those with more sophisticated equipment with professional time-code have other options but this is for those doing guerrilla street video.

    So, set your clocks and slate the recordings. This will make your editing easier and give you good evidence to establish -- who you are, where you were, when and what happened.

    Lights, Camera, Anonymous, Rolling and Rick Rolling -- ACTION

    Thomas Anonymous
  2. WBMBacker Member

    Re: Video and audio -- set the clock and "slate" (evidence)

    Well stated, functional and useful!

    As I will be attending my first protest in 8 days, I will fully utiliise this info! Thanks!!!
  3. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Video and audio -- set the clock and "slate" (evidence)

    awesome post man. Thanks alot! These things are becoming more and more important.
  4. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Video and audio -- set the clock and "slate" (evidence)

    And for the technologically challenged, hold up a copy that days newspaper during the raid and ask a passer by for the time. Srsly I am spazz.

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