Video about internet neutrality and censorship - need your help

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Anowulf, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Anowulf Member

    Hi guys

    I would like to do a video about internet neutrality and censorship and how to surf uncensored.

    I wrote up a speech draft for David but i think it would be good to work on the speech text together to make it better (im not a very good writer).

    The text is posted here:

    I fixed some TYPOs and teaked it a little.

    Please help to improve it further.

  2. WMAnon Member

    Do you already have the video side of things dealt with?
  3. Anowulf Member

    No not jet. I will look into that today i guess. I want to find some nice music tracks first.... I will do the video with kdenlive.

    What do you think of the text ? Suggestions ?
  4. Dragononymous Member

    Tutorial style or Informative style?
  5. Anowulf Member

    Informative style i guess, i only recommend some tools for dealing with censorship. Its my first video for Anonymous. Do you have suggestions for the info style ?
  6. Dragononymous Member

    Set a goal for the final edit and make a plan to achieve your goal.
    What's your goal and how are you going to get to that goal? If someone else used your method, would you achieve the goal?

    Answer the (in)famous Who What Where When How (WWWWH)
    This should be your guideline

    Both your Grandma and your cousin should be able to understand your video.

    Avoid zooming as much as possible.
    People hate it for some reason..

    Try to keep frame shots between 9 and 20 seconds, 30 if really needed.

    Use smooth transactions between clips.
    Don't go all flashy and use every effect possible, stay basic.

    Use subtle music as background music.
    So no happy hardcore high rave stuff..

    Show us your video before putting it online @YT.
    nothing ever works at the first time, and many minds come up with many things

    And make people do the things you recommend!
    Use that last clip/frame to activate people

    Make your video quality and worth look/hearing and making.

    If you need any other advice/help, just ask

    Edit: sorry for pressing the wrong button, my bad..
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  7. Anowulf Member

    Well something like this:

    1. polish the text with the help of the forum members
    -Finished when: Video is finished
    2. Start working on the video
    Finished when: i guess one week or so
    3.Find music suitable for the video
    Finished: When i think it fits
    4.Ask forum members about their opinion on the video
  8. Dragononymous Member

    That's more a timeline..
    Let me think of an example.. ah yes.

    You are the Marketing Director of a so far unknown company which sells Pineapple made flipflops.
    How are you going to make the people buy the flipflops?

    more like that^
  9. Anowulf Member

  10. Dragononymous Member

    looksokay, is it correct that this is just the video?
  11. Anowulf Member

    Thats correct, just this video.
  12. Dragononymous Member

    Aaah okay, thought my speakers were dead..

    It's okay, but with a tighter line-up it might become better.
    + you got 2 pictures that look awhfully the same (blame me) which might disrupt/distract the viewers
    Also with the links, try to get visuals for each one, always looks better
  13. Anowulf Member


    Thanks for the comment, looks like you are the only one willing to help with the polishing....
    Anyhow, what do you mean with tighter lineup ? less pictures ? less time of the pics ? other pics ? i dont understand.. sorry

    Hmm i could not find any duplicate pictures. Maybe you mean these two [1]?

    I will try to make/find some icons of some sort and put it in the link pic or something along those lines...

    Thanks for helping and keep it up...

  14. Dragononymous Member

    I meant that it would be better if there was some sort of structure within the pictures.
    for example; You got multiple pictures about censorship, yet they don't follow each other
    You should try to get a sort of "flow" with the pictures, flying from one subject smoothly to the next instead of going back and forth.
    With the duplicated pictures I meant the two with V (the one with the swords and mine with the shield), although they are different, it might confuse people (as it slightly confused me and I could have missed critical information said there in those few seconds).
    I think you are doing a good job so far, and if I have the chance to get some more time free I will try to help you with it more.
  15. Anowulf Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    pad mirror:
    Hello World.
    We are Anonymous.
    Perhaps we have been introduced before. Today, we'd like to inform you about a pressing issue regarding your online freedom.
    Net Neutrality is the guiding principle that preserves the free, and open Internet.
    Net Neutrality is the reason the Internet has driven economic innovation, democratic participation, and free speech online. It protects the consumer's right to use any equipment, content, application or service without interference from the network provider. With Net Neutrality, the networks only job is to move data -- not to choose which data to privilege, with higher quality service.
    The nation's largest telephone and cable companies -- including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner Cable -- want to be Internet gatekeepers with the support of the government, deciding which Web sites go fast or slow and which will not load at all.
    And they want to discriminate in favour of their own search engines, Internet phone services and streaming video -- while slowing down or blocking services offered by their competitors, or with content who is disliked by the present government.
    Freedom of information refers to the protection of the right to freedom of expression with regards to the Internet and information technology. Freedom of information may also concern censorship in an information technology context, for example the ability to access Web content, without censorship or restrictions.
    Freedom of information is an extension of freedom of speech, a fundamental human right recognised in international law, which is today understood more generally as freedom of expression in any medium, be it orally, in writing, print, through the Internet, or through art forms. This means that the protection of freedom of speech as a right includes not only the content, but also the means of expression.
    Freedom of information may also refer to the right to privacy in the context of the Internet and information technology. As with the right to freedom of expression, the right to privacy is a recognised human right and freedom of information acts, as an extension to this right.
    The internet has been a revolution for censorship as much as for free speech. The concept of freedom of information has emerged in response to state sponsored censorship, monitoring and surveillance of the internet. Internet censorship includes the control, or suppression of the publishing, or accessing of information on the Internet.
    The attempts from the governments of this world to block users from internet content amuse us.
    To avoid Internet censorship you can:
    - use a proxy website like,, or,,
    - use Virtual Private Networks to create a secure connection to a more permissive country.
    - use Psiphon, another free program, but you will need a host in an unrestricted country.
    - make use of Toor, to bypass Internet censorship while granting strong anonymity.
    - make use of Freenet, it is a decentralized, censorship-resistant distributed data store.
    - you can use JonDos, it is based on open source software and provides secure and fast anonymous networking.
    We would like to invite you: Get your information from the beacon of free speech and freedom: Wiki,leaks.
    Share what you find with others, to spread free and tru information!
    Knowledge is free!
    We are Anonymous!
    We are Legion!
    We do not forgive!
    We do not forget!
    Expect us!
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  17. Dragononymous Member

    Getting better, I could actually imagine a rough story line with the pictures (pretty well done)

    One question though;

    I see alot of Pro-Wikileaks images, yet you hardly tell about Wikileaks in the text/story you made.

    Why? Will the story be changed or will you remove some wikileaks related images?

    (If it was up to me, I would only keep the blue image with the text, and remove the rest. It has the biggest Wham! in Ya Face! status )
  18. Anowulf Member


    Thanks for the feedback.
    I do not plan to change the story. But this could be made to improve it along those lines.

    I just thought it would be nice to have some nice wikileaks pics in it to stimulate the viewer to visit wikileaks.

    Also there are only 3 images of wikileaks in the video. The blue one and the red vintage one and the one with the shild. Do you think that's too much ? I could live with it cause one is advertising wikileaks in general and the other two state that anonymous is supporting wikileaks. I will remove the shild one and we see how it turns out...
  19. Dragononymous Member

    I think the world already knows that we support Wikileaks by now lol.
    I could change the one with the shield, and put internet browsers in the shield instead of the Wikileaks logo, as that part is about the internet,
    and the other two are good to stay, as you give a small intro and question the viewer.
    Makes them think.
    But only if you agree with it (don't go like; but won't that be alot of work? , No as I made that picture myself and I still got the file somewhere :D )
  20. Anowulf Member

    Thanks :-D

    I replaced the wiki leaks pic with another also made some small tweaks...

    I would love to see your pic about the internet and V. I'm sure i can find a place in the video who is suitable for it.

    PW is the same

    Waht do you think ? better ? worse ? anything goes
  21. Dragononymous Member

    I like it that you made the exit screen slightly longer, really works ( for me then..)
    Also about that picture, in my personal opinion i'm having troubles with it, so don't see this picture as an official one.. Click it!
    I think I might make one for each browser each, and combine those in one picture or something, don't know yet.. (anyone with Ideas, quote or pm would be nice:))
  22. Anowulf Member


    Thanks for the feedback. I think the picture is goob, but for me it does not get the message of net neutrality or censorship across. It is more like browser diversity but that is has nothing to do with net neutrality. On the other hand i dont have an idea how to describe net neutrality in a picture form........

    I would suggest we stick to the form till we come up with a good picture idea?

    Another quesition regarding the video is:

    - How can i create an youtube account anonymously ?

  23. Dragononymous Member

    I agree on the picture idea
    and don't worry for the youtube account, some here might allow you to use theirs, and if not I will make one for you.
  24. Anowulf Member


    So i watched the video a again few times now and i'm really satisfied. From my perspective it could be released. What do you think ?
  25. Dragononymous Member

    let's see how the music/voice/whatever more is on it first
  26. Anowulf Member

    sorry for my not perfect English but i just cant make sense out of your words. Please describe differently..

  27. Dragononymous Member

    Lol, it's okay.
    What I meant was that I only have seen your vid, without sound only the pictures.
    Although it seems simple, we can't simply slap the video file and the audio file together and put it on youtube.
    Things could get abit mixed up.
  28. Anowulf Member

    why cant you hear the sound/music ? i can. i included the sound/music in the video. Maybe try another player. Mplayer is capable of playing the video and the sound.

    If you use windows this could be the player for you:
  29. Dragononymous Member

    I got vlc..
    what's your latest draft?
  30. Anowulf Member

  31. Dragononymous Member

  32. Anowulf Member

    if you cant solve it, i will upload an flv. if you can hear the sound in it? I dont really want to upload an avi cause it would be quite large around 1 gb in max quality.

    Also look here:
  33. Dragononymous Member

    NAah I will be fine, just need to adjust some things but I will be alright
    I hope.. XD
  34. Dragononymous Member

    never mind that message...
    flv please :$
  35. Anowulf Member


    I tried exporting the vid to flv, but when i do it i can't see the video and only hear the sound so i try mp4 instead. vlc should be able to play it. I would do avi but the file is then 1,5 gb big....

  36. Dragononymous Member

    okay thanks for the file, finally had a voice and background music with it now, instead of a slideshow xD
    Introduction: 9+
    Part about the companies: 5..?
    Part about the freedoms: 6..?
    Part about the websites and stuff: A+
    I think that, with some adjustments on the images this might actually become a good vid.
    When the voice speaks about the companies and the government, the only images you see are anonymous related pictures.
    If these could be changed in like the companies logo's or something like that, it might give people an idea who the voice is talking about, instead of "Just a name.."
    Sort of visualize what you say really..
    if you have any troubles with it, or things that you might not understand, just pm or message here.:)
  37. Anonymous Member

    bumped for importance.
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  38. Dragononymous Member

  39. Anowulf Member

  40. Dragononymous Member

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